Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-06 01:51:59
ID: 51613
Since I married Dh every holiday, birthday & special occasion has been ruined for me. Being in a blended family is hard, but the drama is too much for me. I miss not having to worry if she's outside our house. I stay out of any issues between dh & his ex, but it affects my daily life. Halloween was ruined because dh had parenting time this year so his ex was upset & took it out by showing up at our house before we were to go trick or treating, causing a scene making dsd & my dd to cry. Dh gets dsd for Thanksgiving & Christmas Eve this year. She's already making threats to deny visitation &/or show up to ruin our day. She hates me, but never had a conversation with me. Ignored me when I tried to introduce myself, but stalked my facebook, puts crazy comments when I post things about family, our kids, vacations, etc or will leave screaming messages degrading me. I blocked her but she finds my dd, family & friends pages. I'd love to just spend the holidays on a cruise with no phones.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-06 01:47:44
ID: 51619
In response to a confession. I'm not the op, but I've been in her shoes before. It's scary to admit what's happening. When I divorced my abusive ex, no one believed me. No one. My friends were his friends, and he had everyone fooled. He made himself out to be the victim and I was the mean, horrible woman putting him through a divorce. You never know how people are going to react.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-05 21:59:21
ID: 51617
In response to a confession. You need to stop protecting him and tell your friends that the relationship is destructive and abusive. How can you expect anyone to help you if they don't know you need help. There are resources out there, you just have to look for them.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-05 20:23:50
ID: 51608
I'm stuck in a relationship that is turning destructive and abusive. I have no other choices. I make $1200 if it's been a good month, usually closer to $900. I have a car payment. The cheapest apartment I can find is $700 but doesn't include utilities and is kind of far from my job. I'd sell my car but then getting to work would be hard, as the only public transport along the route is unreliable at best. I'd live in my car but I have animals (medical and breed issues all but guarantee they'd be euthanized if surrendered). My parents have a large house but my sister and her kids live there and have always been prioritized above me. I'm fucked. I guess I should consider myself lucky it's not physical. I think I must have gained 20lbs in the last year. I have friends, but none have room- not that I'd ever let them know what I'm going through. To them, I'm happy but just flake when they invite me places because I'm lazy. I'm dying inside. And yet I can't help but think of the people worse
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-05 20:17:14
ID: 51573
I'm sorry if everyone was tired of the MLM conversation...but I just had this pop up and wanted to vent. So I belong to a weight loss page on Facebook and it's been my safe haven for talking about my struggles. I've gotten to "know" some people on there just through online conversations. It made me happy when a bunch started sending me friend requests. It made me feel good! Like I had a lot of support. Well about half of thse so called friends started sending me "Heyyyy girrrl" solicitation messages within several days of friending me. Yup yup. Not really wanting to be friends so much as wanting to sell me stuff. I unfriended and blocked. I think that's one reason why so many people hate MLM's.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-05 20:13:40
ID: 51567
My dd8 is in a weekly dance group just for fun. I like it because it’s not too rigorous but she still gets to dance and compete. She got moved into the “upper level” group that is typically for 9-12 year olds because the other class was crowded. There is a 12 year old girl in her group that is making this class a sad waste of time with her defiance.This older girl is SO off task and rude to the instructor. While he teaches the routine, she rolls around on the floor, acts silly and manipulatively tests the instructor. Instructor is obviously overwhelmed and has no clue how to reprimand her. To make it worse, the girls mom is there and laughs at her daughter when she’s being outright disrespectful, just thinking she’s cute and silly. A few other younger girls copy her attitude. I never wanted to slap a rude little girl and her mother so bad. A lot of girls are there to learn and want to compete, including dd, and it’s just impossible. Calling the main office in the morning to complain.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-05 20:09:40
ID: 51593
In response to a confession. You literally said you were going to email him to ask him to "support his child and fiancee." How is that not telling someone how to act? Your daughter is old enough to have sex, she's old enough to deal with this issue herself. And in a lot of places, $2000 is not much when it comes to cost of living. But who knows, maybe he's saving up to buy your daughter and his future child a place to live when he's not enlisted. You should mind your own business. (Ps welcome back, stormyweather- what made you change your mind about leaving?)
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-05 20:08:18
ID: 51614
I don't know why Dh's ex is so obsessed with asking Dh & dsd what my dd and I am doing, what I own, where I work, etc. She left Dh for his cousin, has him as a husband. What Dh does with his life & the fact that he is now also married shouldn't matter to her. I shouldn't have to tell dd, my friends & family to be extra careful to make sure his ex doesn't make a fake profile of me to become their friends on social media. We shouldn't need cameras outside our home to prove to courts how she constantly sits at our drive as well as comes to our front door to bang & scream obscenities & goes to dd & dsd's window trying to coax dsd out of the house during Dh's parenting time. I'm tired of calling the police to get her to leave & them not arresting her. I'm tired of being blamed because I'm a Sm & having my intentions for treating dsd well questioned.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-05 02:27:35
ID: 51611
I emailed GD about her fiancé and the baby. I asked if he was helping her in any way, and some other questions. I offered support and told her we love her unconditionally. She replied that things are tough without her fiancé, and will be worse after the baby comes, and she appreciates our love and support. So that's where I'm leaving it.
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Posted by: Flutterby
2017-11-04 02:58:50
ID: 51597
I think that after the kids are done, the parents should go trick or treating... with a shot glass
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