Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-24 03:20:00
ID: 48718
In response to a confession. I wrote down the make and model of the guy's car (he had a woman with him), the clothes he wore and his height, weight, etc. I wanted to call the sherif, but DH says the window may have been damaged for a while. I think he may be a little embarrassed for being gullible. Today he checked to make sure the shop was locked several times though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-24 00:24:45
ID: 48711
Every night, DH comes home and wants supper right away. So I fix his dinner and since I usually don't eat the same food he does, I make something else for myself. Instead of waiting 5 minutes for me to finish making my food, he scarfs his food and I am left to eat by myself. It's so annoying. I mean, I know you're hungry, but you can't wait 5 friggin' minutes for me to get my dinner too?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-24 00:22:25
ID: 48710
In response to a confession. Something similar happened to us once...some weirdo came to our door asking DH for $20 for gas. DH figured the guy was lying, so he offered him a can of gasoline from our garage. The guy followed him into the garage and was looking around to find stuff to take. Then he told DH he didn't actually need the gas and left. We called the cops and kept the garage locked tightly from then on. I would also recommend calling the cops--he might be trying to steal from other people too.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-23 16:38:07
ID: 48698
In response to a confession. That's so scary! If I were you, I'd call the cops and file a report, just so there's documentation. At the very least, they'd have a description of the guy. He's obviously watching your house. Stay safe!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-23 03:47:31
ID: 48695
In response to a confession. The guy never came back with the gas can (big surprise!), but DH noticed today that someone had tried to get into a window in the shop. Today he made sure it was all locked up tight.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-22 00:31:42
ID: 48675
Today, a stranger came to the front door. DH went out on the porch, they talked a bit, then he followed DH to his workshop. I'm watching through the window and the guy is walking behind DH. He stopped once to look inside DH's motorcycle trailer, which had the doors open. Then he stood at the door to the shop, looking all around. There's a huge lawn tractor, thousands of dollars worth of tools, a golf cart, oh, and a year-old Harley Davidson trike. After a few minutes DH walks out, hands him a gas can, reaches in his pocket and hands him money. He said he was going to the closest gas station, get gas ($10 worth), and bring the gas can back. That was four hours ago. Yeah, I believe he'll be back alright. He'll be back to steal every damned thing in the shop! SO pissed right now!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-21 23:00:30
ID: 48672
In response to a confession. i regret getting married. i love my husband and we actually have a pretty good relationship but i feel like i had a much more fulfilling, rich life when i was single and didn't have to deal with the constant compromise and joint decision making that comes with marriage. i miss being single and everything just being about me. is that selfish? probably, but it's the truth. but i chose to get married and am gonna stick it out. at least until i can't anymore.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-21 03:42:31
ID: 48659
My DH acted like he was going to hit me tonight. In that moment I was so pissed, how dare he even consider it. I didn't flinch. I challenged him and said if he does it, I will make sure he suffers the rest of his life. We calmed down and he apologized. But everything has changed now. I just feel disgust. Add me to the planning to leave club.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-21 03:40:45
ID: 48652
Done with one of my coworkers. The only interaction I get from her on FB is when I make a post about being aggravated by something - which isn't often! Most of my posts are lighthearted, funny, sharing cool pictures/experiences, telling a story where I learned a valuable lesson, sharing a memory from childhood. Obviously she doesn't read any of those, nor the ones I make about gratitude, kindness, compassion and being positive. But if I make a post about being upset about something, she comes on and tells me to be grateful, kind, compassionate and positive. HELLUVA fucking day today. Excruciating migraine resulting in two hours' sleep, every house around me having work done starting at 8, 2 people coming to my house to fix stuff, solicitors, road work, dog barking at it all, missed a meeting, non-stop noise for 8 hours. CW: "At least you woke up this morning to experience all of this." UNFRIENDED
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-06-21 01:53:15
ID: 48657
I think marriage sucks, too. Seems like women always get the short end. More labor, emotional and physical. Men are praised and exalted when they cook, clean, provide childcare. If they don't do it right it's like, aww look at that adorable daddy doing his best, cut him slack. Women are expected to keep house, raise kids, stay pretty and be a "badass" at work. If​ they don't perform well in any of those areas they aren't making it. I know not all situations are alike but generally speaking I think this the case. I'm not sure we're going forward in the area of equal rights. I actually think we're going backwards.
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