Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-15 18:52:05
ID: 62940
Watched the debates last night. Please, please, please don't nominate Biden. He's a baffoon. But of course, the democratic party will nominate their darling Biden because he doesn't rock the Dem boat and still plays the slimy, political games. It's like Hillary 2.0. And that jackass in the White House is going to win again.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-13 06:37:05
ID: 62922
So 176 innocent people died because Donald Trump was either acting out of grave concern for our country’s safety or acting out some secret motive for himself. Hmmmm?? I cannot even imagine him mulling over option 1 much less acting on it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-10 19:49:32
ID: 62891
In response to a confession. It's just this weird "Only me and mine matter" Ayn Rand philosophy that is so popular among conservatives. I'm British, and loads of people are now calling for the UK NHS to be scrapped and it breaks my fucking heart. We see a lot of press here about how crap the NHS is, yet it seems to rank highly when studies are done. It has its problems, but to me the idea that someone can literally fucking die because they can't afford treatment is just so foreign to me. I don't understand how anyone can be so selfish and self serving. The same people that pretend to care about the rights of a foetus because they want to control women, I guess.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 22:10:29
ID: 62883
Of course it didn't take long for the alt right to suggest that lefties are responsible for Australia's arson issue because we're just so obsessed with taxing people on carbon that we decided to kill half a billion animals, risk people's lives and release millions MORE tons of co2 into the atmosphere. Makes total and perfect sense. They are creating twitter bots and spamming the info apparently. These people are such fucking morons, and the world is turning into an episode of Black Mirror. I also read that the typical arsonist tends to be a white male who is a loner and doesn't fit in. Dude, just visit, you'll probably find them all there lol.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 21:37:46
ID: 62730
I don't understand why someone would be against Medicare for all. You pay an insurance premium that doesn't actually pay for your healthcare and you're fine with that, when you could be paying a flat tax every month that covered you for anything. Right now, if I visit another state and break my leg, I'm screwed. If I had Medicare for all, I'd be fine. People who vote against their own interests are dumb as hell.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 21:35:38
ID: 62764
I genuinely believe that if anyone other than Bernie Sanders gets the nomination, Trump will win again.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 21:29:26
ID: 62759
Yup. I live in the midwest. I was baffled in 2016 when people said he wouldn't win and here I am baffled again by the people who say he won't win again. It's like they live in a blue bubble lala land. His fanbase can't wait to vote for him again. And, let's face it, Democrats have a huge problem when it comes to getting people to vote. There is a damn good chance he'll win again. That's the reality. Don't like it? Vote. Tell your friends to vote. Shout from the rooftops to vote. Because a massive portion of the country is about to vote for trump again.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 21:28:56
ID: 62882 this crashed airliner is sending alarm bells ringing for me. I know everything has calmed down a bit, but my spidey sense is tingling. It's just such convenient timing and so suspicious.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 21:28:55
ID: 62783
In response to a confession. What more could he possibly do? Use outright racial slurs? His base would love him even more.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 21:25:09
ID: 62851
In response to a confession. Aren't most of America's fires started by arson, too? It seems like after ever major fire, you hear about someone being arrested for starting it.
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