Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-04 23:43:06
ID: 53056
Here's a somewhat funny "ghost" story. I had a patient the other day who was convinced that his trail cam had captured a ghost. He showed me the pic, and yeah, it was creepy. It was a woman, wearing tattered clothing, with long scraggly hair. Her face was gaunt and she was really skinny. But... here's the thing. She wasn't a ghost. If I had to guess, this guy has meth users living in his woods (not uncommon around here.) I gave him his phone back and told him to call the cops, but he's still totally convinced it's a ghost. I'm a believer in the paranormal, but a ghost doesn't have eyes that react to a camera flash. Whatever he captured has retinas.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-04 07:38:13
ID: 53042
As we pulled up to our house the other night, the curtain in DD's room opened half way from almost the top to the bottom as if a tall person was looking out. Her room was dark, we saw no one. Then the next day, I turned the portable heater off in DDs room while she was on her computer on the other side of the house. A short while later I go to use the bathroom next to her room and I hear it on. 2 knobs have to be turned completely around in order to be turned on. Our house isn't big, her bedroom door is within 10 feet of where I was sitting and someone would have had to pass by me to get to one went in her room.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-03 20:08:24
ID: 53029
Now Sis has gone to get the cats that were boarding in another state (because her psychic said she could go get them after Feb 1 after the full moon). It is actually one cat that she owned originally and another cat that it bonded with at the boarding place. They are fighting with each other in her bedroom so she had to go sleep in her guest room. Nope, psychic didn't foresee that!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-02 19:02:53
ID: 52995
A few nights ago I was restless and couldn't fall asleep. I was hot but like to have my duvet pulled up under my chin when I sleep. I would toss the duvet off to cool down for a bit then pull it back up. I finally got comfortable and pulled the duvet up but not as far and tight as I usually do. I had my leg sticking out from under the duvet and hanging off the bed just slightly. I felt something brush against my leg but didn't think anything about it as I had the bed a complete mess and figured the sheet blew across my leg because of the fan. A few seconds later I feel someone take the duvet from my shoulder and pull it up to tuck under my chin and press it down like I usually do. Not sure if I am creeped out because the spirit knows how I like to sleep or comforted that it knows how I like to sleep and wanted to help.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-02-01 00:47:40
ID: 52947
OK, I have a weird story. I wear plain, long sleeved shirts under my scrubs, and about a month ago, my three favorite black shirts went missing. I tore apart my closet, my drawers, I searched the washer and dryer. Nothing. Gone. Vanished. So I bought new ones, in a different color. Well, on Monday I opened my drawer and sitting there on top of my clothes was one of my missing shirts. It was folded and clean. Yesterday, I found another. It was folded and sitting right on top of my other clothes. WTF. I still haven't found the third, but I'm waiting. My husband has always said our house is haunted and I'm kind of freaking out. It's just the two of us here, and he swears he didn't hide my shirts. There's no logical explanation. They're the only black undershirts I own. What kind of a ghost steals shirts?! And if it can fold two shirts, it can do the rest of my laundry!
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Posted by: Admin
2018-01-27 06:19:53
ID: 52866
Coincidence? The Universe giving me a heads up?
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-26 15:36:38
ID: 52841
Dream images have different meanings to different people.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-25 22:07:29
ID: 52846
....and the original post was to be on the What is Wrong With You page. Admin....can ya help a (dumb) girl out?
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-19 11:46:25
ID: 52748
In response to a confession. Could be January 16th of 2019. Also, certain things that stand out in dreams could have different meanings. To dream of the month of January signifies loss of love and broken companionship. Maybe the 16th signifies something else.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-19 01:07:09
ID: 52743
In response to a confession. Sis does have a therapist and I doubt if she tells her anything about the psychic. Sis says therapist is teaching her to stand up for herself and be a stronger person. (SMH)
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