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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-10 14:38:53
ID: 3549
I admit I'm a celebrity watcher. I don't take pleasure in their downfalls and I also don't let their lives consume me or make me jealous. It's definitely a different world and it's intriguing. Yes I know they are humans and take a dump just like we do, but they are famous, they knew the price when they took that first acting job. There's nothing wrong with being a fan or a watcher.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-10 09:45:22
ID: 3543
Who are you kidding? Celebrity worship is the modern version of old biddies leaning over their fences discussing whether the town's unwed mother is going to get shipped off to a Magdalene laundry. If people had such an interest in their neighbours goings on, they'd be weirdo stalkers. These people who feel like they intimately known celebrities, are disappointed when said celebrities do something they don't consider right, and take a secret pleasure in their downfall are perverse. Like it or not, Dr Who is a form of art that creates communities of people who love to nerd out over their love...geek fandom does cosplaying, fanfic, deep discussion of stories and themes and lots of other positive, fun stuff that give them something to bond over. Statistics are useful, so is organisation so long as these don't become unhealthily obsessive. Celebrity gossip is nothing like that at all, it's peering through the net curtains at other people's lives, dragging their innocent children into being chased around by paps, and quite often ruining lives. If people weren't interested paps wouldn't exist, and they do so much damage to people.
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Posted by: Shnickets
2014-05-10 03:21:23
ID: 3535
Has anyone (most likely in Canada) seen a show called "Food Party"? It's at least 5 yrs. old. It's a really bizarre, artistic, hilarious spoof cooking show where various adventures ensue. DH & I love it & haven't seen it for a while. We've been going crazy, trying to remember the host's name. We're refusing to google it. Can anyone tell me if I'm right? Please don't tell me what it is, but is her name Thu Tran?
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-10 02:54:10
ID: 3534
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are probably really nice people, but they really suck at being parents.
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Posted by: Shnickets
2014-05-10 01:36:54
ID: 3526
I'm not really into celebrity gossip either but, people care about all kinds of things that aren't the least bit interesting to other people. It doesn't make them "sad". Some people are obsessed with sports statistics or Dr. Who or organizing things. If they didn't want to pass the time with this stuff, they wouldn't. It only becomes sad if it overtakes their life.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-09 21:58:09
ID: 3524
I could not give a flying eff about any celebrities lives. And I find people who really care so much kinda...um, sad.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-09 18:47:28
ID: 3515
Leslie Mann is only in movies because she's married to Judd Apatow. My guess is he's such a pig it's the only way she'd stay married to him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-09 16:37:46
ID: 3506
I think Leslie Mann is hideous. Those Kewpie Doll lashes and she has the exact same hair and makeup in every movie (assume it's in her contract). Random but WTH: She seems like she would be a giant pain in the ass in real life.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-09 03:33:06
ID: 3492
I don't like John Legends wife. She's really not all that pretty to be a supermodel and she doesn't have an ass.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-08 20:03:22
ID: 3484
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is such a good movie.
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