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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-02 20:53:47
ID: 3261
I know I am completely behind the rest of the world, but I finally watched Les Mis and I am obsessed! I had never seen the play, never knew what the story was about but I watched the movie and holy crap I love it!! If you go on youtube and search Britains Got Talent and look up Collabro they sing a Les Mis song and are freaking amazing! Anyone else love the movie?
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Posted by: Shnickets
2014-05-02 19:55:49
ID: 3259
I've never participated in any online voting or anything like that for a TV show. I read an article that said America's Next Top Model will have Chantelle Brown-Young as a contestant in the upcoming season. CBY is a beautiful Jamaican model who has vitiligo. I think it would be kinda cool to show my support.
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Posted by: SeaOtter
2014-05-02 19:41:28
ID: 3258
DH and I just got into Orphan Black on BBC America. What an awesome show. Anybody else watching?
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-02 18:21:59
ID: 3256
I gotta admit, I still prefer Network and Cable channels over Roku. DH is on Roku most of the time and DD
knows the difference between Input 1 which is the Roku and Input 2 the Cable. To her better known as "small mote" or "big mote". Most of the time she likes picking her own shows.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-02 18:20:34
ID: 3255
Anyone else thing the Hangman's Daughter was totally overrated?
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Posted by: bookworm
2014-05-02 17:06:20
ID: 3253
Haven't been on in a few days, and I come back to everyone's book likes and dislikes! I'm in heaven. Love book talk!:):):)
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Posted by: Marmalaide
2014-05-02 16:19:38
ID: 3252
Well, I finally did it! After my DirecTV bill went up AGAIN, I cancelled it and got a Roku. The only problem is, there are so many choices of what to watch I feel like my head could explode! Can't believe I didn't do this a long time ago.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-02 13:14:15
ID: 3247
Something that annoys me...people that assume you there's something wrong with you because you like horror movies. Horror is my favourite genre. Generally, I like subversive, intelligent horror which doesn't really tend to be too bloody. Torture porn isn't really my thing but I still tend to watch them because I'm a bit of a horror addict and there aren't enough "good" horrors out there to satiate me. It's weird how some people think you're a violent or evil person because of it...when it comes to real life I'm the softest person ever that cries over lost puppies and charity ads on the TV, but people think I eat babies or something because I can watch fake blood and guts and torture without flinching. It's like assume everyone who read 50 Shades is being tied up and whipped every night.
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Posted by: Spectra
2014-05-02 02:10:29
ID: 3238
There's this morning show that's locally produced that airs where I live. I can't stand the lady who hosts the show--she is constantly making snarky comments about how picky of an eater the producer is, talking about her adult kids as if they're still 5, and she can't really cook very well. I watch it mainly to make fun of her, but sometimes she has some interesting segments that she doesn't host to make it tolerable. Bonus points to anyone who can guess the name of the show.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-05-02 01:21:02
ID: 3233
I love Comedy Bang Bang. That s**** is funny.
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