Posted by: anonymous
2015-09-21 00:16:40
ID: 30399
There are as of right now over 100,000 children in the foster system that are eligible for adoption.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-09-20 23:00:40
ID: 30393
You know what makes me angry? When people make the abort it or keep it argument. Like adoption isn't even an option. My brother and his wife had to wait forever to adopt their son. Maybe they wouldn't have had to if more people chose that option.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-09-20 22:57:53
ID: 30379
I'm scared for our country because of who will become the next president. I don't like the idea of women's rights being taken away...and so many other issues that are important to me. Scared for our nation and what may happen to us as Americans if the right person isn't elected.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-09-20 22:57:18
ID: 30380
So, this post isn't meant to start a debate or anything but as a pro-life woman, you know what really makes me angry? Seeing those billboards all over town, mostly near community colleges and universities about how life starts at conception, heartbeat at 18 days, there is a God and it shows a picture of an infant. And of course those are sponsored by Pro Life of America. Yet, once those babies are born these pro-lifers are nowhere to be found to help out these women who really can't afford a child yet they convince them to keep them. There's also clinics that are ran by religious groups here that offer free pregnancy tests, I can only wonder what they tell these girls that are in a the midst of an unplanned pregnancy.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-09-20 22:56:04
ID: 30275
Trump already insulted someone's looks not a few minutes into the debate. What an embarrassing situation for the ones up there trying to make actual points. Kasich is definitely standing out here as a possibility. No one cares about Huckabee, I even forgot he was there.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-09-20 22:07:22
ID: 30389
So the government decided to de-fund Planned Parenthood. According to my MIL, this is fabulous news because she thinks PP is an abortion factory. Never mind that most of what they do is to provide contraception to people who need it. So apparently the government thinks it's an awesome idea for everyone to have babies they can't afford and then wind up needing government assistance to pay for the babies. Yup, makes total sense.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-09-19 20:49:09
ID: 30366
Recently we had a double murder of a father and two year old daughter. Very sad and tragic- but WHY for the love of Christ are the releasing hordes of balloons??? It does nothing for the victims. Why not just go and dump a bunch of trash on the ground, it's the same thing. Makes no sense to me at all.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-09-19 14:16:51
ID: 30362
Or maybe it's an absolutely insane world we live in that a child can bring a project to school, it can be recognized by literally everyone including the police that it is -not- a bomb (hence why they didn't evacuate) and it turns into a giant shitstorm instead of the teachers involved saying, "Oh, well that was a silly misunderstanding. Everyone back to work!" We are living in a petty, paranoid society and it is holding us back.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-09-19 09:45:48
ID: 30361
Maybe Ahmed Mohamed should have asked to bring his "clock" to school. Or maybe his parents should have been paying attention to what he was taking to school. Anyhow that doesn't look like any clock I've ever seen but it does look like pictures that i've seen of suitcase bombs. Oh also it doesn't look like a pencil case either it looks like a briefcase.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-09-18 19:27:24
ID: 30343
If the school really thought that clock was a bomb, why didn't they evacuate the building? I'm pretty sure that if the kid's name was Bobby and he had blue eyes, no one would have been called.
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