Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-16 23:26:36
ID: 44119
Horrible horrible exbf has gotten married to the woman I think he was seeing or grooming while we were dating. All I can feel is badly for her and her kids. She's really in for hell now, but she thinks she's got a prize. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-15 16:09:48
ID: 44084
Last night we went to dinner with family to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Saw some friends while we were waiting and when DH told them, the guy leans in to me, sniffs, and loudly says, 'do you smell like sex? Nope.' There had to be fifty people waiting outside and I was so shocked that I couldn't even say anything back (which is unusual for me). What an ass!!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-14 18:09:34
ID: 44053
First date night in a while and DH ruined it. I tried to make conversation, even going so far as to asking him if he was OK talking about the topics I picked which he said he was (this is not the first time we've had this problem). He got angry and blew up over my topics. He ruins everything with his negativity. Thanks DH for ruining my Friday night after a very long work week and leaving me trying not to cry in a public place. This is why I occasionally consider leaving. You aren't content to be miserable on your own, you have to drag everyone else down too. You suck DH!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-12 23:14:01
ID: 44020
For the first time in 9 years of marriage, I considered divorce. I don't even know why either. Maybe I'm just bored? My DH is a good man, good provider, funny, handsome, cleans, cooks, etc; could be my mid life crisis? I'm 49.
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Posted by: lucyloo
2017-01-12 22:20:25
ID: 44017
If you walked in on your husband or boyfriend sniffing your panties, how would you react or feel about it. If you don't want to comment, click heart for it's a turn on, or click omg if it's gross, or click metoo if you're indifferent whatever floats his boat.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-12 04:02:50
ID: 43999
In response to a confession. My ex made sexually loaded jokes early in a relationship. It was his way of getting to know if a woman is open to certain things. Their reactions to jokes about same would tell him if they were open to threesomes, kinky sex, etc. If she didn't respond positively he might drop her. She's never know why.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-11 21:29:57
ID: 43992
My husband has become so negative. Every little thing is catastrophic. We had a bad windstorm last night, and I just saw that our roof is missing a shingle. I'm not even going to tell him. My dad and brother are going to fix it, hopefully when dh isn't home. I just don't want to listen to his negative verbal diarrhea.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-11 12:59:06
ID: 43988
One thing I can't stand about him is he does everything fast, without thinking or taking time to smell the roses. It's like he does it to get it over with instead of enjoying things. He puts clothes away fast, ends up putting some of my clothes in his dresser because he just assumes instead of looks. Or like this morning, he took my leftovers instead of his because he didn't look inside the container. He'll eat mine, but I won't eat his because it tastes nasty to me.Or he'll break something because he did it to fast. I think he broke my xmas lights when he took them down.He bumps into me a lot in the house because he doesn't look and he's going warp speed. Every day I him to chill the fk out. No he isn't on drugs, his mom says he's been like this since he was a kid. Even his boss at work tells him to slow down (at least at work he doesn't really make mistakes due to his speed).
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-10 05:30:49
ID: 43981
Ridiculously hot contractor? I convinced myself he's a womanizer/has STDs/is gay? In my dream last night. Not a quickie dream, but a long drawn out dream with pacing, realistic dialog (stuff we actually talked about IRL) and even a realistic premise. Aaaaaaaargh. Wtf.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-01-09 23:06:45
ID: 43976
In response to a confession. He hasn't ever cheated on me. He works with all men and when he goes on trips, he works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. But he thinks that because my boss is a man, that magically means I "may" cheat if my boss starts doing anything inappropriate.
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