Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-27 22:36:19
ID: 55121
It's weird the sorts of conversations you have with your parents as you get older: "Dad, how do you know if you have arthritis? I have a pain in my elbow sometimes and I'm wondering if that's what it is"...
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-24 13:49:49
ID: 55060
In response to a confession. Can’t sleep so I’m reading through old confessions. This pizza one made me laugh. A neighbor invited 12 kids and parents to her son’s chuck e cheese party. She assured everyone that she’d ordered food for the adults too. What did she order for the 13 adults? 1 chuck e cheese pizza. The 8 inch one. I shit you not. I think 4 adults got to eat1slicr each, and they looked very awkward when they realized every other adult was fucking starving at this 3 hour lunchtime party. The hostess realized it but didn’t do a thing. A couple adults actually went and bought themselves food. DH and I had a good laugh about it later that evening.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-23 10:10:22
ID: 55045
Of all the friends I have with children the families that restrict candy, snacks and unhealthy foods have children that binge and sneak food when at my house. The friends that don't restrict these items, I never have a problem with their children. Children and even adults when told they can't have something want it even more and go nuts when they get it. If children are allowed access, more likely than not there is no need to sneak and go crazy when around something unhealthy and they learn to eat in moderation. We regularly have BBQs at our house with lots of people coming over. I have found children from a few different families on different occasions hiding in showers, under beds and in closets binging on food they aren't supposed to be eating. The children that are allowed to have these things at home never do this. Some of my friends are amazed that the box of little Debbie cakes set un opened for a month or two in my pantry with my family.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-23 01:05:44
ID: 55039
In response to a confession. Some of my friends are already on their second marriages. And we're all done having kids. I hate weddings and baby showers so that part is OK but it just makes me feel old.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-22 23:49:11
ID: 55033
In response to a confession. This is something I would wake up thinking about at 3 a.m.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-22 19:29:35
ID: 55031
In response to a confession. I would be honest with his mom. Let her know that he is mean, swears and disrespects you and your rules. Any decent parent would understand why you wouldn't want your child around him. I wouldnt put up with that behavior from my own child, let alone one of their friends.She might be clueless to his actions around other kids. If she doesn't care or gets pissed then she's as big of an asshole as her kid and good riddance!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-22 08:05:16
ID: 55021
I may or may not get flamed to hell for this, but here goes. Imagine a Hollywood actor, any actor. Actor has to kiss various people onscreen. Chances are, some of those people have incurable communicable diseases. Actor goes on to have children and kisses them on the lips (this confession is not about lip kissing. I kiss my own kids on the lips, so it’s not about that). Does that mean the actor is exposing the child to those incurable communicable diseases? :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-22 05:34:09
ID: 55018
I need some advice to handle this age appropriately. DD10 is friends with a boy,S, who is 8 who lives around the corner. She also hangs out with a girl, A, who is 9. They like to come to play at my house all the time. A stopped coming around as often. The times she did come over, if S showed up, she'd leave. A came over yesterday and I asked her about it. She said S was mean. I had noticed before he has issues with boundaries (when he's told no, he does what he wants anyway. disrespects my rules, swears a lot). Today he came over to play with DD. He left a short while later. DD told me she doesn't want to be friends with him anymore and is afraid to tell him because he's mean to her. She wants me to tell him when he comes over tomorrow. How do I gently tell a kid that my kid doesn't want to be friends? I don't want to say anything to make his mother get upset and confront me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-21 13:59:53
ID: 54998
Hey,Sil-kindly shut the fuck up. I don't need you remarking on my parenting skills when you don't have any kids. If I am giving my son veggies and carrots and he doesn't want it,don't fucking talk about how "mean mommy is", if it's too hot and he wants to go outside and I'm trying to calm a tantrum don't say in that VOICE "oh,poor baby mommy won't let you play" or if he's going to stay the night at my mom's house don't fucking even say "your parents are abandoning you!" First off, I dont t care if he is 2 and can't understand you-I CAN! Dont toss your unsolicited advice to me when you have never even babysat him! And when I calmly tell you to stop,don't turn around and cry like a victim. You aren't -you are just some bitch who likes to belittle me because you think you are hot shit. You aren't and your brother thinks so too! You are damn near 40 so grow up and stop your shit.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-21 13:28:30
ID: 54953
About half our friends are divorced now. It's just sobering to realize that.
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