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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-25 05:46:45
ID: 6625
I think Spencer Pratt is theee biggest douchebagcanoeclusterclumpofgorillaShit that ever walked this earth. (Sorry to the gorillas!!) he puts Scott Dissick to shame and I'll bet the farm his has an itty bitty tiny penis. He had a fake baby to take care of and he could not and did not want to do it. I hope and pray to God he never becomes a father because He'll end up killing his child out of impatience and frustration.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-24 22:54:12
ID: 6598
Not fair! Why did big booty Kim K get to kiss and ride the dolphins?? We didn't. We only got to swim with them. Wahhhhh!
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Posted by: Shnickets
2014-06-24 02:43:32
ID: 6534
Is anyone familiar with the Cult of Dusty videos on YouTube? They're pretty awesome. There's a really good one I just saw about that "porn stars without make-up" thing I've seen floating around on FB. He starts out sounding like a complete a-hole, but I love what he says at the end. DH and I were watching it last night. DH says "He's pretty annoying." but I knew Dusty would be right on in the end. Yay Dusty!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-23 17:36:37
ID: 6476
Googled something after watching this week's Salem that I really wish I hadn't. Man these witchfinders were horrible, sadistic sociopaths.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-23 04:11:30
ID: 6410
I can't stop listening to John Mayer's version of XO. I'm not a huge Mayer fan, but this song just really does it for me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-22 20:22:36
ID: 6412
I am so excited for the new series of True Blood!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-22 18:02:04
ID: 6365
I have read The Shack. Actually only a few chapters. I didn't know it was the in thing to read at the time, I had never heard of it. I was visiting DH family and had already read through the books I took with me on the trip. His aunt gave me a couple books and The Shack was one of them. She told me it was a great read and I should read it because it was a true story. So I read it. The entire time I kept thinking WTF is this. The guy says it really happened to him but my mind kept saying NO! I researched it online and found out it did not actually happen. He thought up the story and he wrote it and told everyone it was true because that is what sells books. An entire marketing scheme to get people to read it. I thought it was the most oddly written book and it was hard to follow. Maybe it was hard for me to follow because I am not used to that type of reading or because my mind kept calling bullshit the entire time. Whichever it was, I didn't like it.
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Posted by: Shnickets
2014-06-22 02:50:44
ID: 6353
Anybody out there watch "Shameless"? If so, the US or UK version? Anyone watch both? I'm wondering how similar they are. I've only seen a tiny bit of the UK version and for some reason, I was disappointed that Veronica was white.
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-21 23:04:06
ID: 6325
Pfft...American Horror Story without Lily Rabe? Day without sunshine!
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Posted by: anonymous
2014-06-21 06:58:51
ID: 6234
post more comedy suggestions in comments. Thanks!
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