Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-26 13:59:52
ID: 65966
In response to a confession. I wonder why all the anti-mask folks weren't out protesting seatbelt laws before COVID. Car accidents have a fatality rate of 0.7%, way less than COVID. I mean, is you're so scared, just stay home, am I right? Or why they weren't boycotting and protesting all the stores that have No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service policies. If I want to go barefoot, that's my right! I saw a good meme that pointed out that the same maskholes that say if you're so scared, then just stay home are the same people who strap an AK-47 to themselves to go to Starbucks "for protection."
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-25 21:02:04
ID: 65958
It just struck me that everyone I know that is anti-mask is also... Pro-life. I'm pro-minding my own business when it comes to abortions and I might go to hell for that, but--- my point is that they're all "Govt needs to control *other* people like women and immigrants" but then "govt can't tell me what to do".... The double standards are just mind boggling.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-24 01:36:07
ID: 65941
The transition can finally get started, officially. Finally! My anxiety level just dropped from red alert to yellow. He's finally gonna really be gone. Make it so. Engage.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-23 17:03:08
ID: 65936
In response to a confession. Let them refuse the vaccine. Qantas airlines has already said it won't allow people on their planes unless they have been vaccinated. Other businesses will follow suit. So will schools. Employers will mandate it. Doctors will refuse to see them. They'll be forced into doing it. Sad that people need to be forced into being decent members of society.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-22 22:28:13
ID: 65929
A guy I know commented on a Trumper's facebook page today. The Trumper was spouting off that he's having Thanksgiving for 18 at his house just like he always does, and masks be damned. Best facebook comment ever: "Who needs herd immunity when we have idiots like you? Your death certificates will say 'death by stupidity."
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-22 19:22:32
ID: 65862
My sister and brother-in-law are planning to run a day care center from her home. Total Trump supporter and threatened to beat up (to put it nicely) up Biden supporters. The posts are still up on her public page. I wonder if she's actually thinking this won't hurt her business. Who would send their children to a place that advocates violence? Since I have been accused of not supporting her when she was wrong, cussed out at every opportunity and had to block her conspiracy theory ass, someone else could tell her it's not a good idea or let her learn for herself.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-22 19:20:09
ID: 65870
I will never understand how so called Christians can worship Trump, while believing that Joe Biden is evil. One of those men is a devout Catholic who goes to church every Sunday. One of them fucked a porn star while married and paid her for her silence. It's almost like they don't care about religion, only controlling women.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-22 19:19:35
ID: 65902
In response to a confession. This just made me giggle. It's the usual Trumper dribble piss. Millions of Americans are either out of work or dead, but Biden, the man who spends his Sundays in church, is the devil. Anymore, I just have pity for people who are addicted to the Trump propaganda. That shit needs to be made illegal.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-22 19:18:58
ID: 65905
In response to a confession. Unfortunately, the Trump supporters where I live are vocally refusing any vaccine, which is going to make it extremely difficult to build herd immunity here. These people are so stupid and have been misinformed for so long by their dear leader, the impact is going to devastate this country for years.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-11-21 22:17:34
ID: 65918
Our state is experiencing a huge outbreak right now too. Yet people insist on going out to bars and restaurants and not wear masks and just be completely oblivious to anyone who is high-risk. I agree--it's hard to feel compassion for those people. It makes me angry because some of us ARE trying to be careful but it's the morons out there that are ruining it for everyone.
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