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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-29 00:24:06
ID: 56006
I bought some hair chalk and I love it! I can give myself cool color streaks and they wash out the next day. It's not even messy like I thought it would be.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-29 00:15:49
ID: 56002
In response to a confession. Are you one of the low-carb/Keto people? Because if you are doing that to lose weight, I guarantee you it's 99% water weight from eating carbs again. This is why I don't do low carb. It is just so demoralizing to have your weight skyrocket once you eat a piece of bread. Once you go back to your low carb-y thing, you'll drop the weight again but I really would suggest doing some sort of program where you don't have to go "off" the diet in order to enjoy what you like. I would like, die if I couldn't have my carbs whenever I want.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-28 22:44:12
ID: 55983
I guarantee you did NOT gain 11 pounds back in 3 days. It's more likely fluid retention caused from eating salty processed foods. The most you likely gained was a pound or less., Get back on track, you'll feel better in a couple of days and I know the scale will be more accurate for you once you've resumed healthy eating habits.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-28 19:52:07
ID: 55995
I wanted to get back to something I did as a kid, so I bought rollerblades! They were on sale $20 off! I reached out to a small business own on Yelp that was offering adult skating lessons. No reply. At another time, I reached out to another person on Yelp regarding swim lessons. Another no reply. Unprofessional, no? These small businesses offering lessons, yet don't reply back to potential customers.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-26 15:55:25
ID: 55965
In response to a confession. OP of the 3 day binge post. Thank you for this. It's exactly what i needed to hear to get back on track.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-25 18:02:12
ID: 55942
In response to a confession. Don't despair. First, you probably haven't gained that much back, some of it is bloating from eating unhealthy food. Gaining a pound means you ate around 3500 calories more than what your body used for fuel. So, actually gaining 11 pounds would be eating 13,000 more calories than you needed *every day*. Even living on twinkies isn't going to get you to that number. And you are not fat, pathetic, or a loser. You went through a hard couple of days. Anyone who has ever been on a diet has backslide for a few days at some point. You are simply human. And now, you are going to get back on track, eating healthy and exercising, and in a few days you will see that you are doing better than you thought you were.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-25 12:57:34
ID: 55937
In response to a confession. I'm SO sorry. I understand, too. I lost 18 of the 40 lbs. I gained when I quit smoking, then re-injured my ankle. In 3 weeks I've regained 8 of those lbs. I'm torn between 'I'm gonna buckle down and do this' and 'nothing I do will ever matter.' Hugs to you, OP
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-25 11:24:52
ID: 55932
3 days. that's all it took to undo all my hard work. it took me a little over 2 months to lose 11 lbs and it's all back and more after a 3 day binge. I'm a pathetic, fat, loser who will never be thin.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-23 21:06:40
ID: 55913
Last night took an Aerial yoga first time in a year. Woke up this morning with crazy huge dark red skin burns along my torso from the silks. Yikes! It doesn't hurt, but I remember the position being very uncomfortable in class. I've taken 10 total classes and first time this has even happened!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-22 23:55:55
ID: 55853
Ugh. I think I have to go back on the pill. My periods are fucking atrocious. Can't do an IUD or Mirena and I'm not ready for anything permanent, like an ablation. I don't know why I'm so bummed about it.
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