Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-10 22:51:45
ID: 51110
Spirit boards work and, no, they aren't portals to hell, lol, but they also aren't toys. What's important, if you use one, is your frame of mind going into the session and your intentions. If you set the intention that nothing negative may fuck with you, and you invite kind, loving spirits in, then that's what you'll get. If you go into it like, "OMG, Becky, I hope DEMONS don't MURDER us, lol! Let's contact the devil!" Yeah... good luck with that. If you're not in a good place spiritually, leave the spirit boards alone.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-10 21:42:18
ID: 51107
I love the ouija board aesthetic. I have leggings with a ouija board print, a little planchette necklace, an incense box with the ouija board printed on it and ouija board wall art. I would also never ever fucking play with one ever. And I don't think I even believe in ghosts or demons. I'm just not interested in risking it. I watch too many horror films and spooky storytimes on Youtube lol.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-10 20:45:56
ID: 51103
In response to a confession. *to BEGIN with...damn autocorrect
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-10 20:22:44
ID: 51102
The few times I used a ouij board, nothing happened. Maybe because i don't really believe in those to bring with.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-10 03:43:37
ID: 51055
In response to a confession. To say that my family adamantly warned me against ever touching a Ouija would be an understatement. Nonetheless, I allowed myself to be talked into using one, in my 30s. Never again <making sign of the cross>. Very strange and frightening things began happening in my house after that, including something involving the guy I'd been seeing who talked me into it (who I pretty much ghosted after that). Not sure I want to talk about that, though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-07 22:54:47
ID: 51030
In response to a confession. I have 2 but haven't used either of them. I did use another at a friend's house but it was unsuccessful. We went to a psychic earlier that day and she told me someone was with me but didn't want me to know who it was. And then we tried ouija, no luck, busted out the pendulum and that had some results but tbh, I did not want to know the who... Because I still haven't dealt with the emotions over that.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-06 16:56:16
ID: 51027
Straw poll... have/would you ever play with the ouija? I used to have quite a few of them, I enjoyed bidding on the proper vintage sixties and seventies ones on Ebay...then I would hide them under my bed too shit scared to do anything with them. We did make one with a piece of paper and a glass as a kid but we were just mucking about.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-01 06:56:28
ID: 50873
In response to a confession. Same here. My mom is a Scorpio and, holy shit, those pinchers and that venom sac are no joke. Sometimes she flows like water, sometimes she's stabbing everyone with her stinger. May odds be ever in your favor.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-30 23:48:55
ID: 50890
I'm an Aquarius woman married to a Virgo and we are total polar opposites. Maybe not astrologically, I have no idea about any of that stuff, but in real life and our personalities.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-09-29 08:34:32
ID: 50869
I honestly don't seem to get along with more than most Scorpio women. I am Cancer. Maybe the fire and water signs just don't mix too well, as water cancels out fire. Each time I've tried to befriend a Scorp, it goes down in flames...literally. LOL
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