Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-20 06:49:01
ID: 63271
In response to a confession. Language matters. I also tend to ignore online chatter that includes neolib because it's typically the maga crowd that uses it. My eyes just glaze over at the name calling. After three years of a criminal with dementia running this country, I'm hungry for substance and intelligence. But you do you, babe. Just vote. That's all I really care about.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-20 06:42:27
ID: 63266
In response to a confession. All I said was that I check out when I see words like neolib and repuke. That's it. I didn't police anyone. I didn't say no one can ever say it again. I just think it's lame. Say them all you want. Scream them from the rafters. Write them all day long. Fuck me sideways lol. People are allowed to like and dislike things.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-20 06:38:57
ID: 63243
In response to a confession. Jesus Christ... go take a nap. Sorry my innocuous post triggered you so badly.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-20 06:36:15
ID: 63250
Unfortunately, a lot of the the Bernie supporters on Twitter are very real men who say very real misogynistic things about women who don't support their candidate. I see it everyday on Twitter. It's easy to spot a bot. When a dude goes on defending his hateful bullshit, and continuously, articulately keeps attacking a woman, he's real. I don't think Bernie would stand beside that, but it would be nice if he addressed his abusive male supporters. They are a very real problem for women who dare express their political opinions.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-19 08:52:11
ID: 63265
What's with the language policing tho? It seems petty. That person was obviously upset about the politicians who keep claiming they care about climate change while escalating oil exploration. I'm pissed off about that too, it's scary. That seems a little more important than the way someone chooses to express themselves, which is often generational and has absolutely nothing to do with the validity of someone's point. Between this and the fartsicle who attempted (wrongly) to correct the spelling of someone who was confessing to being sexually assaulted multiple times, it kind of explains why this site is so inactive. People just jump on each other for stupid, petty stuff. There's so much nasty, evil shit going on in the world, just let people express it. If you have a valid counterpoint, then make it instead of complaining about their expression.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-17 21:44:15
ID: 63241
Also neolib is literally just a shortened form of neoliberal, which is an actual thing. I do apologise if lopping four letters off the end of a word offends you that much. And repuke is an insult for Republican, so not likely a word Trump would use. Republicans are the scum of the earth, they deserve a lot worse.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-17 21:40:56
ID: 63240
In response to a confession. I'm sorry if internet speak bothers you. Why don't you go get your gramophone out, boomer?
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-17 18:01:41
ID: 63217
In response to a confession. Online, they are just as bad as the Magats. Racist, sexist bullies who will threaten you if you dare speak against their dear leader. Some of the most misogynist stuff I've seen was spewed by a Bernie Bro. I like Bernie, and it's unfortunate how his Bernie Bros have done major damage to his campaign. If you don't see it, you're either in deep denial or not on Twitter.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-17 18:00:42
ID: 63226
If you use words like neolib or repuke, I immediately check out. What happened to this country? Do we all have to speak like Trump now?
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-02-16 21:17:37
ID: 63228
Yeah the mainstream media just wants to paint this "Bernie bro" stuff about crazy supporters to discredit him. Biden asking him to apologise is absolutely ridiculous. He's not responsible for the random shit trolls are saying online, asking him to call attention to it is moronic.
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