Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-03 02:00:00
ID: 65346
#StandWithSophie google it. spread awareness.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-02 20:51:18
ID: 65343
My 4yo fractured his wrist on friday, my 10yo had an allergic reaction to a wasp sting that has been going on 4 days now with hives, headache, and nausea (docs office said just allergy meds), and my 4yo just got his cast wet and I don't have a car till tomorrow. 2020 needs to go on.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-02 14:57:00
ID: 65340
In response to a confession. She needs an outlet that is safe but also her own. Which I know is hard given the pandemic. Maybe online art or pottery classes? I went through this phase and my mom was utter shit to me, taking my door off the hinges when I needed a minute alone, snooping in my journals, never allowing me any type of privacy, screaming at me, etc. I never learned to process my feeling properly as a result. There's a thin line with teenagers, but showing them a little consideration is better than driving them to hide things. Also, emotions are 100% harder to deal with considering current events. You both probably need an outlet.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-09-01 01:08:38
ID: 65335
In response to a confession. I didn't go through this phase. I grew up with an abusive mom, I wasn't allowed to have emotions or feelings. I literally sat in my room and kept quiet so I didn't set off my mother into a Narcissistic rage. So I don't really know how to handle her. It wasn't but 6 months ago she was climbing in my bed wanted to be held. Last week she was still coming to sit next to me on the couch to chat. Today she just blew up with a smart mouth, attitude, being bossy, acting like she knows it all. So her phone and laptop were taken away and she was given chores to do. If this is going to be the norm, I may start drinking. Is there a support group? A handbook? lord help us all.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-08-31 19:39:36
ID: 65333
In response to a confession. She sounds like a normal almost-teenager to me. I went though the same thing with my mom around that age and my 2 daughters did too. I blame it on hormones. They both grew out of it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-08-31 18:48:47
ID: 65331
I have this friend. She was the cutest, sweetest girl, blonde, blue-eyed all-American type. Very conservative, head-on-straight kinda gal. A few years ago she moved across the country, but she comes back regularly and we all hang out. I'm a little weirded out by her now. I know people change, but damn. She dyed her hair black, is completely covered in tattoos, bartends at a biker bar wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination and curses like a sailor. Just 100% opposite of what she used to be. I've distanced myself because the "new her" makes me uncomfortable. She married a biker and is pregnant. They don't know the sex yet but have chosen the name - whether it's a boy or girl, the child is going to be named after her favorite....whiskey. Cringe
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-08-31 13:13:04
ID: 65329
I have no idea how to discipline a 12yr old girl. She's been a sweet caring girl all her life. She was always wanting to spend time with me and was a good girl. She started her period last year, and slowly she's been drifting apart. She hangs out in her room, gets annoyed when I want to talk to her, has an attitude when I simply ask what she wants for dinner. Now she's moody, and today she was giving me lip and arguing with me acting like she's grown and telling me what to do. We have her doing stuff like mowing the lawn and cleaning horse stalls, sweeping the floors..etc. We take away electronics...she doesn't care, she'll just read.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-08-29 22:20:41
ID: 65316
OMG. My SIL told us the name of the new baby that's due in 6 weeks. It's not only a made up name, it's also horrendous. Poor, poor kid.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-08-26 11:30:16
ID: 65293
In response to a confession. What is there to be "amazed" about? Good parenting, is that what amazes you? That their parents taught them that a person's physical attractiveness isn't the #1 priority in a relationship? Your wording is so weird.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-08-23 05:52:01
ID: 65126
I grew up in an abusive household where my mom would tell me the reason why I took care.of my siblings,cooked and cleaned was because I would have a husband. Of course, let's ignore the fact she cheated on her in several times and never took care of her kids nor had a job for long. She said after slapping me several times that she hoped i would have kids so I would know what it meant to be a mom because then I would stop being hateful. She was right. Now I have three children who will never struggle like I did as a kid, who have security and love and I never go a day without making sure they are ok. I didn't lose that "hatefulness* because now as an adult I saw myself as a kid who knew exactly what was going on and knew the actions of my parents were wrong.I did learn from her, all what NOT to do.
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