Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-26 22:10:21
ID: 62741
Medicare for all would cut the costs considerably because we won't have insurance companies taking a huge cut of the money. We pay $200 a month for high deductible insurance which covers nothing until you hit $5000 in bills for each person. At that point, it STARTS covering 80% of the costs. So if you end up in the hospital and the total bill is $200,000 (not uncommon for a several day stay and a surgery/tests), we'd still have to pay $41,000 out of pocket for it. And that's if it's in network. If it happens that it's not and you just get rushed to the nearest one and it's out of network, you're on the hook for 60% of the costs. Meanwhile my ILs have Medicare and although they do have a supplemental policy, they are paying a LOT less in medical bills than we are and they go to the doctor a lot more. Granted it's not a perfect system but it's gotta be better than the clusterf*ck we have now.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-25 12:37:59
ID: 62729
In response to a confession. I used to believe that Medicare should be reserved for older folks who paid into it all their lives. But here I am, 63 years old and paying $1078 a month for insurance with a $75 copay every time I go to the doctor. A bill for a recent hospital stay was $41,000 (ER), and my balance will be $19,788. DH is on Medicare and we pay $160 a month for his supplemental insurance. His balance for office visits and lab work is always ZERO. So, yeah, I’m beginning to think that Medicare for all may be the way to go.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-25 02:07:17
ID: 62701
Medicare is a godsend for the majority of people. During the recession, most of the people who lost their jobs were 50-60. Many had trouble finding employment due to their age, but were too young for Medicare, and the ACA didn't exist. They were fucked when it came to healthcare. Medicare for all needs to happen. Now. Take the money I'm wasting on my "good" insurance, that still doesn't pay for fuck all, and use it for universal healthcare.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-24 02:09:28
ID: 62676
In response to a confession. My family is military. My dad, grandfathers, brother, brother in law, uncles, and multiple cousins. I spent Thanksgiving listening to them talk about how Trump has made a mockery of our country. They despise him. He mocks deceased military members and gold start families. Now, my racist brother in law in Virgina, who is also a cop, would lick Trump's boots if given the chance.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-22 19:21:02
ID: 62703
I'm back at the apartment I grew up in visiting my parents. I woke at around 3:30 to thumping against the wall and it sounded like the neighbors having loud sex. I'm still so disgusted and hope I have better sleep tonight. One of the many reasons why I hate that my parents still live in the projects. I'm thankful I haven't see really crazy stuff like gang violence, terrible injuries, etc. But man, do I wish I made enough to move them the eff out.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-22 14:50:58
ID: 62699
My MIL recently became eligible for Medicare due to her age. She went on a doctor spree getting all kinds of check-ups and tests she should have had years ago but couldn't afford. She had insurance the entire time, but she couldn't afford the co-pays and deductibles. Maybe Medicare isn't so bad.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-22 14:49:08
ID: 62698
I have "good" insurance that is largely paid for by my employer. I was REALLY sick a few years ago. One very real possibility was cancer. My doctor ordered an MRI. My insurance denied it. Twice. My doctor literally spend God knows how many hours over 3 months to get my insurance to cover it. If it would have been the type of cancer my doc suspected, that wait would have been enough of a delay to be the difference between I lived and died. Luckily it wasn't. Oh, and I paid a $1000 deductible for that MRI, even with my insurance. Yeah, our system is awesome.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-22 02:24:46
ID: 62694
In response to a confession. No, I’m not blaming Medicare for anything. I’m mostly pissed at the group insurance we had not notifying us that we’d both lose our insurance BEFORE thirty days prior. It wasn’t a political statement...just a statement.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-21 23:36:54
ID: 62688
In response to a confession. I'm confused and want to get this you feel that Medicare is at fault for this? It sounds like a terrible situation that wouldn't happen under universal health care. You wouldn't be able to lose your insurance. Stories like yours are exactly why things have to change! If I'm not understanding you right, I apologize.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-21 23:21:47
ID: 62687
I live in the U.S. and enjoyed good healthcare until my husband went on Medicare. Then both of us lost our healthcare. He got a supplemental insurance and the only insurance available to me has cost us $1058 a month. But wait, there’s more! The premium just went up $27 a I can pay 50% of all office visits and have to be approved for every damned test. That’s with a $3000 deductible and $8000 max out of pocket. This sucks!
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