Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-19 18:53:12
ID: 58638
Watching the local news last night. Bank robbery: "The suspect is described as a male, medium build, about 5'9" with dark hair." A jewelry store robbery: "The suspect is described as tall, thin, with a short beard and long hair." Store robbery: "The suspect is described as a black male, medium height, wearing a dark hoodie and jeans." How much do you want to bet that suspects 1 and 2 were white? THIS is why people feel they can justify their racism. This is why people think black people commit more crimes. Because they never hear about white people doing it. This is so wrong and needs to stop.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-18 05:08:37
ID: 58626
In response to a confession. I personally feel that the four days a month he's allotted to his girlfriend should be OK with his teenage son, who sees him the other 26 or 27 days. I'd be interested to know how often his ex wife sleeps somewhere other than the 'family' home, too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-17 21:26:39
ID: 58620
Am I the only one who think that he SHOULD spend time with his son instead of his girlfriend? Sorry, I just think kids come first - before boyfriends/girlfriends. And I get how that can be really hard for the boy/girlfriend. Don't date someone with kids. The kids will always come first. And they should.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-17 17:32:35
ID: 58614
In response to a confession. Seriously. The amount of people that actually believe the govt is stealing 70% of someone's income is just mind-blowingly dumb. They don't even bother to Google marginal tax rates. And the amount of people defending the fact that the ultra rich pay less in taxes than the middle class is ridiculous. Instead of paying for a wall, how about paying for better education?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-17 01:06:59
ID: 58605
Pelosi telling the cheeto he can't do the SOTU is the bde I want to carry into 2019.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-17 01:06:19
ID: 58604
Meninists: How dare a company make a commercial that tells me how to behave!! Women: Welcome to our world. Have you tried smiling? You're so much prettier when you smile.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-17 01:05:51
ID: 58602
I can't believe I share a species with people who support trump, and who truly think that the lubruhls want to take 70% of their income. The stupid... it burns.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-16 05:20:44
ID: 58591
Oh. My. God. The male internet reaction to Gillette telling them not to be a bunch of troglodytes is hilarious. "Hey man, don't harass a woman on the street." "MISANDRY." "Hey, don't let those kids bully that other kids." "BUT HOW WILL HE LEARN TO BE PENIS OWNING REAL MAN INSTEAD OF SOYBOY."
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-14 18:00:21
ID: 58584
In response to a confession. If they were calling her fat white nerd its racism. It was racially motivated. What if 3 white people called a black woman fat black nerd? Racism. It also sexual harassment because they making comments about her body/appearance.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-14 13:52:43
ID: 58582
In response to a confession. You can't really say it's not racism. It very well could be. It's not systemic, but racism is real whether it's systemic or not. If somebody's rude to you because they look at you a certain way because your'e white, it's still racism. I agree with everything you said except for "real racism is systemic". Because while you're right, systemic racism is real, it's not the only kind. I think it's the most important issue on a broad scale. But if you're the one being bullied and being white is part of the reason you're bullied (ie: Fat White Nerd), well I imagine it's a pretty important issue to you personally.
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