Posted by: anonymous
2014-03-23 17:40:36
ID: 266
MomofBoyandGirl seems to have a kind word for everyone, no matter what.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-03-23 17:40:24
ID: 265
My friend has her son (6 yr) signed up for soccer and baseball and karate. He had both a soccer and baseball tournament the same weekend. He played 4 soccer games and 2 baseball games on Saturday and Karate on Friday night. Then she doesn't understand why he is so irritable and begging to just go home and acting out. Let the child be a child and quit signing him up for everything under the sun.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-03-23 14:35:14
ID: 242
Is there different channels or do they all post under one?
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-03-23 01:58:18
ID: 230
My toddler has a chronic illness and no one supports me. My DH and family are all against treating it (they don't believe in medicating for anything or ever believe anything is wrong with anyone) so I am on my own. Some days I feel like I'm ok and I can do it. But most days I feel like I'm drowning without water. I hope I am doing the right thing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-03-22 19:34:39
ID: 217
My daughter has a bone infection in her jaw that she has been dealing with for over a year. It finally got diagnosed in October. We can't seem to find an antibiotic to get rid of it. We just switched IV antibiotics again. If this one doesn't work, they want to do another biopsy. She's already had 2 biopsies done as well as another surgery to clean it out. I wish we could get rid of this infection. No one knows how she even got the infection. It's been a long, frustrating process.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-03-22 00:39:07
ID: 200
I've invited my parents over for dinner so many times over the years and they never make it. They've gone to my brother's house, to my sister's house and to every other relative's house but never here. This last time my mom said yes but she had to run it by my dad to make sure he didn't make plans and that she'd get back to me. Here I am, 2 days later and haven't heard a word back. I don't get it. I'm not a bitch. Our house isn't filthy or gross and when we do get together we get along. I'm always the one to make an effort, make the phone calls and try to keep in touch. I've always been the black sheep and usually I'm ok with it but every once in a while it slaps me in the face and hurts all over again. I can't be the only one to keep trying. I just can't.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-03-22 00:12:19
ID: 199
My MIL is Mother Gothel from Tangled. When I saw the movie the first time my jaw dropped. How did they capture her personality so well without ever meeting her? Even the whole wanting to be young forever. She emotionally crippled all of her children. I just got the least damaged one.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-03-21 23:34:38
ID: 197
It's weird having to hide so much from people I spend a lot of time with. I am a terrible liar to boot so I just avoid talking to most people. I know my coworkers think I am stuck up and weird but when the real answer to "any big plans for the weekend?" include things like "fist my best friend" and "spend all day footstooling", or "flogging safety demo".... It's best to just avoid the question all together.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-03-21 13:11:46
ID: 182
Ok, I confessed about my brother being inconsiderate about being invited to our house when we movend maybe I was being a little short and bitchy but its just that I am sick of family demanding or guilting me for things and yet when I ask for a little help, I get the cold shoulder. My brother is guilty of this and I tell him but in the end I end up apologizing to him for even saying anything. I guess I am also sick of my mom not seeing things my way and expecting me and my husband to bend-over backwards for my brother, even if it is a huge inconvenience. Its just that I know I am going to be bombarded with guilt trips and meanness when I visit people and it is frustrating to me. If my brother had been nice and at least understood that I wasn't having people over this year it would have been different but I can't award his rudeness any longer.I need to stand up for myself but in a better way. It was just nice to vent for a moment.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-03-21 12:21:55
ID: 180
My brother calls me up to once again demand (not ask) that I host him in Europe when my husband and I move there this year. He goes on about how I owe him even after I paid for him and my mom to come to Hawaii as well as staying at our house for free while we were here, he goes on about how selfish I am. Well you know what? The reason why he isn't coming is because living in another country has always been my dream and I am not going to let some entitled brat demand to come uninvited especially when we have no idea when our furniture is arriving or even our car and even after I said "no" he still bugs and tries to get mom on his side. It has barely been five months since he visited us here and now he is demanding that I have him stay over there? No. I am not Richie Mc.TravelPlans for this guy and I don't care if he is paying for his ticket. He showed me great disrespect for hounding me after I said no, for telling mom to tell me to "suck his left nut" when I told her that there was no way he was coming and I have not made plans for anyone to visit this year. I don't care if he was joking, after someone gives you an all-expense trip,you don't throw a tantrum and demand another one or make bad jokes when they say no. He always invites himself over to whatever someone else is doing and expects him to pay. I cannot wait to move far away from this inconsiderate jerk. If he wants to go to Europe so badly he could pay for his ticket, go to a nice youth hostel and I will take him to dinner. I won't host his rudeness and the fact that he has never been nice to me, always demanding and saying I "owe" him for the fact that my dad (not his biological dad) got custody of me when we were kids and I was primarily taking care of him.
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