Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-26 03:52:48
ID: 64380
I have gained 25 pounds, and I know it bothers DH. It bothers me too. But DH has a drinking problem and has had one for years. I think I passive aggressively hold onto the weight because he won't stop drinking. Like, I'll lose the weight when you lose the Scotch. He also started smoking cigars again, which I hate. The irony is that he works out every day. And he's kind of smug about it. Any time he mentions anything having to do with working out, I shut him down with something like, "I'm not taking fitness advice from someone who smokes cigars and puts back 50 drinks a week." Immature, I know, but I'm just so fed up with how holier than thou he gets because he runs a 5K every now and then.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-25 21:57:24
ID: 64378
Rant- We have been very strict about SIP. I go out maybe 1-2x per month. Yesterday I wanted to take a drive down the coast, back to my hometown. It would have been my dad's birthday. All I wanted was to see the beach, even if we couldn't walk on it. DH said he was busy working. Tomorrow he said. I said, okay, I understand. Well, this morning I started making plans, but he said he'd heard traffic was bad, no one was following SIP, and it was a bad idea, so I started a house project instead. In the middle of that he asked, "Well, do you want to go for a drive now?" "No," I told him. "I WANTED to go for a drive. This morning. Now I'm in the middle of this, and I'm hot, and I'm tired." That seemed TOO CONFUSING for him to understand. WTF dude?
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-25 14:52:15
ID: 64370
I said the hamburger patties from Omaha Steaks we were gifted at Christmas look freezer burned. DH argues, saying they can’t be (in a self-defrosting freezer for 5 months) then storms out of the house mumbling ‘she thinks money grows on trees.’ We didn’t pay for ‘em asshole! PS.: Day 72 of self-isolation
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-24 23:25:27
ID: 64364
I'm at the point where I'm so jaded on the grossness of all the men I know that I'm feeling like I'm no longer attracted to them. I don't find any man attractive anymore--not even hot guys or nice guys. I just assume they pee on the toilet seat and will criticize the way I pull into the driveway and eat like a baboon on steroids. Give me a dog and a few cats any day.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-24 20:37:45
ID: 64360
In response to a confession. Nope. Not the same DH. Although I wouldn't be surprised if my DH did do something like this. I think my DH just doesn't shop enough to know basic grocery shopping things. When I send him to the store, I take pictures of what he's supposed to buy so he gets the right things. He has to have a lot spelled out for him if I want him to get specific things. The annoying part is that if they don't have exactly what I ask for, he just won't get anything at all, which means I have to go out later and look for things. From what my friends say, this is not an uncommon thing among our DHs. I guess some men just kind of suck at shopping? Either that or I'm just too picky about what I want from the store.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-24 18:26:15
ID: 64353
In response to a confession. Is this the same DH from below that can't figure out soup prices at the grocery store?
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-24 15:13:00
ID: 64351
I'm the one whose H startles her awake all the time. I slept in this morning (since he startled me awake at 10 last night so I was up late), and when I woke up, he wasn't here. He was gone for a while. No note, no text. I hate when he does this. When he finally came home he told me he went for a walk along the river, and then went to another area we like for another walk. Well isn't that nice. I would have liked to do that together. He does this all the time, takes off to do fun things without waking me. His argument always is that I'm grumpy when I get woken up (!!!) and it might take too long for me to get ready, because he wants to go NOW. He can't possibly just wait for me to get up. Ah, life with a narcissist.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-24 14:41:18
ID: 64350
Husband was running errands, and I texted him to pick up some milk. What do we always get? A gallon of whole milk. What did he bring home? A half-gallon of 2% organic milk. He said he didn't like the way the milk at the store looked - meaning the packaging, which has changed since the last time he himself went to the supermarket. There's nothing different about it. He also said we should be drinking organic. Yeah that's great, but 2% doesn't work well in coffee. I appreciate that he bought it and forked over the extra cost, but now I have to go out and get regular milk myself.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-24 11:17:38
ID: 64349
In response to a confession. I hope you get a chance to tell her before she wants your help that there will be none. It’ll make it easier for you.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-24 07:06:23
ID: 64316
My son leaves for basic on Tuesday. I'm terrified. I feel sick, can't quit tearing up. I know it's what he wants but the military has changed so much. Veterans are treated like crap by the government. I love my son and pray he remains safe. I'm so scared for him. I put on a tough face around him but It's hard. I'm going to miss him more than he will ever know.
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