Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-24 09:00:18
ID: 43648
My DH travels for work. He's only home Christmas eve/day. I picked him up at the airport and started laughing, then crying because my mom has me SO stressed out. (She is picking apart everything in my brand new construction house, railing on me about christmas dinner, etc). DH told me he didn't want to spend Christmas with me venting. Well then. Fuck You very much dude.
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Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-24 02:55:51
ID: 43643
In response to a confession. He sounds like a clueless douche. How annoying, OP.
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Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-23 22:00:56
ID: 43633
I loathe talking on the phone. Thank god for texting. Teenage me spent hours on the phone back in the day. Before cell phones of course.
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Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-23 21:58:57
ID: 43632
Happily married for 15 years but I still wonder if my hs sweetheart of 6 years was my soul mate or if I just think that because he was that magical first love?
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Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-23 21:54:58
ID: 43631
I have this guy friend, he's nice, college educated, good job,etc. It's his gf that none of our group can stand. She's a chain smoking barfly with 4 kids from 4 men, been married a few times, etc. She's not friendly at all, has never been even though we tried to welcome her initially. She's always broke, bosses him around, super jealous, etc..none of us get what he sees in her. She treats him like shit. Hate to see him with her,although I would never say anything to him. His last gf was so great. Just smh.
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Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-23 21:26:00
ID: 43628
In response to a confession. I don't understand how you've told him more than once that you don't like it but he "forgets" even though he knows it pisses you off? He sounds like either he's mentally challenged or kind of a dick..who keeps on doing that even after you've told him, kicked him, and made it clear you don't like it?
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Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-23 04:26:31
ID: 43599
In response to a confession. Tried and true response to invasive questions or comments " why do you want to know or care?"
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Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-23 01:24:45
ID: 43612
In response to a confession. That would really be annoying if you hate it, but that is one of the things I miss about my exbf. I LOVED it when he would run his hand slowly over my entire body in the middle of the night. I didn't care that it woke me up, it was so fucking sensual!
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Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-22 23:24:32
ID: 43605
DH thinks he's being sweet when he comes to bed after midnight (after I'm asleep) and starts pinching my butt and rubbing my back. I hate it because I always wake up and I hate being touched all over when I'm trying to sleep. DH actually likes it when I massage him to sleep so he must think I like it too. I have told him a few times to not do it, but he usually just forgets and does it anyway. I don't know what else to do other than start kicking him.
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Posted by: anonymous
2016-12-22 19:04:43
ID: 43592
In response to a confession. My dh and I met under similar circumstances, although I'm not still married to my ex. I had just filed for divorce and started dating dh before it was finalized. My ex had moved out and we weren't even on speaking terms but, apparently, I was supposed to remain faithful to him until the documents were finalized. Dh and I have been married almost ten years and people still judge us. I didn't cheat on my ex. I was faithful to him throughout our miserable marriage while he cheated on me relentlessly. When I met dh, I knew he was the one and there was no way I wasn't going to date him simply because of some documents. Best decision I ever made.
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