Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-14 23:06:25
ID: 64601
In response to a confession. Maybe he'll start drinking Lysol proactively and Fauci won't tell him to stop. That'd be something to watch, wouldn't it? Although if he dies, Pence will probably run in November. Ick.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-14 07:28:06
ID: 64591
In response to a confession. I hope Bolsonaro gets it. I think he's worse than Trump. He may not have Trump's power but he's basically close to committing genocide IMO. Also, we have a madman in control of the world's most precious resource, and the thing we all rely on for oxygen. Slightly terrifying. I feel bad wishing death on people, but ... some of them have to go if the rest of us are to survive.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-14 04:27:43
ID: 64525
Whoever said that in order to crush racism, racist old white people have to die.... they weren't wrong. I have to say, though, I'm tired of waiting. Trump can go first. I wish like hell he would get the corona and kick the bucket. It would be a fitting end to him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-14 04:25:31
ID: 64584
In response to a confession. MRAs have been around for a while now. I always picture No Ma'am, from Married with Children. A bunch of old, fat Al Bundy's that haven't gotten laid since 1992. They're like the grandpas of incels.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-14 03:19:25
ID: 64587
They're only pro-life until it comes to money.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-13 21:49:45
ID: 64576
So apparently there are Men's Rights groups now ???? What, exactly, are they trying to achieve? Do they want to be paid the same as women or something? 'Cause I'd totally be down with that.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-13 21:23:05
ID: 64575
I saw a highly publicised GoFundMe today for a baby who's going to die if their parents can't afford a two million dollar medical treatment. I want to go full Karen and speak to the manager of whoever the fuck thinks it's okay to let a baby die because of financials. Pharma companies are fucking ghouls. This should not be allowed to happen. The world is so beyond fucked up at this point. I mean, I know babies die every day all over the world because of the actions of out of control companies. But it's just a perfect emblem of what's wrong in our world.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-13 16:45:43
ID: 64571
In response to a confession. They had a second meeting for some people the day after the first meeting. In another zoom meeting, someone said the N word. I know the company meant well in having the discussion meeting, but it was a disaster and now people are not speaking to each other.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-13 05:56:16
ID: 64566
Also, fuck the police.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-06-12 13:58:42
ID: 64559
In response to a confession. Aww. All the poor old white men who have been ruining the world for the past several hundred fucking years. Waah. Cry me a river.
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