Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-17 16:08:03
ID: 50502
I've been in very financially precarious situations (post-divorce was rough as HELL) and I still gave to others. No, I don't look down on you for having hard time. But if you are going to carry the mentality that "I don't give to anyone" and loudly proclaim in on a discussion board, I will challenge you to think differently. You sound angry and perhaps you have a justifiable reason to be angry, but don't live there too long.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-17 15:55:03
ID: 50534
I think that if you worry about money to the point you're losing the ability to relax and enjoy, it's not healthy. If however, you're very content saving money and living a simple life, then it's fine. There's no one way to handle money but the point is...IF IT'S MAKING YOU MISERABLE RE-THINK YOUR APPROACH (and that's 'your', not 'you're').
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-17 15:51:44
ID: 50535
Writing a book is just about the most passive way to express yourself. Why anybody is bothered that Hillary wrote this book, is ridiculous to me. It's a book's the easiest thing to avoid if it bothers you so much.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-16 05:31:38
ID: 50530
is there a such thing as "poverty PTSD"? i was jobless and homeless for over two years in my past. it was a very tough time for me emotionally as well as financially. I've since come full circle and now have a full-time job that pays well and own a home. as a result of that tough time I went through I'm obsessed with working as much as possible, rarely take time off, save as much money as i can, and don't ever plan on retiring. as a result of that time, I'm terrified of not having a job or income. thinking of retirement makes me panicky. I don't ever want to go through that again.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-15 18:01:40
ID: 50519
In response to a confession. Sorry. Your, not you're.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-15 17:59:01
ID: 50518
In response to a confession. What else is there to do on the current events board?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-15 16:37:32
ID: 50515
In response to a confession. You're grandmother wasn't poor. I'm saying the term is insulting to poor people because it implies that they're stupid with screwed up priorities. Stingy or greedy may not describe your grandmother, but it applies to the post where the op says "Poverty mentality= what's mine is mine & no one else can have it." That is being greedy or stingy. I would describe your grandmother as frugal.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-15 16:10:39
ID: 50514
I think "poverty mentality" is much less offensive than "stingy' or "greedy". My grandmother had a "poverty mentality". Even when she had grown up, acheived an education and a career and then married a successful businessman, she always saved every bit and scrap of everything. She saved string, paper bags and washed and re-used tinfoil. She'd press soap scraps together to avoid throwing away even the tiniest bit of soap. She would agonize over wasting any food, even to the point of eating things that were on the verge of spoiling. She refused to let her kids take out car loans. I mean, she had good points and could certaily squeeze every bit of life out of a dollar but it overall was bordering on pathological anxiety. She was constantly worried about people taking from her, she would say scathing things about people on assistance (because she had pulled herself up by her bootstraps, after all) and she hoarded things to the point some rooms in her house became unusable.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-15 16:06:40
ID: 50513
I think a couple of you are just determined to argue for the sake of arguing. I said my piece, you can take it or leave it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-15 14:18:25
ID: 50511
Back in the 80's, CNN revolutionized the way we get our news. I don't understand why they aren't putting more field reporters out, here in the states. They're relying on local news affiliates for their coverage of hurricane aftermath, then going on to state that the media is painting a racist portrayal of looting. CNN, you ARE the media and you've gotten too big for your britches. Get out from behind your desks and do some damn reporting rather than sitting there bitching and stirring the pot. For crying out loud, they sound like Trump, calling the media fake news. Here's an idea: if you think the local networks are giving you fake news, get the real news and deliver it! Are you a NEWS network or just a gaggle of simpering piss-babies?
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