Posted by: anonymous
2017-12-31 19:23:11
ID: 52439
In response to a confession. Who would want to have that much sex?? I would be sore!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-12-31 02:51:19
ID: 52306
I wish I could have sex every day. At least 5 days a week. For those of you who do, I'm so envious.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-12-31 02:30:29
ID: 52396
My dh said he'd take the day off tomorrow and we could do something. Really??? I'm filing for divorce and now you're interested in me? I've been with a couple other men, lost weight, have been going to al-anon and now he's interested in me??? All these years of me trying. I don't even love him anymore. I told him no and he got butthurt. Oh well...... Once a woman is done, she is done.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-12-30 15:48:42
ID: 52414
My ex hides things from his gf because he doesn't want her to know he's a screw up. He caused an accident a while back, got a ticket for driving recklessly, didn't pay it (this is so him, he thinks it'd just go away), got his license suspended since he didn't pay it, now he's forcing it to be my problem. He's giving me less child support so he can pay for it. And in order to hide is paper trail from his gf, without my permission, he had paperwork from the dmv and a lawyer sent to my house. His gf looks at my fb, I'm thinking about making a public post with pictures, but I'm sure the Narcissist will explain it away to his gullible gf. I can't blame her, he did this same to me during our marriage, he never let me get the mail because he hid all the cards he racked up in his and my name and never paid them.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-12-29 01:12:27
ID: 52394
In response to a confession. My exDH never bought me a birthday or Christmas gift in the eight years we were married. One Christmas he went to a mall and shoplifted a sweater and a bottle of perfume I wanted and put them under the tree that he'd stolen from the grocery store's lot down the street. Reason #23,788 why I divorced his ass.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-12-27 09:04:39
ID: 52339
In response to a confession. My first husband was like this. I had to do the gift shopping for all of his family for all occasions (parents, three siblings & their spouses, five nieces/nephews), as well as pack and ship for those out of state. For me for Christmas, he wanted me to go to the mall, pick out the things I wanted, come back and tell him how much I needed - then I was supposed to go back to the stores and buy them. This started during our 2nd year of marriage. Before that, he assisted with all of it, and bought me amazing gifts on his own. And the worst part was that I was out of town for work half of the month, and he wouldn't even help me out by going to the post office!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-12-27 03:47:49
ID: 52373
I thought I could at least see wtf BF blew all his money on at christmas but nope. He kept spending after be blew his paycheck $3000.00 his dad threw $100 in his account because he managed to over draft it. $90. Than he went on another spending spree over drafted again $300.00 I took his Christmas money to the bank so he has +$22.00 in his account. I looked through his online statements since he swears he got hacked. (He didn't) My name is removed from the account and I told him my money is mine. If he pulls this shit again I'm gone. My christmas sucked worried sick about paying the bills. But apparently only I worry about the bills!
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-12-26 01:49:39
ID: 52362
In response to a confession. Yeah, well, it won't happen ever again because his family won't be part of my family anymore. I'm leaving his ass. He is like this in every single area of his life--a lazy butthead who is always, always in a shitty mood, does nothing but eat sleep and go to his job, and pretty much ignores me. This Christmas was the last straw.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-12-25 23:26:43
ID: 52359
In response to a confession. Are you the same OP from the other board that renews her dh's truck registration for him and has to repeatedly tell him to put the sticker on his vehicle?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-12-25 23:23:33
ID: 52358
In response to a confession. Um, hello, she IS the problem.. Year after year letting her dh make her pick out gifts for his whole family, not offering up any suggestions, then critizing her choices?? Grow a pair and tell him to do it himself. Her struggling is of her own doing. Just say no
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