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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-27 04:48:18
ID: 6735
Made a smoothie with almond milk, frozen wild blueberries, banana, flax, and almond butter. It called for 2-3 T of honey . I put in 2 T of agave without tasting it first. It probably needed 1/2 T of sweetener, if that. Now I feel gross and unhealthy and the almond butter was actually too rich. Otherwise the smoothie was tasty!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-27 04:48:05
ID: 6734
I really miss the body channel. I would be able to complain about my new IBS diagnosis there and get to gloat about how I have lost 15 lbs. in about a month between a diet change before my diagnosis. It feels odd here. - The Pop Culture channel is now "proclaimed" also the "Body" channel. I will be moving all posts regarding Fitness to this channel. (Admin)
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-27 04:45:44
ID: 6732
I thought there was a little island off the Washington coast that held sex offenders.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-27 03:48:51
ID: 6769
Previous post reminded me...I never made fun of or shunned skinny females. Although I have an ex from 12 years ago that cheated on me, with another fat girl, who went around bad mouthing me and telling everyone I was so insecure about being fat that I constantly called skinny girls names without knowing them, when I did no such thing I wasn't even that fat, I had maybe 30lbs to lose. I was never insecure about my weight until I became a military wife 4 years ago. You want to talk about some crazy women, oh my. Some of them have nothing better to do than beat every woman down (including their friends) over any little thing. Hence why I have nothing to do with anything military other than going on base to the doctors.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-27 03:24:03
ID: 6766
Well now the fat girls know how it feels to be treated like shit like us skinny girls were always treated. We were always treated like crap simply for being skinny, as if some of us could really help how small we were. Those glares, being called a slut (even when I was a virgin and never even kissed a boy), fat girls starting nasty rumors about us (maybe jealousy?), etc. Maybe it's karma catching up on them for all the crap those fat girls put us skinny girls through in middle school and high school.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-26 22:24:26
ID: 6736
123 lbs on the scale this am! Another pound down, and that's WITHOUT counting calories - just eating clean, whole foods.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-26 22:23:04
ID: 6742
I like to keep ID TV on while I fall asleep. The creepy voiceovers and music soothe me into dreamland. I tried Comedy Central but the laughter kept me awake.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-26 21:38:04
ID: 6722
Aaron Paul really does it for me. I love his new Xbox commericial. I could listen to him "Yo!" all day (and night) long.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-26 21:18:58
ID: 6670
I joined a fitness class at my gym and if it wasn't the only gym and I didn't need it I'd leave. The way they treat the bigger ladies is appalling. For example, on their FB page they post pictures of only 90% of the class. Not one person who is over weight is in them. They stick around after every class and ignore all the big women until they leave, take pictures then go out for drinks, dinners and movies. Before I got there some of the ostricized women tried posting their own pics but were quickly deleted by the rest of the class.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-26 13:45:29
ID: 6623
I love the song Stay With Me by Sam Smith. It might be really simple, but it I just think it's a really beautiful and emotional song and it does something to me.
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