Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-12 21:44:24
ID: 57202
In response to a confession. Why is your dh mad about your son wanting his own dad at his wedding? Seems reasonable. Seems like you need to myob. Sounds like you're way too involved already.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-12 17:36:03
ID: 57196
So I guess I'm just going to go ahead and bogart this board since no one else is posting. DS23 and GF didn't want to have a 'wedding' they just wanted to go to the courthouse. But, my brother (a pastor) wants to marry them and talked them into doing a small little wedding at Thanksgiving. Which I am hosting this year, at my house. Which OF COURSE I agreed to do. Which now DH is annoyed because DS wants his dad there (XDH), and his parents. And when I asked GF if I could go dress shopping with her, she said she would rather do it alone. Which made me pretty sad, but I didn't tell her that. I am starting to get a bummed feeling about all this, but I don't want to project it onto DS&GF. *sigh* And I am glad they're not just going to go to the courthouse.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-11 04:55:53
ID: 57176
Had to kick 18 year old ds out of the house last night. He's gone downhill since he started smoking weed a few months ago. Leaving the stove on twice in the last month while he's high and cooking and we're asleep, dog almost died from ingesting pot brownies last night, breaking things sometimes on accident, sometimes on purpose, won't get a job, not listening, stopped going to school. Started another school last week. That's the only reason I let him keep using our car. I'm so sick of everything.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-10 03:42:21
ID: 57155
Texting with DS23 about the wedding: "You know I'm gonna cry, right? It's gonna happen.".... His response? "Wuss" Haha. Yeah, he's right.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-06 05:42:34
ID: 57079
DS did driver's training earlier this year. I paid $350 for 6 hours of behind the wheel with a reputable company - 3, two-hour lessons. The first lesson was an hour and 40 minutes because there was paperwork to complete. The second was an hour and 45 because he was being dropped off at dad's and they got to the area early. The third was a full lesson, but for highway driving, they got on the highway and got off at the next exit. That's it, just one short run on the highway. If it weren't for the fact that we've been driving with him for a long time, I would have really raised hell. So he takes his driving test. Here's what it consisted of: back up, go forward, and parallel park. Then turn out of the lot, go to the next street and turn, do a 3-point turn and back to the lot. Less than 10 minutes total and BOOM you have your license. No wonder there are so many shitty drivers in this state!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-06 05:41:29
ID: 57083
I can't tell anybody IRL because they're not ready to officially announce this yet, but DS23 & GF with my DGD have decided to get married! I'm so excited! We're not a religious family and I've always told them that they will never face any judgment for not being married. But this is something they want to do so they can be and feel like more of a solid team and family. I managed to not cry until I got back in my car and headed home from their house. I feel pretty special that I'm the first person they wanted to talk to about it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-04 18:02:22
ID: 57072
I'm not taking your comment as judging, OP, about my Dad's house. Of course it's his house. I have never once told him to get rid of anything or change his lifestyle. It's just going to be that much sadder for the family having to clean out his hoard after he passes. It's hard enough having to sell your deceased parent's home. It's that much harder when you're having to work on it for months to make it presentable enough to sell. It's also an in-your-face reminder of how depressed he is/was. That's all.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-03 13:14:51
ID: 57065
In response to a confession. OP here. It turns out, this happened a while ago and I'm only hearing about it now. I didn't get all the info because DS told me about it by mistake. I wasn't meant to know, he let it slip. Also, it was a rough patch for both of them, they both acted badly. I asked was if they were past it and in a good place, he said yes. Then I asked if it was something that ever came up in arguments that they have NOW, he said sometimes. My only advice was that forgiveness is something that needs to be given freely and whole-heartedly in order to really move past something. I said that's true for any relationship. Then I said if he ever wants to talk about it, I'm here. But beyond that, I'm never going to bring it up again. I think I did okay.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-03 03:59:27
ID: 57026
In response to a confession. Girls get in trouble for showing their bra straps because it's considered sexual, but if a boy snaps a girl's bra strap, it isn't sexual harassment. Funny how that works. It's almost like boys have been taught to disregard a girl's comfort because she's an object put here for their entertainment. If anyone here has a son, ask them what they do everyday to avoid being raped. It's a good way to start a conversation about what girls go though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-02 19:05:08
ID: 57058
Ok, people. What would you do if you found out your DS's long-time GF cheated on him? At the same time you learn that they are going to try to work it out and move past it. How would you handle it, what would you to say to your DS, or to her? Would you support them staying together?
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