Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-18 02:29:27
ID: 61010
In response to a confession. I live in Colorado. Started out in my home state though and I think that’s part of the problem. Communication between states is awful. I filed myself when o first moved home and in the year between when I did it and my lawyer did it all the state did was send us expense packets and then tell me they were waiting to hear from CO. My lawyer got me a court date within 2 months, and it was backdated to when she filed. We garnished his pay and then he quit his job and wouldn’t tell me where he worked. I moved back to his home state last August and moved the case here, and they’re still just threatening to take his license. And he just moved out of state. He owes me $16k right now. I’m going to wait until he tells me he graduated school and then have my lawyer go after him for everything he owes me plus internet. But I think the op with the dgd with the shitty husband will have problems if they leave it to the state, I doubt he’ll be living in the same state as them...
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-17 23:51:13
ID: 61006
In response to a confession. I live in Illinois, the state of corruption. My son’s ex gf has two boys who just turned 18. Their dad never paid a dime in CS. Didn’t care to see them but a few times through the years, and when she’d file an order for pay,ent he’d quit his job and move to Missouri for a couple years. I know a lot of men who never paid CS, and not one has even been arrested for it. It IS a law that they can be arrested and imprisoned, but nobody enforced it. I’m giving myself one year to get out of this hell hole.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-17 20:14:07
ID: 61005
I wonder where everyone here lives. A very close friend of mine has a loser ex DH who has made one support payment in the last year, and it wasn't even the full amount. Granted, he's a loser who usually doesn't have a job (so he doesn't have to pay support) or he works under the table. He's currently $14,000 behind on child support. The state is well aware of this, but don't really do anything. They'll garnish his wages, but that means he actually has to get a job, which he won't. No jail time.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-17 18:30:40
ID: 61003
In response to a confession. I know someone who spent 3 MONTHS in jail because he could not pay child support. He had been in an accident and could not work. He was brought into court in a wheelchair. This was about 20 years ago in Connecticut.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-17 00:46:09
ID: 60996
DD11 started her 1st period today. She just turned 11 last month. I was 11 when I started mine, but I was a couple months from turning 12. I also have Mirena so I haven't had a period in over a decade. I could tell it was coming...the past 6 months or so she's been moody, eating everything she can get her hands on, discharging, pimples, boobs sprout out fast, getting smelly even though she showers every other day, hiding in her room almost 24/7. When I noticed the signs, I had a long talk with her about periods and everything that goes along with it. I showed her where the pads are (I kept them around just in case because I do spot some times). She got it this morning and didn't even tell me til 4pm. I asked her why she didn't tell me. She said I already told her what to do, she noticed she got it, cleaned herself up, grabbed a pad and put it on, then went about her day. My babys turning into a woman. :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-16 19:20:07
ID: 60992
In response to a confession. Wow, that's crazy. I don't know where you live, but where I live the state police are on top of this issue. My XDH was arrested and kept in jail overnight for being just over a month behind. I hadn't even noticed he was behind- I was letting the balance build up so I could take the kids school shopping and hadn't even looked at it all summer. I'm sorry you're going through hard times, I hope it gets better.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-16 18:35:18
ID: 60993
A toddler went missing from a campsite on state land near where I live in the middle of effing nowhere. Wandered off while her family was packing up the campsite. She has autism. This was early yesterday morning. It thunderstormed on and off all day yesterday and last night. They had canines and helicopters and state police and DNR....they found her jacket a few hundred yards from the campsite. And today around lunchtime, she wandered up to a house on the edge of the woods. Alive and well, albeit she'd lost her shoes. I cannot even imagine what her parents went through these past 27 or so hours.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-16 01:53:54
ID: 60989
In response to a confession. Leaving it to the courts/state means he can possibly go years without paying though. My xh hasn’t paid me since 2017, and they’ve been threatening to take his license and garnish his pay for over a year with no action actually being taken. Meanwhile he’s getting new tattoos, saving for a house, and planning a wedding because he’s not contributing financially to his son at all. While I live in my mil’s basement (We get along well so it’s not quite as bad as it sounds) while I do everything i can to cut my budget and save for maybe a 1 bed apartment for ds and i in a semi-decent neighborhood.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-16 00:04:16
ID: 60987
In response to a confession. Thank you! I just know it’s not going to be easy for DGD. The POS sent her a horrible text when he found out DGD had contacted his CO. I mean, he said things to her that your worst enemy shouldn’t say!
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-15 22:29:52
ID: 60985
Whenever I hear that someone is having a boy, I seriously feel sorry for them. I know that sounds horrible, but I do. I have two teenage girls, and they are still awesome. No drama or any of the "girl stuff" I was warned about. We get along so well. They get along with DH too, but there's just a bond between the three of us that's unique. They make me laugh every day to the point where I almost pee my pants. I know there are boy moms who couldn't imagine having girls. But I'm just going on my own experience. Seems like I have all the fun and none of the stinky or pee on the floor. Yes, i know these are generalization, but I taught for several years, and most of the generalizations in my experience were true. There were always exceptions, but generally they were true.
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