Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-24 00:59:48
ID: 57391
We're both off social media, but recently stalked his employer's IG page and surprised that I saw a picture of him. I totally cried. It's been several months, but this break up sh*t doesn't feel like it's getting easier. UGH, I know its that I have given myself time to feel my feelings. I deleted my IG page bc I don't need to see their page anymore.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-23 19:30:28
ID: 57386
We don't have a song either. I think I'd feel so silly trying to pick "our song". We're not sentimental people. I mean, we have our favorite places to go to...we like a lot of the same things. But a special song? I'd feel just silly.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-23 17:54:57
ID: 57382
This is going to be so lame..but here goes..DH and I don't have a wedding song, nor do "we" have a song. I mean, there's like one or two songs that remind me of him, but nothing overly gushy and lovey dovey.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-23 07:54:39
ID: 57373
It's so hard to love again when your dh of 20+ years hurt you. You question everything about men afterwards. It takes a strong, understanding man to love you through it all. I've found him. He really gets me and really wants to communicate, which is huge to me. And he makes me feel so beautiful and sexually capable. I've never had this ever in 47 years of my life.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-20 20:38:32
ID: 57340
I have a friend who literally hates having sex with her new DH. They've not even been married a year. He apparently has trouble keeping it up and often doesn't finish and definitely won't give her an O. Meanwhile, she thinks I have sex too much because I often agree to have sex with DH even if I'm not "totally" in the mood because of this: If he's horny and I'm not terribly in the mood, he is very, very willing to make me O and I never end up, like, regretting it. I wish I knew how to help her more, but I think her DH is being incredibly selfish because he refuses to learn why he's got so many problems.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-20 16:09:19
ID: 57332
Dh and I still live together but we're in the process of divorcing. He's cut me off financially, but I work. He won't even buy groceries and our 18 year old son still lives here. Neither one of us can afford to move yet, and he wants to keep the house. I'll probably move out next summer when I've saved enough. I've grown tired of his alcoholism, texting with other women and verbal/emotional blackmail and abuse. I haven't felt this free in 28 years. I had a dissomaster done and based on our incomes and stuff, he'd have to pay me 1200 dollars a month spousal support. He laughed and said he'd find a lower paying job. Idiot! God, I can't wait to be rid of him!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-19 22:40:10
ID: 57324
This is the kind of people my ILs are: Setting: We were on a family vacation with them and DD was 3 and their only grandchild at the time. Me: Let’s go to Sea World. <grandchild> has never been. ILs: We’ve already been there. We don’t want to go again. A big fat fuck you to you, MIL and FIL. 10 years later and I now know how symbolic that exchange was. You’re horrible selfish cows and we all hate you.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-19 19:09:26
ID: 57323
I'd love to see Phillip Morris go belly up! That would be KICK ASS!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-19 12:46:10
ID: 57316
I wish everybody would/could just quit smoking. Like, right now. Everybody on the planet, just put them down at the same moment and never pick them up again. All those evil tobacco execs would go bankrupt. We could replace the tobacco fields with hemp fields and put that to use in so many ways, hemp has boundless potential. I wish there was some sort of magic that could just make it so.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-10-19 04:51:11
ID: 57313
What is it with people on online dating sights that say, "you must like PDA"? If I'm out in public and the guy I'm with wants to give me a quick kiss on the lips, or a little hug, or something like that then no problem. But what's the big deal about having to be open to PDA? Why, are you planning on making out on a street corner or in the middle of a restaurant? Why must it be such a big thing as if they're planning it out to put on a show? WTF
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