Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-28 05:13:15
ID: 53458
In response to a confession. Also, after my grandpa died, he started puling pranks, like dropping coins on me. One time, dh and I were fixing our kitchen cabinets and our hammer suddenly went missing. It just disappeared. Heard a noise in the bedroom and found it on the bed. For about a week after that, we kept finding nails and screws in the bed. I swear, I heard my grandpa laughing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-28 05:11:54
ID: 53467
After my grandmother died, I was stressing (timing, plus it was a few months after she died and I was still kind of shy) about going to visit my grandfather when I was going to be near his town. One night, I had a dream my grandmother was pinching my sides (she did that when I was small, kind of a tickle pinch) but it hurt so bad that I woke up in physical pain. So I visited my grandfather, haha. I'm pretty sure it was her visiting me and that she had no malicious intent as she was one of the most loving people you'd ever meet.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-25 16:34:26
ID: 53481
I've had psychic dreams about people who passed. One friend seems to be telling me what had happened at his death and afterward, showing me scenes. There was no talking, just showing me things that would help me understand why he went so fast and where he is now. The communication between us was just in thoughts. Another dear friend seems to have come to me to explain how I would die. It was very peaceful and calm and he was there and will be there when it happens. He also showed me in mind pictures that seemed chosen to make me understand, trust and not worry.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-23 23:47:14
ID: 53454
After being psychic for almost 40 years, I don't believe in hell or Satan. I believe in Lucifer, the angel, but not the red dude with a pitchfork. We all choose the life we're living. Some of us come in to be "good," some of us come in to be "bad." Essentially, we're all here to learn from each other. Just because someone was an asshole when they were alive, doesn't mean they're like that when they cross over. Now, if they choose to not cross over, that's another story. Some spirits still want to be assholes. They can't really do that on the other side, so they stick around on earth.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-23 23:47:00
ID: 53453
In response to a confession. Sure! I'm a psychic dreamer, so whenever a loved one dies, I'll dream about them about 2 months after they pass. And it's not just a ho-hum dream. These dreams are completely different from normal dreams. Once, when I was severely depressed (about age 12), I dreamed that my dead sister was stroking my hair, and woke up to the sensation of someone stroking my head. When my friend died, she came to me surrounded in white light, and was like, "What's up! Let's hang out!" When my grandpa died, I was dreaming a normal dream, and then all of a sudden, there he was, giving me a huge hug. There's never really much dialogue, it's mostly a feeling of pure, total love. One of my guides brought my cat to me after she died, too. I was grieving over her so hard, and my guide brought her to me and then stood off to the side, while I cuddled her. Anyone can do this. First step is asking your guides and angels to help with it. They will.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-23 20:22:05
ID: 53445
I talked with a psychic that I'd never met before that day. She said my grandfather was there and that he missed the oranges from around his house. He did have a small orange grove and I was surprised that this came up. I never wanted to see or hear from my grandfather again after he passed, but there he was. He also gave me some advice. Since I never thought he was looking after me before, I didn't think he was looking after me then. Frankly, the contact with him made me stop believing in hell because if he wasn't there after all the terrible things he'd done, there is no hell.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-23 18:26:41
ID: 53442
In response to a confession. Can you tell any stories about contacting your grandfather or anyone else who has passed? Seriously, I would LOVE to hear, it's why I come to this page..............
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-22 04:10:57
ID: 53369
It is refreshing to hear someone talk about dying in a positive manner. I worked hospice for a few years and the dying definitely do see and hear things we can't, they get assistance with crossing over and it's a whole new adventure that lays ahead. I was always happy to see someone who'd been tired, in pain or suffering (we couldn't always alleviate it all) cross over and see the look of peace that came over their face.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-15 21:49:35
ID: 53294
I can't say this anywhere else, so I'll say it here. My aunt is dying and I'm excited for her. She has end stage COPD and weighs 70 pounds. She is such a cool lady and always had such light, fun energy. I'm a psychic medium and I can't wait to interact with her once she crosses over. I bet she's going to be fun and playful, just like my grandpa was (is) when he passed. I just don't view death as being a sad, terrible end, and I'm excited for her to no longer be trapped inside her body.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-12 05:09:12
ID: 53204
I'm getting tired/freaked out about things disappearing around here. Dh was going away and wanted to make sure I had the key to the gun cabinet. I went to get it out of the secret drawer in my jewelry box, and it wasn't there! I searched the whole box and the entire room and it's never been found. Next, my 1099. I opened the mail in the office, and so it wouldn't get mixed up with other papers, I tucked it under a decorative tray on a table next to the desk. No one would know to look there. Went to get it last weekend, and it was gone. I've searched the entire fucking house, and it's nowhere. Tonight, the bedroom tv remote. We rarely watch tv up there, but dh wanted to head up early. Last time I used it was 5 wks ago when I was watching a docu. Had that remote, the one for volume and a book related to the docu. Book and volume remote are on the nightstand, but the regular remote is missing. Like wtf?!
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