Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-29 06:39:51
ID: 62777
wow someone sounds controlling and mental. If you can't be happy for people who are happy to get something nice, then you're the one with the issues. It's their FB, they can post what they want. If you want to be petty about it, then delete them. Simple as that. Happy Holidays Scrooge.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-29 01:11:57
ID: 62775
In response to a confession. Definition of gauche 1a: lacking social experience or grace also : not tactful : CRUDE it would be gauche to mention the subject b: crudely made or done a gauche turn of phrase
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-29 01:11:32
ID: 62774
In response to a confession. I'm going to say it- showing off your gifts on FB is tacky. As my mother used to say, it's "gauche." There are folks that, when they do it, I think well, maybe they don't know better, because they never had money before, but some folks should know better, or maybe they don't care about looking like jackasses. This doesn't make me "jealous." It makes me a person who had a solid upbringing. As a kid, if you bragged to the kid down the street about what you got for Christmas, wouldn't your mom have told you to hush up, and given you a lecture later about how that is rude? Mine would have. We weren't rich. Just average folks, but I was raised right. My DH gave me a pair of diamond studs for our anniversary. They're 1ct total. I never said a word about it to anyone. I just wear them. People probably assume they're fake because they're so big! I sure didn't do a FB post about it. I'd rather die! I know- full humblebrag! But sometimes people think they look classy, when they just look assey!
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-29 00:04:58
ID: 62768
In response to a confession. I can see both sides. But I also have been in both positions and I have realized over the years that no one wants you to be successful. When we paid off our house, we didn't tell anyone because we knew the reaction would be mixed. And I have friends who announce to everyone on social media when they buy a new car, pay off a big purchase, buy something big, etc. I am happy for them unless they are taking money away from something they really need (retirement, kids' needs, etc) to pay for a toy. To me, that's the only thing that isn't right about bragging about things you have.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-28 08:12:10
ID: 62761
I find it disgusting that grown adults are so petty and jealous that they can't stand that other people share their happiness on FB. Just because you're miserable that YOU put value on what everyone gets as gifts. Grow up and be happy for your friends whether they get more or less. You're not a good friend if you're being so mean behind their backs about what your friends get as gifts. I know people are this immature. When they finally get money and make a nice purchase, they share it on FB. Double standards. But I guess their own "rules" don't apply to them, right? Don't be a Bitter Betty.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-27 17:31:05
ID: 62755
In response to a confession. Me too, and also those who say it to you in person. Years ago DH was a subcontractor. He was scheduled for three separate 2-week jobs, starting the 2nd week of November. The first job ended up being only one week. The second job was cancelled because his boss hadn't noticed that the crews' security clearance had expired, and it would take two weeks to reactivate. The third job didn't happen, because it turned out that his boss hadn't actually secured the contract; he'd only put in a bid for it, and was outbid by another contractor. So six weeks of work turned into only one, and at the damn holidays. As I was commiserating about this with a friend, she thought it was an appropriate time to tell me that HER DH had gotten a $12,000 Christmas bonus and bought her a new car. Thanks....
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-27 16:10:30
ID: 62753
I find it disgusting when a full grown adult takes to social media to brag about all the expensive gifts they got. I'm super happy that your husband got you a Prada bag and some very expensive jewelry AND a cruise. Good for you. I'm sure all your friends who are struggling just to get by love hearing about it, too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-27 15:11:22
ID: 62751
In response to a confession. I just read a shocking article last night about kids and young adults taking to Twitter to complain about receiving "fake" AirPods (meaning less expensive versions from other brands) from their parents and other relatives. Some of the tweets were gut-wrenching - some were actually saying they hated their parents or whomever, they wanted to leave because they were so mad, they wanted to knock the Christmas tree over...holy shizz. Sorry grandma can't afford $150-250 for wireless earbuds, maybe get a job and buy them yourself??? Unbelievable.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-26 22:01:07
ID: 62739
The attitudes of kids this time of year really makes me glad I have none of my own. I spent money on expensive gifts for my nieces and nephews. And what do I get? Whining about how I didn't get them more. Or complaining that it wasn't the color they waaaanteeeed. So effing sick of the consumeristic attitude they have. And forget about any sort of thank you. They just assume that all adults in their life owe them gifts on that day of the year and it better be exactly what they want or all hell breaks loose. Over it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-24 08:52:19
ID: 62721
The reason they call them LOL dolls is because they're laughing all the way to the bank from all the suckers who buy their crap.
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