Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-28 05:52:46
ID: 51414
I dream of having daily sex with any of my 3 fwb's, but it won't ever happen again. I miss them. Especially one of them. All I think about is sex. I hate this. :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-28 05:50:57
ID: 51445
In response to a confession. I'm also not a doctor but 3 people in my life had cardiac issues that included pain in their left arm, so I wouldn't dismiss that as unrelated. If you think your doctors are just milking your insurance (which does happen a lot more than it should), get a second opinion.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-28 00:52:07
ID: 51480
He saw the GP hoping he'd either order an MRI or he'd refer to an ortho. He's pretty sure he's either reinjured the rotator cuff or bursitis has set in. The GP did an EKG, then decided since he had a mild heart attack five years ago he needs more tests. He referred DH to a cardiologist in his group and he looked at the EKG (which the GP said was normal) and said there are some 'crucial' tests he needs. We discussed having the stress test, just as a check up on everything. Because the GP wouldn't schedule an MRI, we found an orthopedist that will do it early next week, and he's passing on the other two because they have nothing to do with heart problems. I think we followed protocol and I also believe the cardiologist isn't above board. Why would he tell me that we had to schedule the tests on three different days because our insurance wouldn't pay if more than one test is done in one day. #1 that's just not true and #2 why would a cardiologist know how insurance pays?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-27 23:37:51
ID: 51479
I posted a while ago about my lazy DH who never helped with things. He actually did help when I would ask him to, but I think in a lot of cases, the man is just a slob who does not care what the house looks like and it's the wife that does care and has to nag him to get him to clean to get the house the way she likes it. It is not fair, but I have told DH enough times the things that he HAS to do on his own for him to actually keep things decent for the most part. It just took a really long time and a lot of very blunt communication.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-27 23:10:43
ID: 51477
In response to a confession. Was this his actual cardiologist recommending these tests or a general practitioner? A lot of times a GP doesn't always know which tests are appropriate. It helps if you see a specialist who can rule things out. I'm guessing he has an orthopedist for his shoulder issues that can help order some more conclusive tests. And there's always the possibility that they won't be able to see the cause with an imaging test. It could be a simple muscle strain or a pulled tendon that is simply inflamed and needs time to heal. Or it could be something like MS that is not directly affecting his muscles but it is affecting his nerves. I hope he's able to get it figured out.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-27 22:15:34
ID: 51473
The tests the cardiologist wants to do are stress test, ABI and Echo. DH is listening in on phone calls and adamant that he just wants his shoulder fixed, so I'm not steamrolling him. When I asked what the reasons for these tests were doc said history of heart disease (no, it was a mild cardiac event and its followed up on regularly with no active disease), uncontrolled hypertension (102/68 and regular readings of 110/70!), and patient complaint of chest pain. That's a lie! DH uncategorically said no when doc asked if he was having chest pains. The reasons he gave for doing the tests (did I mention they'd be done at his own medical group, owned by him and four other cardiologists?) ARE NOT TRUE. DH is having an MRI in three days for the pain in his shoulder. Yes he has a say in his health, I never said his heart is in perfect health, and no, not all medical providers are ethical.
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Posted by: Stormyweather
2017-10-27 15:33:05
ID: 51467
In response to a confession. Does DH get a say in all of this? Its his health. I would be listening to the dr. If they want to do a cath, they would have a reason.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-27 12:52:55
ID: 51465
In response to a confession. So if his heart is in perfect shape, what caused the heart attack?
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-27 03:41:25
ID: 51373
I miss my fwb a lot. It's only been a little over a week. I wish this feeling would hurry up and go away. He was wonderful in bed. He made me feel so beautiful and capable.
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Posted by: anonymous
2017-10-27 03:28:17
ID: 51423
In response to a confession. I know this is frustrating for you, but from a medical standpoint, the hospital is responding appropriately. It has nothing to do with money or insurance. Most doctors these days have very little say when it comes to the financial end of things. With your husband's cardiac history, it would be negligent to not rule out his heart first. Cardiac symptoms can be tricky to diagnose. Believe it or not, BP, EKG, and pulse are not always reliable indicators of a heart event. That's where heart caths and nuclear stress tests come into play. I hope he feels better soon and that it's nothing serious.
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