Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-19 20:01:32
ID: 63527
In response to a confession. UPDATE a local cop in our community has said on our town FB page that he thinks these restrictions are stupid, that we're all nuts, and he won't keep his kid from going out and having fun. Anyone who responds calling irresponsible is treated to name-calling by him. I have half a mind to take screen shots and anonymously email them to his department!
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-18 03:46:25
ID: 63520
In response to a confession. Parents in my entitled town are furious that the police told their kids to leave the park and go home. The parks are CLOSED. We've been told to isolate. One parent said her kids don't think the restrictions apply to them, and she can't keep them home.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-18 02:52:28
ID: 63519
All these people posting about how they can't stand to deal with their own kids because of school closures...maybe they shouldn't raise such disrespectful little shitheads and expect to dump them on some poor underpaid teacher.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-14 21:38:02
ID: 63474
Our company is letting parents take time off of work to deal with the schools closing. Meanwhile all us CF people have to pick up the slack with absolutely no incentive or bonus whatsoever. It's enough to make me want to quit my job for sure. Obviously it's okay for us to be exposed to the germs at work because we don't have "a family". OK then. Never mind that I am immune compromised and could legit have problems if I get sick.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-12 14:39:46
ID: 63458
I just had to explain to my 25yo son that 50 is not old, and being 50 does not make a person more likely to die from coronavirus. Smack that boy upside the head. Kick him right in the butt. With my foot.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-09 20:47:59
ID: 63419
DD21 texted me this morning to tell me she had a nightmare that I made her put live fish in a blender. Why, you ask? To make a salve that I could rub on my leather boots to restore them. Because DH put them in the woodstove. I swear.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-09 02:39:48
ID: 63413
In response to a confession. When my son was young, he went to Catholic school. In the first half of Kindergarten, their homework, to be done with the parents, literally was to learn to tie their shoes! There was a test and all. Also, in 2nd grade they were taught cursive. In 3rd grade we moved and he started in public school. They didn't start cursive there until 4th grade. In our area, though, the middle and high schools are in a different district, and apparently the teachers there didn't want the kids to write in cursive...
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-07 20:37:46
ID: 63407
For the love of god, please teach your kid to tie their damn shoes! I tie a million shoes a day so the kids don't break their necks, and half the time the laces are wet BECAUSE THEY JUST CAME OUT OF THE BATHROOM. It's disgusting. We don't have time to teach your kids to tie their shoes. It's our job to teach them how to read. We're kind of busy with that, and on the playground, every time I tie a shoe, it distracts me from monitoring for safety. Please, parents! We love your kids! Help us out!
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-06 18:44:09
ID: 63393
The pressure to have kids is laid on thick, lemme tell you! I was expected to have kids just like my siblings but I never did. "When're you gonna get married and have kids?" was the constant theme from the time I turned 22 to just last year (finally hit the big 5-0). it's unbelievable how everyone wants you to just follow the lifescript. People actually get uncomfortable around you if you say "that's not in my life plans". Like there's something wrong with you. Hell, I LIKE living alone. I LIKE not having kids. I DON'T CARE that I won't have grandkids. I DON'T WANT to be involved with my boyfriend's kids so that I can be "kind of like a stepparent". No thanks! I DON'T WANT a wedding. I never did. Geez, so over it already. I'm successful in my career and do lots of travelling, I've written articles for travel magazines, I've entered photography contests, I volunteer, I'm active in my community, I have a blog.....but no one in my family could give a crap about any of that.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-03 16:07:55
ID: 63379
In response to a confession. I get it. DH spent most of his kids' childhoods in the military and being deployed, so in a way, he sees DS as the "son he never had." For years he made constant comments about wishing DS was in football or baseball so he could take him/go to games and coach him. I mean, all the time. DS had played soccer for a few years when he was younger and wasn't that into it, and wasn't interested in the other sports. He's not built for them anyway, as he's tall and lanky. He's into things like surfing, skateboarding and parkour, and other than that, is more academic. He's out of high school now, but sometimes DH will still say, "I wish he had..." Dude, STOP.
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