Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-09 23:28:41
ID: 57895
In response to a confession. I think your daughter will be fine. I'm 5'1, 105 lbs, and have looked 12 since I was 16. I know makeup makes me look older, but I just can't be bothered to paint my face at 5:30 am. I've had a long and steady career as a nurse, since I was 22. Sure, I've gotten loads of comments about how young I look ("are you even out of high school?!") from people over the years, but it hasn't hindered my career even slightly. I usually tell patients that I might look young, but I know exactly where to stick this catheter. She'll be okay, makeup or no makeup. Let her be.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-09 23:27:03
ID: 57899
i want to purgue and i want to cut
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-08 20:12:16
ID: 58003
Ds6 is driving me bonkers. I’m babysitting my friends 3 girls and ds accidentally slammed the oldest’s finger in a door. He goes on time out, and not 5 minutes after getting out of a very long time out, and being told not to touch any doors, he closes one on the middle kid’s finger! I’m watching them for like 5 hours and 2 hours in none of them will play with him because they don’t want to get hurt. The injured girls did tell me they believe they were both accidents... but they don’t want to play with him right now. Hopefully in an hour or so everyone’s back to being best friends again.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-05 17:30:20
ID: 57974
In response to a confession. I thought they got married on Thanksgiving? Or am I mixing up the confessions? Either way, congrats! I always wanted to get married during the holiday season too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-04 22:09:51
ID: 57961
In response to a confession. from what i understand, in most cases, makeup itself doesn't harm your skin. most brands (even drugstore ones) nowadays use formulas that are gentle and don't clog pores. improper removal can do damage. Not completely washing it off, sleeping in it, or using dirty application sponges and brushes do way more damage than the makeup itself. i'm not trying to change your mind about makeup or anything, i just wanted to put that out there.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-04 14:31:33
ID: 57809
Tomorrow is the big day. I asked the kids if I could make them a wedding cake and they said yes. So I made a two layer ten inch cake with ombre rosette icing and tried to sorta match the green in FDIL's dress. I've also made one roast turkey (another one tomorrow) dressing potatoes green bean bake cranberry sauce gravy and veggie dips and platters all for 30 people. I like to be prepared. Lol. Tomorrow is gonna be awesome! !!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-04 14:30:58
ID: 57850
After putting a newborn to finally sleep,dealing with a toddler who came down with a nasty flu and I'm sitting on the bed pumping what I could into a bottle-you know what I really need? You screeching down the hall repeatedly calling me to buy cat food for your fucking cats.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-04 14:11:06
ID: 57946
What is it being a parent that brings the idiots with unasked for advice out of their damn cage? SIL thinks she's qualified to tell me what to pack in my hospital bag as if I hadn't done it before without her help,or to not give my toddler a squirt of whip cream because her in-laws accidentally cracked her child's teeth with the nozzle. Didn't ask for it,wasn't even talking about that,she just approaches me. She doesn't have any kids and the last time she babysat my son she didn't even change his diaper but has the nerve to tell me about diaper rash. SInce then i don't ask her to babysit. I'm not going to listen to you because either A. More than half the crap you say I already know about and B. The unasked advice is wrong. She even told me not to vaccinate my son because of some bunk article she read! Gtfoh
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-04 12:51:37
ID: 57932
Made dh look like a fool unintentionally so he's mad at me. Went to the BBW candle sale tonight and he told the sales associate that he didn't think the candles rang up right and they should be cheaper when she said what the total was so I counted on the price of the 5 candles I bought in front of him, they were almost $9 per candle so I just rounded up the total to $9 "9, 18, 27, 36, etc" and then he realized I was right and he was wrong. And now he's mad at me cause I embarrassed him cause he excels at math way better than me, shoot he's an electrician and always has to do math for work. I didn't intentionally try to embarrass him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-12-04 02:05:57
ID: 57949
I'm 65 and I'm the oldest sibling in a family of nine, all girls. I never have worn make up, not even on my wedding day. I am frequently mistaken for a woman in her late 40's/early50's. Do you ever stop and think about what that stuff does to your skin while it clogs up your pores day after day?? My sisters, all of whom wore make up and teased me relentlessly for not wearing it, look older than I do......heh heh.
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