Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-10 18:22:03
ID: 62895
In response to a confession. I just had to bump this response up, because it's funny as hell.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-10 04:58:15
ID: 62888
In response to a confession. Same! My birthday is right after Christmas. Not only were there no cards for either, but not even a phone call or text on my special day. Even when SS lived with us or when SD was visiting at that time I wasn't recognized.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 21:36:48
ID: 62752
I used to buy gifts for my husband's kids. Used to. When we met his kids were young teenagers. They are now full grown adults and I have never received anything from them. Not even a card. So I stopped buying them gifts, giving them money, anything.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 21:35:09
ID: 62766
If my husband gets me something nice, I'll share that with my friends. Then again, I'm only friends with actual friends and family online. If you're so jealous of people, do them, and yourself, a favor and unfriend, unfollow, block, whatever. Talk about a silly first world problem.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 21:28:39
ID: 62782
I dnot mind seeing what others husband and I don't exchange presents but instead go out a couple of nights before Christmas to do something nice and after buying presents for family,our kids PLUS their December birthdays,we don't have much left over. If someone is being crass with their showboating,I smile and move on. However, there are some relatives who have gone through HELL for a couple of years an whenever I see them get something nice,either online or in person, I just think "good for you!!!" because I haven't suffered as much as they have and I know they deserve something nice.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 21:26:49
ID: 62802
I am happy for anyone who is successful. But bragging is another thing altogether. Classy people don't brag.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-09 21:25:29
ID: 62846
In response to a confession. Several of the early cf websites shut down due to being overrun by antinatalists and trolls, who were parents posing as cf people. And the misogyny that was thrown at cf women by other women was grotesque and, even though I miss some of the people I met on those sites, I'm glad they shut that shit down. I remember when someone was taking screenshots from Truu and posting them for cf people to read on a cf site, and all the moms on Truu got pissed at the cf people. Turned out, it was a mom from Truu being a troll and just starting fights. Their Truu user name got posted on a message board and, what do you know, the troll never posted under that name again on Truu. Good times.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-08 00:31:04
ID: 62868
Anyone who tells you that your body will bounce back after you have a baby is full of shit. On the outside, I look OK. But nothing about my nether region is the same. My vagina is not the same. I don't know if it's looser or just different, but if you put some fingers up there, it definitely doesn't feel the same. And I don't enjoy sex as much because I just can't feel as much. Don't know of it's because I'm just less sensitive or looser or both. I know my DH hasn't changed. I also got horrible hemorrhoids with baby #2. One never went away. It gets inflamed, painful, and bleeds about once a year. 2 kids and the youngest is 12, so not like this will go away with time. Very uncomplicated deliveries. Only needed one stitch each time. Oh and peeing when I cough to hard is fun too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-07 14:03:39
ID: 62864
In response to a confession. OMG... no, no, no, no , no, no no. Stop it. Stop right now beating up on yourself. Stop it. My god. Enjoy your baby and forget all that, you did and do your best right? SO STOP IT!
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-07 06:08:49
ID: 62845
In response to a confession. The subreddit AITA (am I the asshole) recently had a great cf thread. This cf couple opens their home to their family every holiday, and this year, the parents decided to go off on them for not contributing to the family by having kids. So, the couple packed everyone's bags and kicked them out. The responses were glorious.
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