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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-13 17:12:23
ID: 54372
My 25 year old niece had a friend over for dinner at my sister's house. She had on a Pink Floyd shirt. Me: I like your shirt. Pink Floyd rocks. Her: Omg I know, I love HIM. HE'S so good! I can't wait until HE goes on tour again! Me: *clenches fist*
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-13 17:11:26
ID: 54365
To be honest, when I was living and working in Ephrata, PA there were Amish who used cell phones and to a limited degree, internet. Times are changing in the Amish community. Some have email accounts and do online advertising, though they may ask others to help them do this so they don't have to keep computers in their homes. It's not entirely ridiculous to think you'd find an Amish recipe online.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-12 22:55:37
ID: 54377
Newsflash: If your eyelashes are so long and obviously fake that people ask you where you bought them and/or had them done, it's not a good look. They look like spiders on your eyelids.
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Posted by: hanginin
2018-04-10 19:58:05
ID: 54355
In response to a confession. This reminded me of a coworker I had. She was raving about this bread she bought at the Amish bakery. She wanted to find the recipe, so she started googling. *giggle* She couldn't understand why she couldn't find their website. LOL! LOL! I laughed so hard. She laughed too, when I pointed out the obvious.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-10 03:28:33
ID: 54347
In response to a confession. No they didn't. If the couple decided to find out the gender before the baby was born and then share the news with others, they would mention it in conversation. Then the other person would respond, "oh cool". Then they would go on about their lives. Lol!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-09 23:02:17
ID: 54323
In response to a confession. Did gender reveal parties exist before social media? Seriously asking. I never heard of them until Pinterest, Facebook, etc.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-09 23:01:06
ID: 54330
When our close friends had their gender reveal party, it was pretty awesome. Yeah, they did a flashy thing, video'd it and putt it on social media. But it was a really fun party. Also, not even they knew the gender of their baby. DH & I did, and we planned the surprise. They had the Dr. write it down and seal it in an envelope, which they gave to us so we could get the right color powder stuff for the reveal.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-09 22:09:13
ID: 54341
The worst YouTubers are the "homesteaders" who live "off the grid". Yeah, so off-the-grid that they have a wi-fi connection and a webcam to shoot YouTube videos apparently.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-09 21:40:43
ID: 54337
I am generally not one to count calories. I stick to a mainly Paleo-type diet, and so I eliminate many high-calorie foods as a result. But I think the calorie counts on menus is great. I think there are a lot of foods that people think are healthy but really aren't. Like salads. People see lettuce and the word salad and automatically think it's healthy. But some restaurant salads can have damn near 1,000 calories - more calories than a burger and fries. So if it makes people more aware of that, then I think it's a good thing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-04-08 23:01:50
ID: 54322
Youtubers are probably the most extreme example of people scrabbling for fame and attention. Most talk too much. Most have little to say, a lot of fast editing with little content. It's depressing.
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Not the Official Fascia Blaster. But the same concept: