Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-29 04:46:50
ID: 58791
In response to a confession. In a situation like the one you described, no one's opinion matters except the mother's. Different women will choose differently. Personally, I would choose to terminate the pregnancy if my life was in danger, even if it was viable. I have two little girls to raise. I'm not leaving them behind because of some romantic idea that an unborn fetus's heartbeat is more precious than my own life. I would be sad, and I would grieve, but I would be grateful that I was able to make the choice to save my life, so I could raise my kids. This is why abortion should be legal, safe, affordable, and considered a normal part of women's healthcare. Anything less suggests that women aren't capable of making decisions about their lives and their health.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-29 04:45:39
ID: 58807
A woman should be able to choose her own life. It pisses me off that this is even being debated.
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Posted by: RubberCity
2019-01-29 02:32:28
ID: 58810
As a former owner of casinos, Trump should have remembered the House always wins in the end.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-28 20:49:08
ID: 58806
In response to a confession. Stormy - I heard this information from an interview with an abortion provider in New York. This doctor supported the new law, if that matters. She used the pre-eclampsia example. If pre-eclampsia gets too bad, it can definitely put a woman's life in danger, and I think it is actually a common reason for early induction, which I completely agree is the right decision rather than forcing a woman to carry to term. But it was my understanding from the interview that women can now opt to abort instead.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-28 17:54:50
ID: 58804
The way I see it, there must be some sort of situation in which the new NY law was needed, other than a woman choosing to abort her baby late term 'just because'. I have to think there's more going on than that. And -lets be real- if you're the type of person that would abort a viable fetus just because you didn't want to be a parent, then HOLY SHIT should you ever NOT be a parent. And you know, I tried to read the actual bill right from the dot-gov website and it was so f*cking confusing that I gave up. I couldn't understand it. My takeaway was that you can't be charged with murder for killing a fetus unless that fetus had been carried for more than 30 weeks.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-28 00:08:01
ID: 58788
I am all for abortion rights. But I am torn or maybe confused about the NY abortion law. I totally get doing late-term abortions when a fetus is not viable. But I think it gets murky when it's the mom's life in danger. Of course I don't think she should be forced to carry the pregnancy to term. But if a woman is say 30 weeks pregnant and has severe pre-eclampsia, she can now choose to abort the fetus rather than just deliver what is a very viable fetus early. That I don't agree with. Is this right?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-28 00:07:39
ID: 58787
In response to a confession. Well, those women would still be breaking the law according to the NY law. The law ONLY allows doctors to do it if the mother's health is in danger or the fetus is nonviable. It's not like women are going to be able to legally terminate a baby at 36 weeks just because it's legal now. That is what the Christian Right is trying to say-that it's just going to be so easy for women to go abort healthy full term babies because of this law. And if you carry a baby almost to term and want to terminate at the end after all that, well, I think that the judgment for that is on them. I would think most women in a situation like that would give the baby to the hospital for adoption and not kill it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-27 14:31:06
ID: 58780
In response to a confession. I am a total supporter of abortion rights. And I don't think NY should change their law. But I have to disagree with you. There are women who will terminate their pregnancy when it is almost full term. I know one personally. She found out her BF was cheating on her and terminated at 36 weeks. She found a doctor who did them illegally. My aunt is an ER nurse. They see women all the time who try to terminate themselves very close to the due date. The vast majority of women won't do this, but a lot do.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-27 05:37:27
ID: 58771
One of my biggest fears is that people are going to be complacent again in the 2020 election, or that people will again wrongly assume that trump won't win. Don't believe the polls when they say his approval rating is low. His following is loyal and in the millions.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-27 01:31:48
ID: 58772
OMG, if I see ONE MORE of my MIL's stupid posts about the NY abortion law talking about how it's now legal for doctors to murder infants just before they're about to be born, I will scream. No woman would EVER carry a baby to almost full term if they didn't want it to live. It's a case of special circumstances and the amount of stupid on the internet surrounding it is making me crazy.
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