Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-27 00:43:21
ID: 62500
In response to a confession. I have a job. I've had a job since August. So my finances are getting better. Dh is a mean alcoholic and I don't know if that will ever change. My dd has been sober for almost 2 years, she's just not working the 12 steps. And she's married and doesn't live at home. Her and her husband take good care of the baby so don't feel sorry for the baby. It's just that I won't accept my dd treating me and talking to me any way she feels because she doesn't get her way. Addicts are very manipulative and her and her dad will try to make me feel guilty any way they can. It doesn't work anymore and they know it. They still try though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-24 07:37:38
ID: 62488
being a mother is the hardest job ever. For me it is at least. It’s all worry and love. You pour yourself into your children at any age they are and it’s just so difficult to disconnect and let them free. I worry for their safety, i worry for their choices. I hope and pray my children will stay focused on a good path and do good things for themselves and for others. For them to be good, decent, happy people. No one will ever understand the behind the scenes anguish and anxiety and tears we shed as mothers as we smile and love and raise our children. Something happened today, (not bad, just not great-life things) so I’m so emotional today, forgive my rant.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-23 10:32:41
ID: 62478
In response to a confession. So just to summarize: You are jobless, need money and your (ex?) separated husband with whom you still live refuses to help you. He's an alcoholic. You cannot stand your own daughter. She is also an alcoholic. She is also mean, judgmental, and critical and just gave birth.None of you get along. My heart breaks for that little baby.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-17 01:21:39
ID: 62412
People who hate their children/parents sadden me. My own grandma was a really toxic person to my mom and my mom cut her out of her life when us kids were in high school. I haven't really talked to my grandma in over 10 years. She hasn't talked to my mom in about that long as well. She probably won't come to my mom's funeral. It's just so sad that it has to be like that. I don't blame my mom for what she did, but I really never had close relationships on her side of the family just because she kept us away from our aunts and uncles and cousins. I've had my tiffs with my parents and siblings throughout the years but I can't imagine cutting them out of my life over anything.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-14 22:01:30
ID: 62374
I can't stand my 29/dd. It's been rough for me to find a job, etc. I found one a few weeks after she gave birth in August. I didn't have a job or any money for 4 months. If it hadn't been for my mom and sis, I'd probably be dead because of lack of food. I still live with dh, but we've been separated for over 2 years. He wouldn't give me any money and I didn't expect it. I survived. My dd gets pissed when I'm not at her beck and call to watch baby. I have a life and I'm trying to make moves to get outta here, get my own place ect. Dd is in recovery but sure doesn't treat people with kindness and understanding. She asked 1 of my best friends to babysit baby yesterday. I'm ok with it. I told dd I can't stand to be around her mean, judgmental, criticizing self. If she can't be nice to me, then she needs to stay away. I've dealt with all that crap from her alcoholic dad for years.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-14 22:00:39
ID: 62376
Do any of you have hyperthyroidism? I think that's what I have based on blood tests my doctor has had me taking. All I know is I have felt like shit for years. I'm so extremely exhausted all the time. Do you take meds? I'm scared to take any meds because of the side effects.
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Posted by: hanginin
2019-11-12 18:38:15
ID: 62371
Watching 3yo DGD take all the books off her shelf and lay them in a line on the floor like a train track = priceless. DS24 (her dad) used to do the same thing with shoes. Every shoe in the house would be lined up like train tracks through the living room, down the hall, into his bedroom. LOL we lived in a really small house back then. *sigh* Good times.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-10 23:25:54
ID: 62345
In response to a confession. OMG, well, I thought my dad was going to be reasonable. The stuff he hangs onto, I swear---he had about 20 empty wine bottles in the basement. I asked if we could pitch them and he said they were for wine he wanted to make. I'm're moving to a condo where you will have NO GRAPES TO MAKE WINE. Luckily my sister and I went through the holiday decorations they had stored and got rid of 90% of them. I shudder to think of how much my mom spent on useless holiday decorations over the years--who actually needs a ceramic bunny creamer and sugar dish set that's just for Easter?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-06 21:45:34
ID: 62325
In response to a confession. We winter in Florida, and between what we see here and what my Dad has been through, I think that women are MUCH stronger than men. Had it been my Dad who passed away ten years ago, Mom would have sold the house, moved into a cute little apartment and moved on. Men (the stronger sex my patootie!) generally don't know how to survive on their own. My Dad had never done a change of address, set up new or cancelled old phone service, or even stopped the newspaper. I'm betting your Mom is one of those women who did everything for someone else, and can now not only survive but thrive. Good for her!!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-11-05 23:45:41
ID: 61491
My mom is 77. Still owns her home, drives, takes vacations, goes sailing, has been to just about every state in the USA, mows her own lawn, gardens, volunteers and goes to the gym. Please don't let people act like being older means you automatically stop enjoying life.
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