Posted by: anonymous
2017-04-14 12:40:01
ID: 46677
My sister and I try to be close, but she makes me crazy. I legit think she has ODD. If I like something she has to say the opposite or argue why it's wrong. I know she wants to hang out more, but I literally can't.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-04-14 03:45:55
ID: 46671
I'm also not close with my siblings. 2/3 of them live within 15 minutes of me but are completely self absorbed assholes, and they're raising their kids to be the same too. I would like to be closer to my baby brother but he's a few states away. I probably talk to him and his girlfriend more than anyone. But I barely know him since I moved out when he was 12.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-04-14 02:17:40
ID: 46672
In response to a confession. My family was always very close-knit while my brother and I were growing up. Even after we both married and had kids we all spent a lot of time together. Then my Mom passed away in 2009 and I watched as we all slowly drifted apart. I was inviting Dad and brother/SIL to dinner every week, and always given excuses. My brother lives two miles from me and I'll see him for the first time in six months if he shows up for Easter dinner. It breaks my heart to think that the only one holding our family together was my Mom.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-04-13 21:34:54
ID: 46668
Taxes are still not done and my lazy bum DH came home from work and started bitching nonstop about how crappy his job is, etc. He threatened to put his 2 weeks' in and if he does, I'm outta here. The absolute only thing he really brings to the table is a paycheck and I'm sort of astounded at how he manages to do that. Oh, but don't worry--he made sure to sign us up for cable just in time for his favorite show to premiere. Obviously his priorities are straight :P
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-04-13 17:55:07
ID: 46662
I'm not super close with my siblings, either. I know my sister is really busy and lives about 2 hours from me, but it would be nice to see her and my nieces and nephews more often. I invite her to visit me or ask to visit her, but she always cancels at the last minute. DH is a lot closer with his siblings and I'm actually closer with his siblings than mine...that's sort of depressing to me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-04-13 16:07:48
ID: 46658
Dh and I are cf and really independent. My brother's wife is actually teaching her 8yo daughter that "people like your aunt and uncle" are bad because they don't have kids. My niece and I had a looong conversation last month about why it's wrong to judge people for not having kids. Luckily, she's a super bright kid and talks to me about everything because I'm her favorite aunt. Sil actually told me that she hates that I encourage her to think for herself. However, sil still lets me babysit her because she wants to go out and shit-faced every weekend. Nice, huh?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-04-13 08:32:26
ID: 46656
In response to a confession. I could never understand why people seem to think it is okay to make you feel terrible for living your life differently than the route they chose. I think your life sounds glorious and if for some reason my husband and I split I see my future looking similar to yours. I don't think its likely because my husband and I are both "space" people like you and your bf so we know what each other needs in order to not feel confined but you never know. I have the similar situation with people with their jabs about our choice to only have one child. One minute they are saying it must be nice because my life isn't as stressful as theirs and my child at 10 is pretty self sufficient and very mature. The next minute they are telling me the reasons I am selfish for not having more children and all the reasons it is a bad choice because it leads to only children being spoiled and no social skills. Meanwhile he is the kid everyone wants to be friends with because he is such a nice guy.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-04-13 08:20:58
ID: 46655
In response to a confession. I am the same. I see siblings having such a good time together, enjoying each other's company and actual friends with each other. Meanwhile I sit here with my three siblings and conversations are awkward with no connection.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-04-13 05:44:58
ID: 46651
I'm jealous of people who have strong bonds and close relationships with their families, both immediate and extended. we all get along but we aren't close at all. we're more like acquaintances. we visit each other on holidays and send each other birthday and xmas gifts but that's about it. I've tried reaching out more but it feels weird and forced. i feel much more kinship to my husband's family than to mine and i feel awful and guilty about that.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-04-13 03:46:36
ID: 46626
I have a boyfriend and we're in our late 40's. We've gone down the marriage route before (me 12 years, him 20). We have no desire to ever marry again. We live seperately but see each other a LOT. It would be easier, financially, to live together but we're both "space" people, we love our respective homes and we both like to spread out and have a lot of stuff. We've been criticized for "living in perpetual adolescence" by a couple of family members. I'd like to know why being married is so much more "mature" than having a relationship like ours. We both work, we're law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, we contribute to our communities, we are monogamous and happy, we do a lot of fun stuff and have a great group of friends, we've raised our kids. Who cares if don't want to live together or get married? After four years you'd think the critics would STFU but no, we still get little jabs.
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