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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-10 08:08:00
ID: 58507
In response to a confession. I get joy from cooking, especially for other people, but I have major issues with eating. Viewing food as fuel, instead of a source for joy, helps me separate emotion from nutrition, if that makes sense. I do enjoy healthy food that tastes good. I just don't connect food with joy. Food issues are weird.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-10 05:32:30
ID: 58525
Thank you for sharing the positive changes you've seen with your healthy lifestyle changes. I eat pretty healthy, but still eat too much sugar and processed foods. I want to finally make the change to clean up my diet and reading your posts inspire me to do that now.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-09 20:47:11
ID: 58501
In response to a confession. Tell your niece I thought the same thing when I first heard that song. The chorus really paints a picture of a young girl being victimized by an older guy, but I'm pretty sure she just got dumped and wanted to make him look bad. REALLY bad. It's also common knowledge that she ripped off Without You by LDR and then copied her Ride video. She also breeds rich, white, wealthy, fake feminism and is a professional victim. Honestly, T- swift is garbage. She's a terrible role model and your niece is a smart girl.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-09 20:46:04
ID: 58512
Yes, interesting how folks like to paint eating healthy and exercising as somehow full of deprivation and loss. It's not. It really isn't. I don't miss drinking myself into hangover the next day. I don't miss being bloated and tired all the time. Eating junk food is not satisfying to me in any way. Change can be difficult but ultimately, truly enjoyable and rewarding. Time to change your thought patterns.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-09 02:35:57
ID: 58510
In response to a confession. Me too! I'm way happier now eating clean and healthy than I have ever been - and even eliminating added sugar and gluten - gasp! I feel better. I am able to enjoy myself more because I'm not tired all the time. I have more energy. I'm just downright happier. And I'm not a mango fan, but I would totally take a super ripe peach or a coconut milk and strawberry smoothie - literally the only two ingredients - over a candy bar any day.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-09 00:52:46
ID: 58505
In response to a confession. I don't understand why people don't think eating healthy isn't joyful. Today I had pear cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast, spicy lentil cauliflower soup for lunch, peppers and carrots with olive hummus for a snack, and stir fry vegetables in coconut oil with avocado for dinner. I have some super ripe mangos, so if I get hungry for dessert, I'm going to cut up one or two of those. Am I really the only one who thinks that tastes better than a candy bar?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-08 15:47:15
ID: 58460
My twelve year old niece told me today that she doesn't like Taylor Swift anymore, since she discovered that she rips off other artists. We ended up having a really good talk about how misogynistic TS's earlier lyrics are, and how pretending to be victimized by men doesn't make you a feminist icon. She asked me if TS was raped by the guy in Dear John because, to her, that's what it sounds like. Idk, I just wasn't expecting to have a deep conversation today with her, especially about a pop star. She's a bright kid. It makes me happy that she pays attention to this stuff. It's funny because she's such a little feminist and her mom is totally against feminism. (Don't @ me swifties. My niece is entitled to her own opinions).
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-08 15:45:19
ID: 58489
In response to a confession. Same here. I think people with that mentality get a lot of joy out of food and eating. I get it. I used to, too. But now, I see food as fuel, not a source for happiness. And a lot of stuff that is processed, like candy and junk food, just tastes terrible to me now. I used to LOVE Reese's, but it tastes like sweet chemicals. I'm sure if I started eating that stuff again, my taste buds would go back to what they were, but why would I? My life is full of joy. I promise.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-08 01:36:26
ID: 58490
In response to a confession. Not the OP of that confession, but maybe she meant she wouldn't enjoy HER life without some sort of treat. Maybe it had zero to do with you?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-07 22:08:28
ID: 58488
In response to a confession. I think it's kind of messed up to suggest that I "don't enjoy life at least somewhat." I'm enjoying life more than I ever have. Probably because I'm healthier than I've ever been.
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