Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-20 03:30:18
ID: 59557
OMG You guys DD20 is literally losing her shit right now because she's so excited her new leggings were just delivered and she can look extra cute when she goes to the gym on her school's campus.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-19 03:03:40
ID: 59552
How old were your kids when you left them home alone? I don't mean for a few minutes while you did something quick, but how old were they when you left them home alone for several hours?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-19 03:01:54
ID: 59551
I was at the grocery store yesterday and there was a woman and her about 2 year old daughter, maybe 3, sitting in the art. The little girl was obese. Not a little chubby like a lot of toddlers, but very overweight. The mom was picking out several donuts while talking to her daughter. She was asking, "Which one do you wan first?" implying that she was going to have more than one. She gave the girl one of them while she was there. Sorry, but I think this is actually abusive. And I am someone who has had weight issues for my entire life. Ironically, mom was quite slim, very well-dressed, made-up, etc. She obviously placed importance on her appearance.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-18 23:57:10
ID: 59548
In response to a confession. He's gone! He was sworn in (with 40 other young men and women), had five minutes to say his good-byes, and he was gone. Forty-plus years ago I was married to a Marine, and his stories of boot camp scared the hell out of me. I just learned today that boot camp now isn't as bad. My ex was hit several times, sleep deprived as punishment, and had to walk through a Quonset hut full of tear gas. They don't do that anymore, so my almost debilitating fears are a little less now. But, damn, I miss that kid so much!
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-18 04:29:05
ID: 59544
I’m currently “hiding” from my SIL by staying off of Facebook and Facebook messenger. She’s watching her kids so her SAHD of a husband could go out for st Patrick’s Day. It was her day off and she tried to pick up an extra shift and made him ask me if i would babysit her 4 kids tonight. It would have been such a hassle for him that even though I said yes as long as they wenthome at a semi decent time he was planning to cancel if she went to work. It’s a school night, ds needs to be in bed early, I need to be in bed at a decent time for work, the kids don’t listen to me that well, and one of them is an infant. They are not sleepover on a school night material. She texted me while I was in the shower asking me if she can bring them now because they want her to come in and will offer her the bonus she wants for it. I’m going to pretend I was asleep and didn’t get them till tomorrow morning.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-17 18:06:52
ID: 59542
I love my son, but I can’t stand playing the games he makes up. I like that he has such a creative imagination... but when it comes to playing with him it’s awful. Even if I don’t want to play he includes me in the game (I’ll be in the middle of cooking and he’ll come into the kitchen and start playing like I’m part of his game), he’s bossy (tells me what to say every 3 seconds and if there’s props he rips them out of my hands to show me how to use them right), there is absolutely NO logic to his games and when i ask him to explain he just repeats what he already said or gets crabby with me. So I tell him I don’t want to play and he whines and pouts because he doesn’t want to play alone, but refuses to play any regular game like hide and seek or tag or something basic.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-17 18:01:03
ID: 59541
In response to a confession. They do it when I’m not around. It just pops up and when I ask ds about it he’ll say “aunt Sarah gave this to me last week...” I feel like it’s too late to make him get rid of a toy if it’s not at the time he gets a new toy.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-17 17:51:26
ID: 59540
Some middle aged woman didn't check her mirrors and almost backed over my children. I slapped my hand against her trunk and yelled, partly to get her attention and partly because i was pissed off. She didnt even apologize or stop backing up as i was scrambling to get my kids out of the way. My dh apparently thinks that getting angry and slapping her car makes me psychotic. Idk, maybe it does.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-17 14:34:47
ID: 59538
In response to a confession. Our grandson leaves today to spend the night in St. Louis. Tomorrow morning at 9 he's being sworn into the Marine Corps and his plane to San Diego leaves at noon. I'm so proud of him, and so very sad at the same time.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-03-16 23:19:52
ID: 59528
There is a woman selling 3 expired car seats on a neighborhood buy/sell page. Someone nicely pointed out that they were expired and not safe to use. It's also against the page's rules to sell expired car seats. This women is losing her mind at the woman who pointed it out because it is her right to sell them and it is people's right to use them if they want. Seriously? Parents seriously defend their "right" to use unsafe products for their kids? WTF?
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