Posted by: anonymous
2018-08-18 16:58:06
ID: 56341
In response to a confession. Basically, I was sitting listening to a conversation when I had this out of body experience. I could see myself previously experiencing the same exact deja vu. I've been having deja vu almost every day for a month and this is the second double deja vu. I've also been having insanely accurate premonitions.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-08-18 05:10:48
ID: 56333
In response to a confession. That's really interesting! Can you be more specific on the experience? I don't think I've had this happen myself.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-08-18 01:34:39
ID: 56330
Have you ever experienced double deja vu? Last weekend, I experienced a physical manifestation of a deja vu that visually and mentally felt like i had already experienced the same deja vu. So I had theoretically visited the same event 3 times? Freaked me out.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-08-10 14:08:39
ID: 56206
In response to a confession. OMG, and AGAIN. I was messaging with a guy in the psychic development forum I'm on, and he was going to do a reading. This was in May. Nothing. I reached out to him a couple times and no response. So I responded to another post for a reading and was messaging with a nice woman. I told her about my difficulties in getting a reading, and that I was getting nervous that maybe people were seeing something really bad happening or around me. She apologized for others' unprofessionalism in ghosting me and promised not to do that. So she asked what questions I wanted her to look into. That was five weeks ago. I sent her a follow-up email asking if she as still interested in reading me and...nothing. wtf
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-08-04 02:22:28
ID: 56089
This isn't exactly a "psychic" thing, but it's very, very odd. When I was a pre-teen, I chose my future childrens' names. The girl name I would waver on because sometimes I'd hear a beautiful name and change my mind, but the boy name remained the same. I was only able to have one child, a boy, and I gave him that name. He's named after a well-loved Saint from the area where I grew up. Last night I decided to read about that Saint, and was shocked to learn something I never knew. My Confirmation name is two names, hyphenated, and an uncommon combination. Well this Saint's mother's first name is my Confirmation name, also hyphenated, but in reverse (say that mine is Sarah-Ann; hers is Ann-Sarah) and her last name is my son's last name. I originally wanted my Confirmation name reversed but decided it didn't flow with my first/middle names that way. That is just SO weird to me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-08-04 02:18:38
ID: 56068
In response to a confession. 71 me toos! Um, you guys... is this page haunted? Is there a dead person who keeps hitting me too? I'm scared! Hold me!
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Posted by: Admin
2018-08-04 02:12:39
ID: 56107
In response to a confession. I do not now or ever have manipulated the votes.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-08-03 21:20:42
ID: 56104
I'm guessing it's some kind of glitch that created 74 me too's on that post. It's a very non-controversial, regular post. The OP says she didn't repeatedly hit the 'me too' 74 times. The admins likely aren't going to check 74 IP addresses to prove it, so let's just give OP the benefit of the doubt. And who really cares, anyway? The snarky 'Bless' comment just makes you look like a tool.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-08-02 20:05:38
ID: 56094
Original OP of the deja vu post here.. Why in the hell would l me too that post 70ish times? If that is even possible? I don't get why everyone on here thinks that.. It's not like it's scandalous or anything, just a random boring post. I hope the admin can somehow check the me toos and validate this though IP addresses.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-07-23 00:05:55
ID: 55844
In response to a confession. I keep me tooing this because I think it's hilarious that every time I do, someone hits omg in response. I swear, I'm done now, though. I need a hobby LOL. Sorry for screwing with you!
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