Posted by: Mandy X
2018-03-22 05:22:07
ID: 54006
I'm 30 weeks pregnant and I like to play heavy metal music to my baby in the womb lol. I know it's not the best, but I don't do it too often. It's fun playing that music and I can feel my baby jamming out to the music in there òwó
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-03-21 20:50:11
ID: 53996
You know, it's interesting. The whole "walk up" campaign saying to go up to the loner kids to make them feel included, etc. is all fine and everything, but at our high school, it was the kid who was the biggest bully ever that would probably be the most likely to shoot up the school. He always picked fights with people and no one wanted to be friends with him because you'd go up to him and be nice and he'd just be a total asshole to you back. What about kids like that? That's why the "walk up" campaign is a bit idealistic, IMHO.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-03-21 18:09:22
ID: 53994
In the summer of 2006 we moved to a new town. That winter, a group of kids from the neighborhood we moved away from went down to the lake and out onto the ice, even though they knew they were supposed to stay off of it. The older kids (6th & 7th grade) didn't go, the smaller ones did. They ran out before the older ones could stop them. One of the older girls, her little brother went out on the ice, neighbors said you could hear her screaming several blocks away for him to come back. He never came back. All four of the kids fell through, and her little brother wasn't found until that night, by emergency divers. The other three made it. Neighbors risked their lives to save them. But they couldn't find her brother. I know without a doubt my kids would have been there had we not moved. I still think about it. It still makes me so sad. RIP W.S.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-03-21 06:56:27
ID: 53987
In my day, if a student made a threat to kill people, the school called the police and the kid was kicked out immediately, and not allowed to trespass back on the property. Nowadays, schools don't want to step on parents toes, so they let little johnny go on his murder spree and the parents cry "It's not his fault, he's special needs". Sorry, not sorry, my childs life is more important than his education. It's been reported, no one wants to touch it. This school is protected for some reason. Reporters aren't even allowed on the property, but they're allowed at all the other schools. There is something going on at this school that they're hiding. Teachers quit often, but they don't say why.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-03-21 04:05:47
ID: 53976
In response to a confession. Not to be overly dramatic, but is this something that you should report to higher authorities, like the FBI? It's such a weird world right now. I get that he's just a kid, but kids are just... idk... doing crazy shit right now. I guess what I'm asking is, at what point would you guys go the extra step to report behavior like this?
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-03-20 18:12:47
ID: 53967
I just found out that there is a boy in my DDs school who said he wants to blow up the school and kill every girl in it. Last month he tried to strangle his teacher, she pressed charges and they're currently dealing with it through the court. The principle nor the school board will put him in a different classroom or do anything to get him mental help. All they did was suspend him for 4 days.The parents said they see nothing wrong what his words or actions and they won't do anything either. There is a girl in his class that he has threatened and attacked as well. They still won't move his class, but they moved the girl to another class. This is how school shootings start. Kids talk about it, start making actions, they get away with it, so they decide to shoot up the school.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-03-20 03:31:16
ID: 53951
In response to a confession. You know your kid. If you feel he's going deeper and deeper into depression, take him to a therapist. He might just need to grieve the loss of his relationship and could totally come out of it on his own. Go with your gut.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-03-20 03:23:06
ID: 53948
More reasons I love DD19: She doesn't care at all about what sizer her clothes are, as long as they fit her. She eats a lot of salad because when she eats better she feels better, not because she's on a diet. She gets a ton of exercise because she really wants to get better at ice skating, not because she's trying to get in shape. Seeing that sweet girl... makes me feel like I did something right.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-03-20 03:08:32
ID: 53944
Ds/17 and a half who had the bad break up told me that he's been suffering from depression for about 3 years and the bad break up pushed his depression over the edge. His dad/my dh is an alcoholic and our marriage hasn't been great. I'm sure that adds to his depression. Thank you for your input on my earlier confession. And dh isn't physically abusive just to let you guys know. He is an ass sometimes though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-03-20 03:05:27
ID: 53935
In response to a confession. I know what you mean. I just went on a cruise and could not believe how many obese kids I saw with man boobs! Ì can't fathom how their parents can let that happen!!
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