Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-13 15:21:49
ID: 28809
I think maybe the juxtaposition of Trump's candidacy and Sanders' candidacy might make the American people take a different look at the way people are elected in this country. Do we really want to continue to let people buy political positions? The only way to do that is to become a puppet for whoever gave you that money. You know this is true- Michelle Obama changed her whole healthy living campaign to a calories in-calories out platform instead of a more sensible reduce the amount of junk you put in your body campaign because .. Coca Cola is a major Obama supporter. She knows better! She just can't say anything because Coke might turn off the money stream. Pretty sick, IMO.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-12 21:41:05
ID: 28795
I don't fit into any political parties. I'm pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, pro-gun (with reasonable laws), pro-military and I hate that the gov't is continually passing laws, telling me and my children how to live. If I want to eat damn transfats, I want to make that choice for myself--as an example. And I'm very much anti-monopoly (comcast anyone???) I know I sound libertarian but throw in the military thing and I'm not. Pooh.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-12 21:16:46
ID: 28785
Trump-asaurus? That sounds about right.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-12 09:08:08
ID: 28780
Tay Swift please fuck off with your non inclusive white feminism.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-12 06:37:26
ID: 28779
So a bunch of white men roll into Ferguson armed with assault rifles to...."keep the peace" and the police do nothing. If they were black I bet they'd be dead. Just like little Tamir Rice who was shot even though it was in a right to carry state.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-11 20:29:31
ID: 28759
We need to get rid of political parties, period. I know way too many people who will vote Republican simply because they're all pro-life. No one pays attention to the issues any more and things are partisan that shouldn't be. We should vote for candidates based on their views on every single issue, not just because they are Republican or Democrat.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-11 01:42:48
ID: 28731
Here's an idea. If something is hurtful, don't say it. Who cares why it's hurtful? Is it really that important? Why are we analyzing insults? They're insults. To sit around and complain about which insults are PC and what you can say to this person, but not that person..... Why do you need to insult people anyway?
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-11 00:40:57
ID: 28728
So there is obviously a troll here who is saying, not just ignorant, but very offensive things. At what point does the admin actually do something? I'm black. Don't fucking compare me to a monkey. It isn't cute. The troll obviously isn't being intelligent and proactive. They are being cruel, racist, and offensive. Not that it matters to anyone, but if this shit continues I'm gone. Be an admin ffs and ban this asshole.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-10 22:56:49
ID: 28727
How do you think a black person feels being compared to a monkey or ape? Probably not very good. Use your brain, if you have one....of which I doubt.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-10 22:50:16
ID: 28726
I was never taught false science. I went to school in the south. Neither my children nor I ever were taught that black people were evolutionarily closer to monkeys. Even my southern grandmother never learned that, way long ago. Is that something northerners learned? How about out west?
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