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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-06 03:19:35
ID: 7389
Yay! I have NetFlix again! I'm finally going to check out Wilfred. Wilfred Brimley....mmmm.... No, the show with Elijah Wood.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-05 16:23:24
ID: 7353
The only trainwreck I once was interested in folloing was Tila Tequila. After a while she became boring though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-05 15:22:23
ID: 7348
I like Drake, but not his singing. He sounds tone deaf. He was on a show called Degrassi a while back.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-05 05:30:37
ID: 7264
I usually aren't into reality shows at all but I can't wait to watch the trainwreck that is LeAnn and Eddie!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-05 05:29:51
ID: 7263
I think Drake is a horrible rapper but quite a cutie.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-05 05:29:23
ID: 7261
Self: QUIT weighing yourself everyday. You know there wasn't a 2 lb weight gain overnight and that weight is always fluctuating, so why the daily torture?
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-05 05:29:01
ID: 7260
I'm addicted to SongPop!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-05 05:28:30
ID: 7256
I don't even like the phrase about size 0s having more fun. It implies that "skinny" people are happier than "fat" people. That size 0 may not be having fun, in fact, her life may completely suck but people view her as happier because they are still only seeing her as an object. I wish crap like that would just die off.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-04 23:16:52
ID: 7245
I'm the op who made her own deodorant. One warning, when you first start using it, you will detox...through your armpits. It took a few days but my armpits smell like a weird mixture of chemicals and skunk. My friend warned me this will happen and she was right! There are also people on a few blogs that say that, not only will you have a strange odor for a few days, you can also experience swollen lymph nodes or a rash as your body rids itself of all the crap that has been put into your system from store-bought deodorant.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-07-04 20:58:22
ID: 7302
I am so happy to discover a nice park only a mile and half from my apt. I also found out there is a bike trail close by, too! Woohoo!
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