Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-24 12:52:28
ID: 29146
Being judgmental is legal, but so is bagging on you for it. People seem to think it's fine to be total assholes and then cry and whine that "it's just their opinion" when they get called out on it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-24 04:50:48
ID: 29138
I don't see anything in the constitution or bill of rights of the US that says not to judge people. You have rights, but if you choose to exercise them in a way that is offensive to other people, they are within the purview of the law to be judgmental about it. Being judgmental is legal and impossible to regulate.
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Posted by: Flutterby
2015-08-23 00:51:15
ID: 29107
Cheaters don't deserve privacy. They deserve to be found out, humiliated and embarrassed. They deserve to have their spouses divorce them, and their employers know about their lack of character. Don't get married if you can't keep your pants on.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-22 22:44:45
ID: 29101
I have this irrational (or maybe it isn't irrational) fear that the world is going to run out of food and clean water in 10 years or so. I had nightmares last night about there being no more coffee ever and that humans had to eat some sort of engineered human chow because we couldn't grow vegetables or grains anymore.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-22 02:15:39
ID: 29063
Ashley Madison isn't a website designed for MEN to cheat on their spouses- it's a website designed for PEOPLE who want to cheat on their spouses. It takes 2 to tango, and I highly doubt 100% of the men on Ashley Madison are out there searching for NSA homosexual encounters. Don't put the blame all on men, women are more than capable of seeking out strange too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-21 22:29:11
ID: 29069
No BS, don't assume. After being married for years, and you leave your don't really know how to put yourself out there. All I did was google dating sites, Ashley Madison came up, I had never heard of it before. I didn't read everything on the page (and lets face it, no one reads everything when joining sites, so don't lie and say you do)...I saw that it allowed/promoted affairs, but also had singles on there too. I gave it a shot, I didn't meet anyone, I didn't find any single guys I liked as there wasn't very many on there in my area, I stopped logging in after 3 months but I had only checked it maybe once a week (just like the other 2 dating sites I was on). I haven't thought about it since, until all this hacker stuff came up.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-21 18:12:03
ID: 29056
Ashley Madison IS a website designed for men to cheat on their spouses. I would avoid it if I were just trying to find single men.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-21 16:31:50
ID: 29051
People seem to think that Ashley Madison is just a website full of only cheaters. There is options for "Single male/female seeking female/male". AFTER I left my ex, when I was ready I put myself on dating sites...including Ashley Madison. I was looking for single men, I just viewed it as another dating site but it allowed married people (a lot of sites delete you if you're married and looking). I checked the database and my email address comes up. *sigh* I tried to log in to delete my account (I've been in a relationship for almost 3yrs and haven't logged in since before we started dating), but it won't let me. ggrrr I know cheaters suck, but some innocent people get caught in the crossfire. A cheater is going to cheat with or without a website.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-21 13:02:01
ID: 29045
The idea of getting rid of birthright citizenship is so incredibly offensive. Our country was founded on the idea (yeah, I know, it was an idea, not really implemented that well but still) that we do not judge people or limit them based on who their parents are. We believe that people have the right to be treated as individuals not some arm of their families. That is so much more important than "anchor babies." Those people are American, they are my countrymen, and you, Mr. Trump, do not get to say otherwise.
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Posted by: anonymous
2015-08-21 11:21:13
ID: 29040
The Duggars will deal with this problem the same they dealt with the first one: require Josh's wife paint on a smile and say she forgives him.
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