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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-11 15:28:23
ID: 51710
Went back to basics and am slowly losing weight, I feel great because I’m tracking what I eat honestly but nothing is off limits. I could tell DH was silently judging me but I pointed out that if I’m consistent I’ll hit my goal in a year. Instead of gaining & losing the same 15 for the last 3 years. Nothing works for me except tracking, eating food I like in moderation & exercise. Hopefully he can get on board too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-11 03:54:44
ID: 51610
In response to a confession. Other peoples body image is not my problem. I will go where I can deal with my needs, not others'. I love mirrors for the light and space they seem to lend to a room, not just the help they give me with form as I exercise. The last place I want to work out is a dingy fluorescent lighted cube that hems me in, I don't care how nice you paint it. Too much like a prison.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-10 21:51:35
ID: 51687
In response to a confession. This comment makes zero sense. First off, I posted the original comment because I have a few training clients who refuse to work out with me at a gym because of all the mirrors and fear of judgment. What would be wrong with having a gym where there are no/very limited mirrors and the workouts focus on functional fitness and fun rather than traditional cardio machines? Why would that offend anyone? SMH.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-10 18:11:35
ID: 51678
In response to a confession. I'm actually grateful for this dickish response, because I missed the OP. I think it's a FANTASTIC idea! I also think it sounds like a place where there would be a real sense of community and compassion. So to answer your question: YES I would totally go to a gym like that.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-10 16:56:48
ID: 51673
Eyeroll.....why does someone here always have to be such a jerk?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-10 15:38:54
ID: 51572
In response to a confession. Must be the PC gym so you don't offend anyone.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-10 13:09:12
ID: 51666
i feel like i've hit rock bottom physically. right now i weigh the most i've ever weighed in my life. i feel sluggish. i've been sleeping on the couch lately since i can barely muster up the energy to go to the bedroom. i used to love and look forward to working out and i've lost all interest in that. my hair is shedding like crazy, my skin is breaking out, i haven't had a period in 2 months (i'm not pregnant, i've taken several tests which confirmed that), and i have 0 sex drive. i've been feeling down and cry for no reason. wtf is wrong with me?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-08 13:47:07
ID: 51631
In response to a confession. Yes, I do yoga at home without mirrors. I've been doing it for 35 years. It took many years for me to understand that it's about alignment. My body tells me now when my alignment isn't right for the pose. Before that for about 20 years, a mirror was indispensable.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-07 15:27:25
ID: 51637
Last weekend I watched "The Reader" with Kate Winslet. I never saw it before. Holy shit. It's basically Winslet as a Nazi pedophile. Including graphic full frontal sex scenes with a teenage boy. Just damn. And IDGAF about spoiling this movie for anyone, I think I was probably the last person who hadn't seen it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-07 14:06:16
ID: 51636
I do yoga at home, I've never been to an actual yoga class. My "yoga studio" (read: extra bedroom now that my kids are grown) is lined with as many mirrors as I could gather up. My alignment and posture are really important to me, and it's something that I have trouble with and has caused me to have pain and mobility issues for a couple decades now. The mirrors are pretty important for the way I do things. I think one mirrorless studio in a gym would be really nice, though, for people that might find giant mirrors distracting.
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Not the Official Fascia Blaster. But the same concept: