Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-31 01:38:14
ID: 29450
I think about other news topics all the time - I just don't want to discuss them here.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-28 23:52:56
ID: 29388
So the CEO of Ashley Madison, who swore he didn't cheat on his wife, actually did use the site himself to have multiple affairs. His wife has said that she'd be devastated if he ever cheated. <...>
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-28 23:51:03
ID: 29381
I checked to see if my ex was one of the Ashley Madison cheaters! No, his email didn't come up but he could have used a fake one. He already belonged to an online sex club when we were married so maybe that was enough for him. LOL
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-28 22:07:16
ID: 29395
Hashtag TrumpBible is the funniest thing I've read in months!!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-28 20:10:19
ID: 29384
Whereas people starving and dehydrating to death in the back of hot trucks is completely foreign for us. #firstworldproblems.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-28 19:57:05
ID: 29382
Just because people are discussing AM doesn't mean they have their heads in the sand about other news. The human mind is capable of processing multiple things at once. AM is a hot topic because most people have thought about what would happen if their spouse cheated. This story hits home for some of us.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-28 18:57:15
ID: 29380
Meanwhile, trucks filled with the bodies of migrants trying to escape the crisis in the Middle East are turning all over Europe, another shooting in the US, ISIS imprisoning women in rape camps whilst claiming their husbands heads, NASA releasing a very disturbing map of rising sea levels. Once again our news media has successfully turned us away from what is important and turned us towards one more celebrity-esque scandal. In the words of Bill Hicks, "Go back to sleep America!" I get we can't spend all our time on the stuff that actually matters because we'd end up depressed as fuck and probably killing ourselves over the state of the planet, but it seems like we lose sight of the more important things happening for the sake of shit that sucks, but doesn't end untold numbers of lives.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-28 18:50:45
ID: 29379
So while y'all were going on about consenting adults doing stuff, a 18-year-old guy was cleared of the most serious charges for raping a 15-year-old girl at a boarding school. He'll still get statutory, but apparently her testimony that he forced her was worth nothing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-28 18:46:37
ID: 29378
Interesting that you are so interested in other's dirty secrets though. Those that are the most immoral are always the worst when it comes to criticising others. Just look at the Duggars.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-28 18:41:12
ID: 29377
Glad to know you're cheering for the heads of the gay Saudi Arabians who may end up dead for their "crimes". And no, I've not done anything dirty, I'm asexual. Nice try though, you sad little sick person getting off on other's misfortune.
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