Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-31 02:16:57
ID: 56022
In response to a confession. I'm glad to see that people are finally separating themselves from the extremists and are willing to have a conversation. We're probably a minority, at this point, but it's a start.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-30 00:22:04
ID: 56032
So Trump is threatening a shut down if funding for border security, including a wall, isn't secured. Why do we need funding for the wall? Mexico's paying for it, he said so himself, so why does Congress need to come up with the money? And why isn't anyone bringing that up?
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-29 00:09:25
ID: 55999
Eh. My inlaws are blue-collar people who live in a rural area. Why did they vote for Trump? Because Hillary is a "baby killer". That's why. They voted for him solely on their pro-life stance. To me, that's just a really, really stupid reason to vote for one side or the other. It really annoys me that if you believe abortion should be legal (again, not moral or immoral, simply legal) you get labeled as a baby-killer by the Right.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-29 00:01:39
ID: 55984
THANK YOU for the reasonable post, OP of the "furious at the left" post. I'm a lefty but I'm sick of the screeching on Facebook where all Trump voters are portrayed as sick, racist, women-hating, cross-burning neo-fascists. Simply not true. Yes, there are wingnuts on the far ends of both sides who exhibit lunatic behavior. Don't categorize all based on a few.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-28 22:42:37
ID: 55960
In response to a confession. THIS. I'm so sick of both sides not even being willing to sit down and talk to each other. The Cheeto purposely preyed on places that were almost turned into ghost towns. He's a liar and they got duped. But HRC didn't even acknowledge these people when she was campaigning. Most of the Trump voters I know regret voting for him, but I understand why they did. Of course some of them are shitty human beings, but if you think every single Trump voter in existence is a racist, you're no better than the morons on Faux news. Generalizations don't help anyone.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-28 22:41:43
ID: 55967
In response to a confession. Was your job affected during the recession/depression? Not being facetious, really asking. A small town, close to where I live was known for manufacturing trailers. Those people lost everything during the recession. That county (who voted for Bernie in the primary) largely voted for Trump because he held two rallies there and promised that he'd make everything better. Now, they're being hit by his tariffs on steel. They're not supportive of Trump anymore. They're not the racist baby boomers. They don't approve of his sexual assaults. Many are pro-choice. But when you've lost your home and can't feed your kids, I guess you do crazy things, like vote for the orange fuhrer. Just trying to humanize some of these people a little because I'm totally exhausted by the extreme divisive bullshit from both right and left.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-28 22:41:07
ID: 55957
In response to a confession. If someone voted for Trump they are either racist don't have a problem with racism, which is the same thing. I used to believe that people were basically good, and I still want to believe that, but since the election my feelings have changed. If these people weren't caricatures of themselves I wouldn't look at them that way. The news is more and more surreal every day. It isn't our imagination. Something is seriously wrong and we aren't going to fix it by being more polite.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-28 22:36:47
ID: 55973
In response to a confession. I've not seen the show, but I did hear about the right wing morons who behaved horribly on his show. Obnoxious or not, that makes me want to watch it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-26 06:53:37
ID: 55958
In response to a confession. As for the blue collar workers who thought Trump would save them- they should be embarrassed. I'm blue collar to the bone, and I didn't fall for that shit. I don't think that white collar folks are any less racist than blue collar folks, but to be perfectly clear- in my extensive experience with blue collar folks they are by and large pretty racist. Most of the ones I know still love him and would cut off their nose to spite their face.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-26 04:38:51
ID: 55735
I'm liberal. I'm a Democrat. I'm fucking furious at the left, though. The right, too, but Jesus... can we all stop looking at the other side as being caricatures of themselves? Liberals don't want open borders and the don't love abortions. And, no, many Trump supporters aren't racists who are balls deep in a hog while they polish their guns. Where I live in Indiana, people voted for Trump because they lost their homes and couldn't feed their families during the recession, and Trump promised them that he'd help them recover. They aren't racist. They don't hate gay people. They're guilty of being blue collar workers who believed a liar. And they're deeply embarrassed by him.
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