Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-15 13:35:27
ID: 50510
Are any flat earthers not also religious nutjobs? Enquiring minds need to know.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-15 13:26:33
ID: 50509
A term simply existing & being used currently doesn't mean it isn't offensive. "Poverty mentality" sounds like "You're thinking like a poor, stupid piece of trash." At one time, not even that long ago, "retarded" was an acceptable term. "Colored" and "queer" were once considered a-ok. I'm not normally one to over analyze words, but putting down poor people while giving them money or whatever seems like you care more about yourself and how you're perceived than you do about those "dumb poor people", but hey, at least people are being helped, so that's good. I don't get why simple adjectives like stingy or greedy aren't good enough to describe people. Why do we need these pseudo intellectual phrases nowadays? I realize this is a rehash of the previous post.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-15 02:03:47
ID: 50499
In response to a confession. I'd like to add that it's cool and all to give away material items. It helps, but let's be real. It's really just a good way to clear out your old junk.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-15 01:42:28
ID: 50498
In response to a confession. Poverty mentality? It sounds like you give just so you can pay yourself on the back. You're clearly looking down on those less financially stable than you are by implying that they're feeble minded and should be more like you. It sounds like you really care about people.....not your ego or anything. Whatever. At least you're helping whatever cause(s) you care about. Did Wendy Malick send you a T-shirt so everyone can KNOW you care about animals? (I hate that commercial. She actually says that. I don't need people to know, and I sure as hell don't want my money to go to the production of t-shirts and tote bags or whatever crap is taking money away from the actual animals.) Only one person here mentioned donating their TIME. (To that OP, you rock! Like those criticizing you are even doing anything for the "starving children in Africa" ....."For the price of a cup of coffee...." They're probably not even doing that.)
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-13 22:17:07
ID: 50467
In response to a confession. That's not what evolution is at all. In fact, it's debatable whether humans are evolving anymore because we have learned to control so many variables that would ordinarily cause us to evolve.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-13 20:25:55
ID: 50426
I don't believe the world is out to "get rid" of us. Everything that we are and every action we take is evolution.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-13 19:23:35
ID: 50424
I've never gone broke from giving to charity. I may have gone without cable for a couple of months or gone without eating out for a month or gone without my fancy coffee for a couple of weeks. But I've never gone broke. If you budget your money you know exacty how much you need to live, pay your bills and what's left over. That's your discretionary income. If I choose to spend a little money on helping animals or a particular charity (I'm very devoted to one in particular for personal reason) that's at my discretion. So I find your argument that "all this giving" will lead to you being broke very childish. I've been very enriched by helping support causes I feel strongly about and it helps put a lot of things in perspective. You need far less "stuff" than you think you do. And clinging to "stuff" is actually a poverty mentality. You will feel freer being less attached to stuff.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-13 19:19:18
ID: 50456
If we're talking about America, the majority of people belong to the working poor class. Most people can't afford to put enough in savings to keep themselves afloat for a month or two, let alone give their money to a charity. I agree with donating food and clothes, but for the majority of Americans, donating cash just isn't doable. Not to mention the fact that many charities aren't very honest, or are paying their CEOs million dollar+ salaries. I'll donate food, clothes, books, and toys, but never cash.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-13 16:57:09
ID: 50458
Yeah, I hear ya about the criticism for caring about animals. I just got criticized on my facebook for posting things about how sad I was to hear that some pets and animals had to be left behind and died in the hurricane. It really broke my heart. Of course someone has to tell me that human life is more important. Why does caring about animals negate any caring I have for people? Geez I'm so sick of these hurricane warriors who yeah...for the most part don't do shit except troll others.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-13 14:16:22
ID: 50454
I had someone criticising me for volunteering with an animal shelter the other know, because "starving kids in Africa" (if I hear that line one more fucking time...are people aware poverty stretches beyond Africa?) so I shouldn't care about animals while people need help. Invariably I find the only people who say this to me are people who are doing fuck all to help anybody, animal or human. Also I have social anxiety disorder. I'd be less than useless working with human victims of domestic abuse or anything like that, whereas I can get along fine with animals.
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