Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-12 05:25:23
ID: 51392
Been married almost 27 years. I like dh, but don't really love him after all the hurt he's caused. I'm not sexually attracted to him at all either. I hope I find a job soon. I want out. I keep thinking that God doesn't want me to give up on my marriage and that's why I haven't found a job. :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-12 05:23:23
ID: 51656
Met with my fwb 2 days in a row. Lord have mercy!!!! His profile said 57. He admitted he's 62! He is wonderful in bed! I am a lucky lady! I still miss my other fwb, but he'll never contact me again. :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-11 13:52:19
ID: 51705
DH has some kind of nerve issue in his neck and arm, and he's been in a LOT of pain for weeks (he's seeing the doc in two days to follow up on an MRI). He moans and groans, sleeps in his chair until the pain hits and he's moaning again. Last night was especially bad. He was in so much pain he was in tears. Yet he wouldn't go to the ER (Friday night is when ER's are busiest, he says), and he won't take my pain meds. So he's popping Aleve, Ibuprophen and Tylenol, which isn't touching the pain. Oh, and he's being bitchy to me, too. C'mon Monday!!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-11 04:12:40
ID: 51696
Today is my payday. We get a check instead of direct deposit. So after work I have to go to the bank, grab dog food and groceries. Every 2 weeks I do these things. He freaked out. I wasn't home by 4pm. He can't figure out why I'm angry. I was yelled at like I was out all night partying or something. It was 4:30pm when he flipped out screaming. He's going to a fishing expo tomorrow. I think he wants to blow money on more fishing crap he never uses but needs to spend hundreds of dollars on. I have a feeling he wanted to blow my paycheck on his fishing crap, got pissed when he couldn't stop me in time. I'm 40 I am not having a time limit on how long it should take me to get home from work! I don't drink. I haven't went out with my friends in years. So this bullshit has me mad as hell! I was apparently a hour and a half late from when I should have been home(In his mind!)
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-11 02:01:13
ID: 51692
In response to a confession. I told DH I’d be much more in the mood for sex if I did the room like a boutique hotel. So I did what i wanted and he didn’t say a word. :) Also, regarding the saying nothing til you actually Started-I tell him (not just regarding decor but restaurants and everything): you forfeited your chance to vote so you forfeited your right to complain.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-10 14:51:25
ID: 51659
I cheated on my husband three times
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-10 13:14:10
ID: 51667
i've been wanting to redecorate the master bedroom for a while. i've been asking my husband for his input and opinions on things since it's his room too. every time i ask him about something he just says "whatever, i don't care, do whatever you want". it's kind of annoying. i'm at the point where i'm gonna stop asking. he better not complain about it all when it's done. after all, i tried to include him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-08 16:18:18
ID: 51650
Ive been on a dating site for a few months now and I am ready to give up. Most men who I make plans to meet cancel at the last minute. I had one make plans for the same day,(after he had cancelled on me a few times) only to cancel again an hour later when he remembered he had to be up at 5am. He is either completely spaced out or is playing me. Or they get all pissed off if you do not respond to them within an hour or so. And another one that I was not comfortable with and blocked made 2 new profiles and kept sending me messages. I made plans early this week for today with a man who seemed very nice, but he texted me this morning saying he had to work. I have no way of knowing if he really had to work or not. Ill try again, but if he keeps cancelling I think I will take a break from the site at the very least. So disappointed about today, I was really looking forward to meeting him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-08 02:43:09
ID: 51645
In response to a confession. Unfortunately it is true, he did sue her. I read it in the comments on you tube then googled it. Kinda ruined it for me.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-11-07 22:33:21
ID: 51640
In response to a confession. I just went and watched "A Minute of Silence." I'd never heard it before. Holy crap. I've watched it at least a dozen times and am crying like a baby. And I don't even have a "one that got away." I also found a clip of interviews with them (about 30 minutes long) that explains their relationship and everything leading up to it. And they had nothing but kind things to say about each other and their time together. I hope the story about being sued isn't true.
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