Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-19 12:34:52
ID: 48617
My DH and I are not talking and I don't even know why. He won't acknowledge me at all when we're alone. I thought we were fine. We went to a party with DS, and DH talked to me and laughed the whole time. We got in the truck, and suddenly I no longer existed. I don't remember doing anything, but that doesn't mean much. Sometimes I don't even remember 30 seconds ago, much less remember something I might have said 24 hours ago. I need therapy or something for that, but that's a whole different problem. We had such a nice day on Saturday, I hate it's been messed up by something I probably did. Blah.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-18 19:41:04
ID: 48604
All I've heard is complaining for the last month. Nothing is good enough. If I did anything correctly in this asshole's eye I would go into shock! Pool now is getting torn down because he "might" need to dig near it! Nothing confirmed but I need to take it down! I need to move the chickens that are to young into the big coup.(So the older ones will kill them) Not happening until they are old enough. He ran my gas out 3/4 tank yesterday, has been complaining since I woke up that I should have put more in. He doesn't want to drive his. Now he told me we are fixing a wall today. No I'm leaving and not coming home until tonight. I'm done listening to what he thinks I have to do while driving around wasting my gas, doing nothing! I'm not a employee or his servant. I'm done. I do it all while working fulltime, listening to him bitch about nothing just to complain. What the hell happened? My job is not as stressful as being at home!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-18 00:12:39
ID: 48599
I subscribe to Dr. Pimple Popper's YouTube page. I showed DH a picture of this huge guy with like a zillion zits and blackheads on his back. I told him that if he ever gets like that, I probably won't want to have sex with him. He thought I was kidding. I was not.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-17 18:55:45
ID: 48584
Well, I had it out with dh (Eeyore) today. I landed the job I wanted, but he still hasn't gotten a position he's happy with yet. My parents are taking us to dinner to celebrate, and he starts guilting me and whining about how he doesn't have a reason to celebrate and blah, blah, blah. I went the fuck off. He has no right to make me feel like shit just because he does. Last year, I was literally ready to put my head in the oven. I was the most depressed and suicidal that I've ever been, but I sure as hell didn't try to bring him, or anyone else, down with me. I don't ever want to make anyone feel the way I felt, and I'm not going to allow him to steal my happiness anymore. He apologized profusely, but I'm not sold. It'll happen again, I'm sure. I gave him a month to get help for his depression. If not, I'm out.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-15 23:26:08
ID: 48559
My DH has bipolar disorder and when he is depressed, he is just exactly like you said--Eeyore. He sleeps all day, mopes around, is pessimistic about everything, and whines about how nobody likes him and his job sucks and his life sucks, etc. It really is a drain. I try to just get space from him and go do my own thing and that usually works, but when he gets "clingy", it's hard.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-15 18:36:49
ID: 48548
Has anyone ever dated a bi man? I am seeing a bi man that was with a man for more than the past 10 years. I feel like I am screwing a gay boy.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-15 00:57:16
ID: 48543
I lived with an Eeyore for years. It's so draining. I really lost a lot of myself during that time. I GET that depression is horrible, but if your sig other won't help themselves you may need to get out, if only to save your own sanity. In my case, I gave him 5 years to get some kind of help and he just refused to see that he had a problem. So I left. It was like leaving a dark, musty prison and getting out into the light again.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-14 21:18:45
ID: 48544
Last night I had a dream about him that was so detailed. Then today, I had a cashier that looked exactly like him when we were together. Then when I got in my car, I heard a song that reminded me of him and the lead singer of the band also looks like him. I'm happy in my relationship, but my heart still aches for someone I will never have again.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-14 17:26:36
ID: 48541
In response to a confession. don't need a hug, you need a kick in the pants or a swat on the head to knock some sense into you.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-14 17:25:31
ID: 48540
In response to a confession. You've got some nerve! You've been cheating on your husband for four years, and your mad when your boyfriend for not giving you attention. Your boyfriend is probably cheating on you too. Or maybe, he's giving that attention to his wife? If you need attention and compliments, try getting them from your husband. Or try marriage counseling. Or woman up and get a divorce! You're absolutely ridiculous.
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