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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-28 22:31:19
ID: 63636
I'm spending my $1200 on a new elliptical machine for my basement. Fuck these pandemics; I'm not having to deal with a closed gym any more. I'm getting myself a nice one that I can set up in front of my TV.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-28 22:19:30
ID: 63631
Well let's face it...most doctors are pretty shitty. I feel like unless they are a specialist, all they do is blame everything on your weight, stress, or sleep and they don't really investigate why you are sick. Then they throw a pill at you and tell you "good luck" and you just sort of stay in limbo unless you do a TON of your own research and basically treat yourself. Signed, another person who has had a string of shitty doctors and lesser-known health conditions that seem to puzzle the experts.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-28 10:43:16
ID: 63623
I've been thinking about why I mistrust doctors so much. I realise I have been fobbed off by pretty much every doctor I've ever had. I was mocked when I tried to speak to a GP about my depression and ended up in hospital after a suicide attempt. I requested help from my GP when I had back issues so severe I couldn't walk for weeks, but I was again fobbed off. I tried for years to get an ADHD assessment and was fobbed off again, it took me six years to get assessed and I was right in my suspicions, that's six years I could've been getting treatment. I can't stand loony conspiracy theorists, but I understand why being fobbed off by doctors every time you ask for help leads so many people down the path to homeopathy and antivax craziness. I know not all doctors are like this, but I have had nothing but shitty doctors my whole life.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-24 06:20:05
ID: 63588
Please let tomorrow’s walk through process end smoothly so I can close this chapter. Old landlord has been a big pain and condescending as hell. With paying double rent this month to push up my move out date, I need every penny back. I seriously worry she’s out to nickel and dime me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-23 18:42:21
ID: 63552
I can’t stand when people say “say it louder for those in back” it’s so self-righteous and condescending. It’s brings no value to the statement and feels incredibly preachy. At best, it’s just annoying.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-23 18:42:07
ID: 63553
In response to a confession. Maybe if you live in an area with great access. In a lot of places, fresh fruit and veg is comparatively expensive. Even if it's extremely reasonable you have to take cost per calorie into account, if you're on a very restricted income and feeding an entire family, a bag of frozen fries is going to go a lot further in filling your kids up than a bunch of low calorie fresh vegetables. Then you have to take increased wastage into account, this can be a big factor if you live alone, when I lived alone I always bought frozen veg to avoid that. Unhealthy food is generally cheaper to feed a family on than "real" food, especially when you consider what crops get subsidies...hint, it ain't fresh carrots. It's sugar. This has pretty much been widely documented across the board and in many countries.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-23 18:41:33
ID: 63575
In response to a confession. I don't mean to be Debbie Downer here, I sincerely don't, but I currently work in a hospital that is becoming overwhelmed with Covid-19 positive patients. Things are not hopeful yet. It's going to get much, much worse in the next few weeks. Some patients respond to meds, but most don't, and many end up with severe pulmonary issues. Wash your hands. Stay home. Don't underestimate this disease. We have a long way to go before hope is even on the horizon. And, no. I'm not in NYC. I'm in Ohio. Shit is about to hit the fan.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-22 20:11:16
ID: 63572
If you all want a little positivity about this whole situation, check out a few MDs on YouTube who are sharing information about how they are managing the spread of this virus. They have found medications that are helping tremendously with the symptoms and I think once they start getting the testing done, we will start to see a downturn. Realize that over half of all cases of this that are confirmed have been limited to 10 counties nationwide. If we can stop it from getting too widespread, we can beat this.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-21 22:33:21
ID: 63555
In response to a confession. I think a lot of it is that people want comfort foods too. Things like mac and cheese (most of that was sold out), canned chili, pastas, snack cakes, granola bars, etc. Plus a lot of people are feeding kids who are home. It's kind of a crappy situation and people want to eat stuff that they like. It's one of those coping mechanisms we all have, I suppose. I'm still trying to eat healthy stuff during this whole thing because I HAVE to go to work. I just wish I could get my frozen veggies. I'm annoyed they keep selling out.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-03-21 14:10:24
ID: 63546
In response to a confession. I don't necessarily agree that healthy, fresh food is always more expensive Of course a cantaloupe is going to be expensive when it's not in season. But seasonal fruits and veggies aren't that expensive. But people are buying the garbage food because it has a long shelf life. People are afraid they won't be able to or just don't want to leave their house more than absolutely necessary. The crap food, like Doritos, will last for months in my pantry. Lettuce will last maybe a week. They'd rather not have to go back to the store and expose themselves to the virus in a week or so to buy more food.
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