Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-21 20:08:30
ID: 55878
My sister has told me that my nephew (10 y.o.) has started being verbally abusive to his two younger sisters. My nieces are both very easily hurt by what he says and he torments my older niece incessantly about her weight (she's barely on the overweight side) and calls her stupid all the time. He's also been kicked out of every day care center in the city where they live because he attacks teachers when he's upset. I don't know what he needs, but he needs my sister and BIL to actually punish him once in a while. He was acting like a total brat and what did they do? Let him go on vacation with his grandparents for a long weekend without his sisters. Yeah, that'll teach him. *eyeroll*
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-19 14:47:32
ID: 55858
If your XDH is truly an ass, pitting your kids against you for no reason, then they will come to realize this. Just keep doing what you do, mama. Resist the urge to react in a way you know is wrong in the long run. Karma will get him in the end.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-18 04:11:27
ID: 55842
I remember music being a huge part of class time in elementary school in the 80s. One song we sang throughout the year: Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose Will I ever see thee wed? I will marry at thy will, Sire at thy will. Wtf? 1980s, not 1880s!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 23:24:02
ID: 55755
In response to a confession. What more is there? Let's see, when I was 17 my parents kicked me out because I like my own gender. I slept on the floor in my sister's basement for over a year. I didn't have a bed because I like my own gender. I almost didn't graduate. Did that happen to you when you came out as hetero? Fuck off.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 23:22:14
ID: 55800
Seriously, my kids are the best freaking people ever. DS23, and DD19.... I love them both so damn much. Added bonus that they're both so good-looking. *you're welcome, kids* lol
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 23:10:59
ID: 55834
In response to a confession. My brother hanged himself when he was 33 because he was gay and my parents disowned him. That was in 1992. There's a hell of a lot more to being gay than just genital preference. But you go ahead and carry on with your ignorant bullshit in the name of being right. You win. Thanks for making the world a little more ignorant.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 23:05:42
ID: 55818
I wish dh would just stfu right now. He's complaining about mayonnaise. Mayonnaise! "The ingredients say there's no vegetable oil in this yet the ingredients say it has vegetable oil in it." And ranting on and on while I'm trying to watch a YouTube video which clearly he can see I'm trying to watch. Dh, I don't give a fuck about the mayo you're eating! If it's such a problem then don't eat it! Ugh, feel so annoyed right now. And only one side of my headphones work so I couldn't drown out his complaining.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 23:04:25
ID: 55826
In response to a confession. Is romantic and sexual the same thing? No? Ok well neither are aromantic or asexual. (Never heard of aromantic before ccc)
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 22:57:02
ID: 55794
In response to a confession. I'm here to tell you it gets better. I remember when my friends told me it would get better, but I didn't believe them - and here we are. My ex (and his wife) constantly put me down to ds. Ds would innocently repeat the things they said, things like I was poor because I rented and how much more he could have and do if he lived there, and also lying to him about things that I couldn't defend without speaking negatively about them. This went on from ages 4-13. Yes, a LONG time. Many tears and sleepless nights afraid that one day ds would say he was going there to live. And then one day, ds came to realize that they were full of shit. He hates his SM. He loves his dad because he's his dad, but ds said he's moving to my home state across the country for college (dad wants him to stay here). Hang in there.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-17 22:56:29
ID: 55813
In response to a confession. Yup, but apparently the admin doesn't feel like posting them. Google is your friend, though.
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