Posted by: anonymous
2023-11-09 00:31:23
ID: 68734
I live 1000 miles from my 89-year-old dad, but I'm his biggest advocate. Yesterday he was sent to ER by his doctor. Long story short he spent 18 hours in the ER! He finally called a cab at 8 am this morning and left. They had discharged him three hours after he got there, then forgot about him all night! I'm about to own that f'ing hospital!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-11-17 04:39:37
ID: 68588
My 14yr old hasn't been doing school work. I've been on her about it, it got to a point where I grounded her from her phone, tv, and video games for the rest of the year. The issue has been going on for months, with her lying nonstop until I find out the truth. She's also in therapy due to emotional issues from her dad being a deadbeat. I told her therapist she's still having issues with missing work, so to take the heat off of her, she tells her therapist that I threatened to sl*t her throat. Later I'm told I also threatened to not feed her for 2 months if she doesn't get me a certain xmas gift. I don't know what to make of this or to do until her next appt. I pray it's just a phase, but I had a talk with her about how her lies could destroy our family. Anyone else ever deal with this?
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-09-24 05:14:32
ID: 68546
My son is at a college party tonight. He did tons of school work today and turned in a draft of a paper before he left. He's getting up early to carpool into the city to do some service work with his college group. So the plan is six hours of sleep and then to work a ten hour day. He really is my kid, ha!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-09-15 00:21:50
ID: 68540
In response to a confession. Congrats! That is very exciting for your son and he will do great in the community it sounds like. I did a similar program in college and LOVED the experience. I'm still in touch with friends I made from the program many, many years later!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-08-02 22:37:54
ID: 68475
I encouraged my son to look for an on-campus job. He got one! Hope he starts to make more friends at school. The program is "a paid service learning, peer-to-peer, leadership program that provides opportunities for growth and development through team building, service projects, and service-learning internships that encourage students to be leaders on and off campus as well as catalysts for positive change within the community." I'm excited for him! I'm grateful that they have programs like this. He goes to a commuter school so there isn't a ton of campus life. At least he'll meet some people.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-07-24 05:26:50
ID: 68460
My son just told me that he smoked weed for the first time. He said he didn't feel anything, didn't like it, and didn't ever want to do it again. I'm glad he tells me stuff. It was hard for me not to tell him that he needs to inhale more and then hold it! (Don't worry, he's college age)
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-07-07 18:24:45
ID: 68435
My dad is 88. Lives in supported care facility. Lately he’s been texting me of his maladies…dizziness, can’t sleep, leg cramps, leg swelling, and for the last three days almost constant nosebleeds and diarrhea. He lives an hour away so I scheduled lab work for me today that’s 5 minutes from him. I was to take him to breakfast, maybe a little shopping. Nosebleed so no breakfast. I called when I got done and he didn’t want me to come by. Now, three hours later, he thinks he should go to ER. I get on the road and twenty minutes in he says not to come. He’s all better. Lord help me be a good daughter and remember he won’t be here forever.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-07-05 21:13:01
ID: 68430
I'm a divorced mother of almost adult children...there is not a man in sight around me that could remotely be considered a daddy candidate. Yet here I am, literally burning up from baby fever.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-06-21 19:18:00
ID: 68400
How come nobody told me about the heartache of aging parents?
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-04-30 19:57:43
ID: 68334
My son says he's met a couple of guys at college that he's starting to be friends with. I would give anything for him to be happy but he's past the age where I can do it for him. Please let this work out!
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