Posted by: anonymous
2017-02-27 00:09:43
ID: 45213
I'm the OP whose dh is working locally and driving me nuts. He texted on Fri afternoon: "Pack me a bag for two days, they need me to fly out tonight to Spokane." That bag was packed in 3 minutes flat lol. Turns out they couldn't get him on a flight until Sat morning, so I got up at 4am to take him to the airport. I was so excited to have the time to actually read a book in peace that I stayed up and read until I crashed at 2pm. Slept until 5. He will be home in about 6 hours, but what a glorious two days with no noise! I didn't even turn on the tv until 9 last night. I really love the man but he needs constant stimulation. I'm going to try to get him to read one of the books I got him for Christmas (that he asked for and hasn't touched).
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-02-26 01:02:47
ID: 45207
Ok, so I know I really have no say over how DH grooms himself, but he has decided to grow a beard. He's never had a beard in his whole life. I HATE beards. He is really grossing me out with his scruffy, scraggly beard. I desperately want him to shave. I'm not kissing him because he also happens to be the DH who never brushes his teeth regularly, so I go on kissing strikes when he doesn't brush his teeth. He's turning into a gross, nasty old fart and I HATE it.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-02-25 05:02:50
ID: 45172
In response to a confession. Holy shit. I hope they find out it was you and have you arrested for vandalism. That is not normal adult behavior, get help.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-02-24 23:18:03
ID: 45157
My neighbour is alwas making noise. He lives just over my department. I have talked to him about his music and shouting bothering me when I'm trying to sleep. He didn't stop, so yesterday I just took a screw driver and screw up his car's painting. I draw a heart of about 20 cm long. He's 24 and this morning it was so funny to hear his mom shouting at him (his mom doesn't live here, but she came to see the car). I felt so relieved and nervous at the same time! Relieved cause he deserved it, but nervous cause I hope I won't get caught.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-02-24 20:00:17
ID: 45164
I have the hoarder DH. I found a link about the Salvation Army's 40 days of giving for Lent. The idea is that you give up one thing a day and put it in a bag to donate. He agreed to do it! We did agree that everything that gets donated must be discussed first, but I might finally be able to get him to give up the dusty old NES system and games we have sitting around.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-02-24 18:50:16
ID: 45158
In response to a confession. Wow he sounds like a real winner...
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-02-24 17:16:36
ID: 45145
My account was hacked so I don't keep anything over $20 in it currently. My BF knew I needed to buy something online so I asked him if I gave him the cash could he order it. He told me No he won't do it. So tomorrow I'm going to walmart to buy a prepaid card to order it. We are supposed to get 6-12 inches with blizzard conditions tonight and tomorrow. He has the money in his account, I have the cash in my hand. He would be out nothing. But he acts like my asking him to order it for me is offensive. I wouldn't have his account info, his information would still be 100% private, He uses the site himself so it would have been under his account. Does he think I'm going to suddenly steal from him or WTF?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-02-24 11:53:03
ID: 45151
Lol. I came in here to vent about my husband acting like a baby after his vasectomy this afternoon. Can't really say much now because it will look like I'm stiring the pot. He had to have it done under General Anesthetic, got a lift home with his dad, complained about ''feeling crap'', ate a MASSIVE dinner plus chips and chocolate, drank no water at all and then threw up several times. Vomiting and nausea is a common side affect and he knows that. I told him not to eat so much, to just have some soup or toast but he complained that he was far to hungry. Now he's gone to sleep, He's in the spare room, I hope he doesn't vomit anymore in his sleep and he's less of a whiner tomorrow.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-02-23 19:43:50
ID: 45134
I'm not much of a "doter". I don't compliment my DH all the time and fawn all over him and stuff like that. Suffice it to say, I'm really not a very sexy person, even though I've been told I'm fairly attractive. I kind of wish I was more "mushy/lovey-dovey", but it really just isn't me. Thank goodness my DH is okay with that, but I'm sure he'd probably like me to be a little more like his friend's DW who is much more affectionate than I am.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-02-22 18:55:33
ID: 45115
OK, DH, I get it that dog puke make you queasy. But for the love of God, do we need the whole gagging and throw up noises EVERY.SINGLE.TIME??? She's an old dog, sometimes she eats too fast and it happens. And every time you pull your gagtastic shit, I want to knock ya upside your head.
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