Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-27 22:37:12
ID: 58279
In response to a confession. Good for you! Doesn’t it make you think like why is that person saying shit like that? What is their motive? What are they trying to gain? My sil made multiple snide comments at my expense on Christmas. I was so hurt and confused, like what did I ever do to her? I’ve really tried hard to be a good sil and be supportive about her postpartum depression. Dh thinks I’m being over sensitive but that’s easy to say when someone isn’t making snotty comments about you in front of everyone.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-27 14:07:47
ID: 58270
In response to a confession. Woot! Get it, girl!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-27 02:52:49
ID: 58267
I finally stood up to SIL about her off-hand remarks and unneeded/asked for advice! This Christmas, I was feeding my son a sandwich because I didn't want him to wait until the late dinner. I hear her say "Mommy is finally feeding you!", I just stopped and asked, "What are you trying to say?" I waited a minute and said "Because if you are trying to once again criticize my parenting let me just say I don't care. You throw your little comments and act like you aren't going to get called out. I am doing it right now. I am not going to listen to your unasked advice,your opinions or catty remarks. Save your breath and my time. When I need help,it won't be from someone who doesn't even know how to make a bottle." I kept quiet for so long as to not rock the boat, after dealing with her shit...I'm willing to sink the boat!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-27 00:52:46
ID: 58264
In response to a confession. I agree 100%! When DGD came to us and told us she was pregnant, she told me her mom said they need to get married. The Ki d was in the military and I knew she'd get military allowances for her and the baby. But I also told her that being pregnant doesn't mean she has to be married. She lives at her parents' house, they watch the baby when DGD is working, and I'm sure they're contributing to DGD's expenses. The husband posts stuff on Facebook that he was out drinking with another country's military, or 'I'm the next white guy who's gonna get rich rappin'. I, for one, think she should sue him for child support. I checked with the military and found out DGD is getting HALF the allotment that he's probably getting. I fully expect him to hit the road within a couple years.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-26 21:19:43
ID: 58260
In response to a confession. It kind of seems to me like this kid doesn't want to be married. Or a real parent. I hope for all their sake's that he either changes his tune or hits the road. Keeping on like they are sounds like prolonged misery.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-26 18:58:25
ID: 58258
In response to a confession. Update: DGD's husband DID spend the night with his wife and son, and posted lots of pics on Facebook gushing about being a good daddy. I can see the look on DGD's face, and it breaks my heart because I know she's not happy. She's living with her parents because he says he doesn't get enough allotment for her to live on her own (and I know that he's BS'ing her!). All I can do is keep my shut.....for now.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-24 19:32:59
ID: 58234
I still live with alcoholic ex dh. Finances is the only reason. My 18 year old ds said ex dh and his friend came home from bar Saturday wasted. Ex dh proceeded to cry and call himself a loser and say he was depressed and suicidal in front of ds and ds's friend who's a girl. DH has gone completely downhill since I said I wanted a divorce. He refuses help. DS sees how messed up alcohol is and I'm glad he stays away from it. He does smoke weed and I hate it. What a dysfunctional family. I have a chance to maybe get a small apartment near my job. I'm really considering it even though I love my house I've been in since 1995.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-24 13:43:46
ID: 58227
DGD21 has a 9-month-old and her husband has been deployed since before he was born. He came home a week ago. His dad picked him up and the SOB didn't contact my DGD...his WIFE...till the next day. He wanted to see his son, but not until the next day because he was going out with friends that night. He's been home a week and has been with his wife and son ONCE. He's said he plans to spend tonight with them so he can see his child on Christmas Day. But he also told her that his buddy's having a Welcome Home party for him tonight, and he needs to decide where to go. I'd like to tell the prick where to go!!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-20 06:43:27
ID: 58187
In response to a confession. Aaand it appears that everyone else in the house caught something the baby had. Since my ulcerative colitis already gives me most of the symptoms everyone else is having I won’t know if I caught it until it’s time to be treated for severe dehydration. But seeing as ds just projectile vomited in our bed in his sleep... it’s only matter of time until I’m puking too. Just in time for Christmas break, yay. Remind me to thank mil in the morning when I’m done hosing off our bedding.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-20 03:16:16
ID: 58186
I asked my brother to borrow some money. He said he doesn't have it. I've never ever asked him before. Asked him a couple days later to see if he can take 18 year old ds for awhile. This kid had mo motivation, won't go to school or work and smokes weed all the time. I know my brother would motivate him to be a better young man. Dh/soon to be ex- dh is a worthless dad. Alcoholic and just a huge ass. He thinks because he works everyday, that that is good enough. Please pray for my ds if you pray.
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