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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-26 21:43:09
ID: 68179
I heard an ice cream truck in our neighborhood despite the cold weather (like late 50s). What a fun blast from the past. When it's hot out, do you still get them in your area?
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-25 18:50:36
ID: 68176
I don't feel good. I haven't been sleeping well. My back is hurting. I didn't feel like eating dinner last night and now I've heated up my lunch but I'm just staring at it. I don't feel like eating. I just want to sleep but I can't seem to do that either.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-25 18:42:41
ID: 68174
In response to a confession. Same, girl, same. Although they do suck in concert, Vince Neil can't sing at all anymore. I still also love Def Lep, Poison, Guns & Roses and most of the hairbands. Those 80s power ballads were the best!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-24 20:51:47
ID: 68070
In response to a confession. I'm still a Motley Crue fan and proud of it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-22 18:26:57
ID: 68167
Geez I responded to a confession and put the number in wrong. No matter how careful I am I always mess it up for some reason! Sorry
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-22 18:24:48
ID: 68166
In response to a confession. Oh yes for DM! “I feel you” is about the sexiest song ever made. When he starts taking his shirt off at the end of the video, oh yes please.
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-22 04:50:38
ID: 68165
I made a healthy dinner tonight. Ate too much of it but I don't care! Roasted sweet potatoes with mushrooms and kale. Yum!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-18 20:35:56
ID: 68159
I don't have a weight problem, but I do have belly fat that I'm trying to get rid of. It definitely started in menopause, but I don't want to use that as an excuse to accept it. Because, for one, it's ugly and uncomfortable, and two, it's visceral fat which is dangerous and unhealthy. I don't diet, instead I try to mostly eat non-processed food, limit salt and sugar and I'm active, including HIIT and strength training. It's still IMPOSSIBLE to lose this ugly belly! And I've read so much contradictory information. "Eat keto to lower your insulin levels ", but then I read eating keto is bad for heart, kidneys, etc. Eat nuts, you're eating too many nuts, Eat dairy, no dairy's bad for you, take these vitamins, but you're taking them at the wrong time of day. Ugh, it's ridiculous! I'm going crazy just trying to be healthy!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-17 17:01:34
ID: 68156
In response to a confession. Found a crouton in my wallet today. LOL!
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Posted by: anonymous
2022-02-16 21:54:46
ID: 68153
I'm just now starting to get back to the point where you can't see my rib cage in my chest area. I don't mind if you can see my actual ribs in a bathing suit or something, but in a V-neck top? On my chest? I look skeletal. I have no ass, either, there is NO junk in my trunk. When I gain weight it happens in my torso and waist. I am built like a plank of wood.
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