Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-15 04:38:33
ID: 61728
Moms of girls who have their periods. What age did you first take them to see the OBGYN? DD11 started her period a few months ago. I got mine at 11 also but didn't see an OBGYN until I was 18.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-15 03:09:42
ID: 61726
I have two teenage girls who are the most amazing human beings ever. My confession is that I never had more because I absolutely did NOT want a boy. I seriously think I would have even considered abortion if I were pregnant with a boy. Every minute I spent at my daughters' school just illustrated that boys are assholes. And they don't grow out of it. Completely ignoring teachers, treating other kids like crap. Just an attitude that they don't have to listen to anyone, especially a girl or woman. I'm telling you, the entitlement starts early. And spare me the boys will be boys shit. Boys are assholes because society tells them that they can be. Sure, there are exceptions. But they are just that, exceptions. I firmly believe that every man alive has treated a woman like shit, made or laughed at (i.e. encouraged) sexist jokes, made derogatory remarks about women. I couldn't spend my life raising a boy only to have them ever do something like that. No thanks.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-15 02:01:51
ID: 61722
In response to a confession. More than unpopular - it's against Federal Fair Housing laws. Though I get what you're saying. When I moved out of my apartment, some of my security deposit went to replacing the carpets. There were stains that I just couldn't get out, and even some small burns. Want to know how I got all of those? There was a single dad upstairs with two young boys, who would often jump off of their beds and the furniture. When they did, it literally sounded like a bomb went off. Many times, I was carrying something like a mug of coffee/hot chocolate/tea, or a plate of food, when BOOM! I'd spill or drop what I was carrying. A couple times I was lighting a candle with a match and I dropped the match on the carpet, burning it. I spoke to the dad several times (once at 6am on a Sat.; when he opened the door, one kid was just about to jump off the couch!) and reported it to mgmt. It never stopped.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-15 00:30:17
ID: 61721
I know it's unpopular, but I really think apartments should charge extra rent if you have kids. They do it all the time if you have pets. And kids can be WAY harder on a property than pets are.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-15 00:22:12
ID: 61717
In response to a confession. I have a friend who took her other friend's dog in because the girl was moving and of course didn't research whether or not the dog would be allowed. She begrudgingly kept the dog but was always super resentful. The dog would have had a better life if she had rehomed him with someone who wanted him. I feel bad for the dog in this situation too, but it's also not fair to the OP to have to keep him. He really should live with someone who wants him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-14 23:37:59
ID: 61714
In response to a confession. I’m not “against” the dog. I may be taking a leap in assuming that they’ve probably tried treating the fleas to little or no avail, which is frustrating. I just feel it’s messed up to try to make this woman feel guilty for venting about an annoying situation. How DARE someone speak ill of unwanted dog ownership? I didn’t say anything bad about the dog. I just feel like people would be more sympathetic to her venting if the post was about having a difficult kid dumped on her & resenting it, but resenting having a dog dumped on her? What a monster!
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-14 18:47:38
ID: 61705
I'm 48. My dad passed last night. I've dealt with relatives passing, but nothing like this. He wasn't even my biological dad. He was my stepdad and him and my mom have been divorced for 30+ years. He always kept in touch with my sister and I, and we have all been close to his wife for years, even my mom. Just sad. How will I go on? I saw him last night and he passed a few hours later. We all knew it was coming though, but still. He parented me and my sis out of love. Always. One of the only men in my life who was never ever mean to me. He had a heart of gold. I love you Henry. I will honor and cherish our memories forever. RIP.....
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-14 18:21:16
ID: 61710
In response to a confession. I'm on the dog's side. She's griping about how the dog has fleas, but doesn't seem to have any compassion for the animal, only herself. Would you like to be covered in bugs and forced to live in a house where no one cares about you enough to help you? Shelters don't just outright kill animals, and there's always the SPCA. It sounds like everyone, especially the dog, would be happier in another home.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-14 17:29:23
ID: 61711
In response to a confession. I'm not the OP of the post you're quoting but...the dog was dumped by its owner, it has fleas, the ds doesn't take care of it, no one likes it, sounds like he gets the minimum required care and possibly little affection, and is about to be dumped again at the shelter. So yeah - POOR DOG. I feel for the woman who was forced to take on this responsibility, but it's also terrible for a pet to be unwanted by so many people.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-09-14 13:41:58
ID: 61707
In response to a confession. Poor dog? You sound like you’re trying to make someone feel guilty for taking care of a dog they never wanted. Just like not everyone wants kids, not everyone wants a dog. Big deal if the OP wants to vent about it. You really think a shelter is a better option? You’re making it sound like the dog is being mistreated. The only mistreatment was her dd getting a dog and leaving it behind, both mistreating the dog and her mom....but mostly mistreating her mom. The op shouldn’t feel guilty.
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