Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-09 12:38:41
ID: 67703
In response to a confession. Just curious, do you blame other people who are injured or killed in car crashes? Even ones that weren't their fault? Like when someone's kid is killed by a drunk driver, do you tell them that it's their own fault and that they should have just stayed home? Because you sound like you may just be asshole enough to do that.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-09 12:36:30
ID: 67702
In response to a confession. Yeah, you're the only one making an ass out of yourself. Fauci is tellig people to still stay home because of the high number of idiots who won't get the vaccine. They are getting sick as shit and clogging up our hospitals. If it were a bunch of vaccinateed people infected a bunch of other vaccinated people it would be no big deal and we would be back to business as usual. And it did not kill every animal it was tested on. Stop spreading misinformation. When you get sick, please don't go to the doctor or hospital, since you obviously don't trust them. Save that bed for someone less stupid. Man, I feel sorry for your kids.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-09 01:19:25
ID: 67696
In response to a confession. It’s because of such ignorance that a lot of people aren’t getting the vaccine. That’s not proof….it’s propaganda! Ya know what? Making choices based on propaganda can be referred to as ‘natural selection.’
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-08 23:37:12
ID: 67695
In response to a confession. I don't give a shit if someone gets the vaccine or not, not my body or my business. But.. Talk about making an ass out of oneself.. Saying it killed every animal it was tested on, this is so ridiculous and false. You sound like a crazy ass spewing BS like this! SO not true. At.all.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-08 22:20:54
ID: 67666
In response to a confession. When you assume things, you make an ass out of yourself. Since I've been an adult, no medicine or vaccine has gone in my body that hasn't been on the market for at least 5 years. I have my reasons why. Every time I've had surgery or been to the ER or have been given a med, I ask questions and do research. Same with my child. I've denied being given something if I didn't know what it was. Unvaxxed and Vaxxed spread and get covid at the SAME rate, it ONLY lessens your symptoms. Fauci has even said this in interviews. That means you should stay home too. Even if it did lessen it, since you can still spread it at all, you need to stay home. The vax killed EVERY anmial it was tested on, so they stopped testing on them and went straight to the public. You don't tell me what to do, I will continue to go out as I need. Stay home if you're scared.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-08 15:25:07
ID: 67685
In response to a confession. You made the choice to go out. It's your fault you got Covid. Don't want to catch Covid? Stay home. Don't blame other people for your choices.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-08 01:07:32
ID: 67683
Tonight I had to take a damned COVID test! Last week we went to a party (outside) and DD & SIL’s house. They and our grown grands won’t get the vaccine (God will get me thru it, and who cares if we infect our parents?) and we maintained social distancing on our own. Two days ago the cough, slight fever and headaches started. I’ve stayed in just in case, then today I made lunch and couldn’t taste a thing. DH got me a CVS test and it’s negative. Then I read reviews on the test…half of them said they got false negatives. Second test will be on Friday.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-05 22:33:09
ID: 67671
If the vaccines work so well, why are vaccinated people still dying and getting sick? It's our body and we should get the say so in what goes in it. Healthy food, junk food, drugs, alcohol, etc..... I'm in charge of my own health! Also, who has the right to say we can't abortions if we need it? What about a woman who was raped, molested, etc.... The Government is supposed to protect our rights. They're slowly taking away our rights. Wake up! It's going to get worse.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-04 18:58:15
ID: 67668
In response to a confession. Why argue with an anti-vaxxer when you could just wait?
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-09-04 14:27:06
ID: 67665
In response to a confession. If you don't want to get the vaccine, then stay home. Don't go to the store, don't go to work, don't go anywhere. Yes, it's your choice, but seeing as this is the most infectious respiratory disease EVER, you do NOT have the right to endanger other people. You just don't. Yes, science is always changing, but the research for this vaccine has been going on for decades. It's not like they pulled it out of their ass overnight. I'm willing to bet you have taken a drug that has been around for less than a year. I'm also willing to bet that if you're in the ER, you don't stop the doctors and nurses and ask them for the ingredient list of every medication they are injecting into your IV and how long it's been FDA approved. And then of course, decline it if it's been less than a year or not FDA approved for that use. But you don't do that. Because you're a hypocrit.
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