Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-03 17:09:15
ID: 1391
Your house is a wreck, your kids are filthy animals, you haven't lost any of the baby weight, you sleep until noon and eat McDonald's and Taco Bell daily. But hey your Pinterest account says you're perfect so it must be true.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-03 16:12:23
ID: 1385
Your OB/Your OB's nurse HATE that stupid book "What to expect when you're expecting". Do yourself a favor and don't tell them you're reading it. Worse? saying something like "Well the BOOK said this". Just STFU.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-03 15:46:24
ID: 1377
My DH is always telling me I should write a book, enter an essay contest, write poetry. While I appreciate that he thinks I'm that good of a writer, I couldn't do it. I was a really smart kid that cracked under pressure and burned out. I tested gifted, read early, high IQ, your basic child prodigy. But all the pressure from my parents to NEVER be less than perfect was too much. I am now a SAHM and other than reading recreationally or to my kids I loathe learning. At the end of the day I just want to watch a mindless TV show, reread a King novel, or play a game on my phone. I spent my whole life feeling like I had a gun held to my head and now that I am free of that I want no part. Could I write a book? Yeah sure I guess I could- hell anyone can do it. Do I want to? No. As frustrating as it is for my DH to feel like I am 'wasting' my intelligence, it's just as frustrating for me that he doesn't respect my request to leave it alone.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-03 15:18:38
ID: 1375
I think a big problem with society today is we aren't schooled in the art of 'keep it to yourself.' You don't need to say, text, post, blog every single thing that you think. It is ok to have an opinion or judgement and NOT express it. We have become way too accustomed to word vomit. What happened to keeping private things private? We need to have more personal relationships with actual individuals, instead of just shouting intimate details of our lives from the digital rooftop. We have somehow become too personal and not personal enough at the same time.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-03 14:57:58
ID: 1373
My friend has been pestering me to watch ds sometime because she's bored and wants our kids to play together more often. Dh wants to go out of town with a bunch of guys this weekend, leaving me with no one to watch ds while I work. One of the guys he's going away with was going to see if his sitter would take our son... But I'm not comfortable with that so i called my friend. I figured if she watched him after I got out of work I would cook us dinner, we could watch a movie or something, and the kids could play all day. She is trying to turn it into a weekend long thing. I figured she'd try to spend Saturday night at my house because any time she comes over she insists on spending the night, idk why... She's a 10 minute drive away. But now she's trying to do a girls night Friday night (I don't get since we'll still have our kids with us and that doesn't count as girls night to me) and then a family night Saturday, then maybe shopping on Sunday until dh gets home. I don't like spending that much time with anyone besides my dh and ds. I get that she's lonely but I am not. She is a sweet person, and has the best intentions but seriously... She overstays her welcome every single time she comes to my house. There's been maybe one visit where she left before I got sick of her since I met her 5 years ago.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-03 04:46:09
ID: 1348
You know what sucks. Every since I had my hysterectomy I have like permanent PMS. Since I don't have periods anymore it seems like it just never leaves. It is a wonder my kids haven't left me in the woods somewhere just to get away from me. LOL
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-03 03:30:09
ID: 1336
My god daughter came out here a month ago to try to get her life together. I am so sick of her and cannot wait for her to leave. I told her she has to go back to where she is from. She is lazy, won't look for work, has ruined her credit with a repo and unpaid student loans. I found out after she moved here that she has a drug conviction. She also apparently stole her student aid money. She applied for school, got the check and then just cashed it and never went to school. She doesn't see where any of this is a problem. She is vulgar, she talks about the girls she dates like they are little more than just someone to screw. I cannot stand the person she has become. She is going back to her home next week and it is not soon enough. Never again will I let anyone stay with me. I just cannot stand it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-02 18:10:47
ID: 1209
Sure, Parent, I know it's easier to pull right up to the gate at the preschool to drop off and pick up your kids. But there's a whole parking lot here with plenty of spots and you're blocking the driveway and the gate, making it harder for all the other parents and kids to get in and out. You are a selfish jerk. And I hate that there are so many of you. Sometimes I feel like the only one who parks in a friggin spot. Even when I'm carrying tons of stuff (3 kids lunches, baby's bag, breastpump for baby (won't leave it in car; last one got stolen), my purse, kids backpacks), plus managing 3 kids 4 and under, I still find a way to park and walk the 20 feet to the door.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-02 17:58:35
ID: 1208
just because your dd has your grandchildren does not give her the right to emotionally "blackmail" you which is what she is doing. so the grand kids go without lights? they'll live. she has to learn to live her life as an adult, which means paying your own bills, taking care of your own kids, being responsible ect................ you're only hurting her by giving in to her.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-04-02 17:54:34
ID: 1207
DD5 has big emotions. When she's happy, her joy can carry over to everyone around her. When DD5 gets stressed or angry, she freezes and sometimes cries or screams. DH usually sends her to her room to calm down. I'm trying to teach her to handle her emotions w/o sending her away. Last night, she freaked out and got really mad when her brother got some dessert and she wanted some, too. When told that has to ask politely, she angrily shouted "PLEASE!!" I told her she may not shout at me and that she needs to take a breath and calm her voice and ask again. She tried and then cried harder and said "I don't know how!!" So I spent over 10 minutes explaining how to breathe, saying different nonsense phrases (The quick brown fox jumped over the angry dog; the rain in spain stays mainly on the plain) to teach her how to switch her brain from angry/freaked out to a different channel of calm and neutral. I'm doing this b/c I have the same problem and this sometimes works for me. I'd like her to learn this before she is older. She tried and tried and eventually got out "please" in a normal tone. When I asked her what worked, she said it was putting a cloth over her eyes and holding her breath. I congratulated her and gave her the dessert.
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