Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-19 18:38:35
ID: 58637
There's a FB post on a community mom's page where a mom posted a picture of her kid's clothes folded, inside-out. She has the caption, "You give them to me inside out, you get them back inside out." Um, her youngest kid is 12. Why are you still doing their laundry? My kids have been doing their own laundry for years. If they can navigate an iPhone and a computer, they can work a washer and dryer. Oh, but you're really sticking to them by not turning them right side out. This is how you raise entitled kids, folks.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-16 01:39:48
ID: 58595
Xh sees ds6 maybe every 6 weeks. And based on the way ds talks about it xh lectures him about how bad screens are for him every time they’re together. Sure, my kid might get more screen time than is recommended...but he is damn smart, has a wonderful imagination, and is a good kid. Last Saturday he “vegged out” on PBS’ Wild Kratts. Sometimes it’s octopus documentaries, sometimes it’s mindless stuff but it’s usually educational somehow. when he plays games on his tablet they all have an educational twist. But, he also only asks for screens when he is bored. 9/10 it’s background music while he plays so I’ve switched to YouTube music videos. Last time xh had him he let ds watch spongebob while he napped half the day away. Idk why he’s gotta make ds self conscious about his screen time when he’s dropping the ball left and right when it comes to raising this kid.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-13 05:57:05
ID: 58570
I have two nieces and two nephews. Their ages range from 10 to 26. I have never forgotten a birthday or skimped on xmas presents. I've also never gotten a thank you card. I'm lucky if they even say thank you. Yes, I absolutely blame my siblings for their kids' poor manners. It's funny, though, because our mom was was a stickler for thank you cards and saying thank you. It's no wonder that my nephews are both turning into spoiled, entitled young men.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-13 01:14:04
ID: 58567
I sent my 11 yo nephew a birthday card with a decent-sized gift card enclosed. I mailed it last weekend and I haven't heard from him whether he even got it or not. My sister never told me if it got there or anything. I'm thinking I should ask her, but I'm 99% sure that it got there and she was just too fucking clueless to have my nephew send me a thank you note of any sort.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-08 15:49:42
ID: 58434
In response to a confession. Can you buy him some cheap Bluetooth headphones ? I ask bc this ridiculousness you describe, if it happened to me, would make me want to just give the headphones back to the giver and say thanks, but no thanks, to make my point. Sorry you have to deal with it..
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-05 02:05:24
ID: 58446
In response to a confession. Your son sounds like a really compassionate young man and teenage girls can be terrifying lol. Help him learn to say no. There's a good lesson to be taught here. Coercion isn't consent. She basically coerced him into a date. Sure, it's just an innocent date this time, but what is this situation teaching them? I hope that didn't sound harsh. I didn't mean for it to. Parenting sucks sometimes.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-04 01:47:49
ID: 58424
Ugh, parenting. My friend's dd17 and my ds17 started talking to each other on Instagram. The girl really wants to date my son but he said while she's cool to talk to, he's not interested in dating bc she's really needy and insecure. Like if she sees he's online but doesn't answer her texts/DMs immediately, she gets passive-aggressive. So imagine my surprise when my friend texted me today that they're going out on Saturday afternoon. I asked ds and he said he felt backed into a corner because she's always asking to hang out and gets sad if he says no. Then he said he was going to find a way out of it. Ugh son, no. I told him teen girls are fragile and hormonal and he can't lead her on and then cancel. The least he could do is have lunch together instead of their bigger, date-ish plans, and tell her he just wants to be friends. Is that the right advice?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-03 21:27:24
ID: 58420 I told him to strip his bed and wash the sheets and blankets. After that he can go to his room, after he hands me his phone and laptop. This grumbling and cursing stuff has got to stop. I know he's a teenager, but he's not going to grow out of this unless I keep on top of him. I'm so tired of it though. Today I just want to run away from home. :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-03 21:25:18
ID: 58419
Teenage son is driving me insane. I asked him to get dressed so we could go return some jeans he'd gotten for Christmas that were the wrong sign. He grumbled about having to go with me, so I told him I'd be happy to return two pairs of fifty dollar jeans and spend the money on myself if that would be better for him! Seriously- does he think that I feel like going to the mall? I have things I'd rather be doing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-03 01:24:29
ID: 58395
DS is almost 18. After a long battle, I was given custody when he was 4. All these years his dad and stepmom have always had this thing about things they buy him (or that he buys himself with money they/that side of the family give him) staying at their house. It's so ridiculous and petty - there were even fights about things as small as pencils when he was little. I've had to buy duplicates of expensive things because "theirs" can't come here. So for Christmas, they gave him a Bluetooth headset for when he's driving. And sure enough, stepmom tells him the next time he's there, he has to bring it back. So...what? He can only use it when he's driving around on the weekends he's there? Because he'll go for an overnight during the week, drive to school the next morning and be home for a week. Why should he have to have TWO headsets, one for there and one for here? Ds is just as angry as I am.
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