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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-26 04:39:17
ID: 8754
Babies wave hi or smile at me when I walk by. This makes me happy since I like working with kids.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-26 02:51:37
ID: 8750
I took a HIIT class at the gym and loved it!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-26 02:10:13
ID: 8747
Went on a friends bday hike which we thought would be an easy 8 miles was an really an intense 12 miles. Thankfully, we made it to our hot tubs appointment mostly on time and got to soak in the tub, sauna, and cold plunge. The best way to unwind and treat ourselves.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-26 00:41:44
ID: 8745
Is there anything that DOESN'T cause cancer?
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-25 22:45:46
ID: 8740
Idris Elba is gorgeous. Man I would love to get in the sack with his sexy self!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-25 21:50:36
ID: 8737
I hate my breasts. If I could cut them off, I would. I am 5'2" tall, weigh 120 pounds, and have 36DDD breasts. I look like a sideshow. They hurt. My back hurts, I have pretty severe indentations on my shoulders from bra straps - and that's with the crazy expensive, custom bras I have to wear. I have to sleep with a bra on. Forget finding clothes that fit. Yet my insurance company refuses to pay for a reduction because it's "cosmetic." I have had two different doctors appeal to them, and they continue to deny it. Basically, if it's not costing them money, they don't care.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-25 18:32:20
ID: 8732
So sunscreen causes cancer, but if you are like me you can't go without or you will get a horrific, painful burn! WTH to do. I'm not going to go out with sunscreen all over if I'm just going to the store, but I will wear it swimming or for prolonged outdoor activity. Just the way it has to be. I'll take my chances! I have the best I can buy after researching, for my face at least. I don't go to the beach and only need some for my arms really.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-25 18:12:47
ID: 8727
Jennifer Lopez's birthday cake is/was ugly! what was she thinking approving that crap.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-25 14:56:37
ID: 8633
There's a lot of new evidence that the toxins in sunscreen can actually CAUSE cancer...I only use the natural ones, unfortunately they go on really thick and white and take a while to fade, but rather that than coat myself in a chemical cocktail every day!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-25 14:55:59
ID: 8629
I love making my own microwave popcorn. Throw some corn in a paper sack - anywhere from 1 tablespoon to a quarter cup (I usually do 2 T) - fold over the sack and staple twice. All my microwaves have been able to handle two staples, but some might not. You can, I think, just fold the sack a couple times instead. Then microwave as usual on high until there's a couple seconds in between pops! The bag is recyclable since it uses no oil, though I top with a tiny bit of melted Earth Balance and sea salt. I love it!
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