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Posted by: anonymous
2018-06-02 22:26:45
ID: 55201
I lost weight basically by "eating like a grown up". I started to eat things like oatmeal and veggies and fruit and beans instead of Pop Tarts, frozen pizzas, mac and cheese, and Little Debbie cakes. It's amazing how much more full you feel when you eat a lot of fiber and whole foods. Although, I will admit that most of what I eat now can't compare with the taste of the processed food. I think it's so hyperpalatable that when you give it up for a while, when you eat it again it tastes so overly sweet and salty that you can't imagine why you used to like it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-29 14:47:51
ID: 55155
That IS rude. But I can top it. Shortly after having a miscarriage my friend was PM'd by some chick we barely spoke to in HS who wanted to sell her essential oils to (a) help her overcome her grief and (b) enhance the likelihood of a 'healthier' pregnancy. FUCKING NERVE!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-27 23:49:59
ID: 55124
Ok, RUDE. Chick from high school messaged me about my "problem skin" telling me she remembers how bad my skin was in high school and how I'm probably seeing "fine lines and wrinkles too" now. Eff you bitch! My skin cleared up after I stopped eating dairy and I have no lines and wrinkles. And I don't need your damn MLM skin products! So back off!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-26 20:08:24
ID: 55100
In response to a confession. While I wasn't ever quite that large, I did get up to 200 lbs very easily when I was very young (and I am a short woman) and I wanted to lose weight but wasn't sure how to start or what my goal should be. Don't focus on a number of pounds to lose--instead, look at what you do every day and find a few things you can tweak and still live your life without too much sacrifice. My big vice was eating an entire package of Goldfish pretzel crackers every afternoon as I did homework. I ate them because I was bored and I decided to replace them with a small bowl of baby carrots with hummus. I still had my snack, but it had something like 1/5 of the calories. You do enough of those little changes every day and you will find yourself down a size. Keep doing it and you will just keep losing a size and gradually getting smaller and you'll start noticing a difference. Above all--don't think you are somehow an unworthy person just because of your weight. You are worthy of love and respect!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-26 02:51:03
ID: 55088
In response to a confession. I hope you feel better! I faved your post just because “Hey, so smell these farts.....” cracked me up.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-26 00:14:31
ID: 55085
Had In-N-Out and it was crap. Too much sauce, old fries. I'm taking a break.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-25 23:48:40
ID: 55080
OMG. I ate something really weird or something. I have had the absolute worst gas ever the last few days. Like, it doesn't even smell like normal farts. It smells like something else entirely. I'm almost considering going to the doctor but I feel like it'd be so dumb to go in and say "Hey, so smell these farts--what do you think?"
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-25 14:37:32
ID: 55071
In response to a confession. I am on a fb page for skincare and there are brands that have these bandaid type things that help pull everything out of a pimple to help it heal faster but many go the cheaper route and use hydrocolloid bandages and say they do the exact same. Just apply it over the pimple and it pulls out the oils to help clear it up.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-23 22:45:48
ID: 55053
Of course I get a huge zit on my cheek today, 2 days before I have to take a photo that I cannot reschedule or redo. My skin has been clear for 3 fucking years!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-05-23 18:24:23
ID: 55043
There's a popular mom website that I learned about from a post on the old truu. I spent my time between both sites. Then truu shut down and that really sucked (though of course I do love this site). Well, the other site is shutting down, too. I can't tell you how many people have already made new websites. Ugh. Change is so hard :(
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