Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-14 01:59:26
ID: 52663
In response to a confession. Why not just tell him you don't like it and not to do it anymore? Problem solved.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-13 21:17:01
ID: 52659
My DH likes it when I massage his back as he's going to sleep. So...he thinks I like it when he comes to bed after me and starts rubbing my back and squeezing my butt. I do not. I want to SLEEP. I do not want him waking me up with a massage at 2am. I do it to him because he actually likes it, but if he didn't, I wouldn't do it. Grr. I wish he'd just understand that I am not the same as he is.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-13 06:24:47
ID: 52648
Dh is in the house. Yuck. Now he's trying to spend time with my after all these years of being in his man cave. Go away! Get back in your man cave! Even his chewing is annoying the hell outta me!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-12 15:05:19
ID: 52624
In response to a confession. I'm the original OP. DH and I don't usually buy for anniversaries, but he had a medical scare recently. I think that may be why the fancy dinner and jewelry. He used to do the flowers on the way home from work and dinner wherever I picked. I told him if he couldn't plan ahead not to bother. Now I get a card first thing in the morning, and sometimes a cute little gift (I love circus peanuts candy, and I've got those). Let your DH know his behavior isn't acceptable.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-12 05:29:19
ID: 52035
In response to a confession. Not pilo. I meant pilot. We ended up leaving the hotel. Desk lady at 1st asked for a 50 dollar deposit, then a 100 dollar deposit. No sex yesterday. Boo!
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Posted by: Admin
2018-01-12 05:24:52
ID: 52623
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-12 00:47:20
ID: 52622
In response to a confession. I wish my DH would think to do anything that special for our anniversary. His "thing" is to pick up a bouquet of $10 flowers at the grocery store, get me a card, and we'll go out to dinner somewhere cheap (and he'll complain about the bill even then). I wish for once he'd surprise me with something halfway decent.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-12 00:04:43
ID: 52620
In response to a confession. Thanks! We were at Ruth's Chris for our 20th, and this will be our 29th. I've said ever since that it was the best steak I'd ever had. To make it even better, I spied a bag from my favorite jeweler behind his seat in the car today. C'mon Sunday!!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-11 21:17:41
ID: 52601
Ruth Chris steak house is the best! I've NEVER had a better steak. Have fun and Happy Anniversary!
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-01-11 17:34:17
ID: 52611
Dh is so angry I have started al-anon, got a sponsor, started exercising and have been going out and having fun. First time in our whole 27 year marriage I have concentrated on myself. He'd rather see me on the couch sad, asleep and depressed. And he wonders why we're headed for divorce.
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