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Posted by: PastryGirl
2020-10-23 19:36:32
ID: 65739
I found a super cute "Your Brightest Life" activity journal for $5! I bought one for me and friend. As I was browsing Amazon, I see the journal costs 16.95. Target, FTW!
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-10-23 19:35:27
ID: 65738
In response to a confession. My doctor just called me with my test results. My LDL is up to 38, which is still too low, but just barely. My HDL is up to 76, which is as high as it has ever been for me. Yay! My ratio is still 1.6, which she called 'just barely adequate'. She said closer to 2.0 would be better. The bad news is my iron and ferritin are lower than ever, *just* barely hitting the minimum. The doctor said if we could get them higher, I would would have more energy. I full on started laughing. I get antsy if I walk/run less than 5 miles a day, and on weekend days I often do 20+ miles. I'm not sure I could handle having more energy!
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-10-23 03:43:58
ID: 65733
Not to mention, I wasn't dancing but sitting at my desk finishing up with and in a sports bra (really hot tonight). I really hope no one saw and that I didn't look like a creeper. :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-10-23 03:32:53
ID: 65732
Something REALLY embarrassing happened during Zoom dance class. I was sitting there in just my nude sports bra not fully noticing that my video was on! The co-host said she didn't see my video, but I'm still mortified! I wonder how long I was on like this! I was too busy multi-tasking with the dance class on in the background that I didn't notice my video. :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-10-23 00:54:26
ID: 65731
Cholesterol talk time (again!). I got a toenail issue, so I went to see my primary doctor. She said the toenail was 'weird', and gave me a podiatry referral. But while I was there, she mentioned I was overdue for blood tests. So she digs up my last results, and her eyes get big. She kept saying "your LDL is 28?! Naturally?" She told me she was just reading that LDL below 40 is linked to brain aneurisms. Yikes! I have been trying to raise my LDL over the last few years (again) with coconut oil, but now I'm a little freaked out. My HDL was 63, so my ratio is fine (1.6), but apparently total cholesterol is supposed to be > 125, and it was 101. I'm fasting overnight so I can get a blood draw tomorrow. I hope the coconut oil is working!
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-10-22 04:08:37
ID: 65727
Oh, FFS, Duane Peters, I’m not super into you & your music/skateboarding/pompous, pseudo-punk, whatever..... but the one cool song you had is banished from the Internet apparently, because you’re an actual scumbag. Rant over.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-10-22 00:29:38
ID: 65725
I found another friend interested and we're actually going in 2 weeks for 3 nights. We're going to Mount Madonna. I'm nervous and excited by all the prep beforehand. This will be longest overnight in a decade. I am just now catching up with this friend since Covid started and things have been really tough for her. I hope this space outdoors can bring her some peace and comfort.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-10-20 05:07:48
ID: 65716
Dates have been confirmed for a trip in a month! First time with this colleague, but I think she will be really reliable and has an adventurous spirit. The best part is she has outdoor experience and we can share the load!
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-10-19 16:59:43
ID: 65709
I found a two friends possibly 3 that are very interested! Wow, I just had to ask around. No more relying on flaking friends that make me do all the planning even though I love planning. :)
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-10-19 04:19:44
ID: 65704
I really wish I had an adventure buddy. I'm not comfortable solo, yet. I have friends that I go on day hikes with sometimes, but I think they're busy with families, work, etc. Just someone that can go on road trips to camp, hike, and enjoy movement in nature (dance, yoga, meditation!) As a POC, I didn't know about enjoying outdoors until I got to college. I had a transformative backpacking experience one summer, but I am still very new. I really want to get comfortable being outdoors since my goal is to eventually take youth on a trip. Now seems like a good time to explore during this down period.
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