Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-07 21:33:52
ID: 64149
In response to a confession. I don't remember seeing where anyone is talking shit or harassing an abused woman. All I see is people advising her to stop making excuses and get out. What's wrong with that?
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-07 21:03:00
ID: 64148
In response to a confession. Ah, you didn't realize that was all the same person? Yes, multiple people have problem marriages on here, and even more than one has a husband with that same mental issue. But this OP has a certain voice/style that is specific to her. And while there may only be one person here who is 'talking shit' to an abused woman, there is more than one of us that want to support this OP in getting out of a bad situation before it becomes deadly. And some of us believe that we aren't doing her any favors by suggesting she stay in a situation that is getting progressively worse. Her DH is off his meds again, and is starting to have cycles of rage. In this case, the faster she gets out of there, the more likely she is to not end up in a hospital, or worse.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-07 20:07:46
ID: 64147
I hate my husbands deodorant. Once he uses it a couple of times it tends to get top heavy and it plops over with a little bit of wind. I leave it laying down but he insists on standing it up and I can’t move it elsewhere because he’ll just take it out & put it back where he likes it. I’ve only done that a couple times until i realized I just need to respect how he likes his things. But this deodorant fiasco is the bane of my existence for last several years. I know there are many in worse situations than this. But I’m in a bad mood today and I threw out his stupid deodorant when it fell over. I’ll leave it there until he gets home. (Don’t worry I’ll wipe it down!) That’s my petty confession.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-07 17:57:48
ID: 64116
In response to a confession. There's a few ways to do it. If I close out my browser and then open the site back up, I can do it. Or you can clear your history. Either way, it takes a decent amount of effort and someone is obviously butthurt enough to do it. Yikes lol.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-07 17:55:48
ID: 64141
In response to a confession. Multiple people bitch about their marriages. I'm sure I've posted before and you thought I was the op married to the guy with the gun. It's not ALL one person with a bad marriage, but I do believe that it's ONE idiot who feels entitled to talk shit to an abused woman and then spams me too. You need a break from this site.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-07 17:25:35
ID: 64145
I'm not talking about anybody specifically here, because I don't really know what story goes with who, but it seems like everyone is so quick to say that someone is being abused and should get out. And even though their spouse is useless/lazy/jerk, etc., some people are just doormats and choose to put up with it and just bitch about it for years. I know a few irl.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-07 16:51:22
ID: 64143
In response to a confession. Got it, thanks. I guess I'm not on here enough to follow all the drama!
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-07 15:31:34
ID: 64142
In response to a confession. I'm going to start spamming the hug button for you. You need it. I hope whatever is bothering you gets worked out. Taking out your anger on others is cruel.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-07 01:06:32
ID: 64137
In response to a confession. The OP with the dh with mental problems often is lazy and doesn't help OP around the house. But once or twice a year, she posts about him doing something abusive (like waving a gun at her, scaring the heck out of her with road rage, telling her he will divorce her if she doesn't get a better paying job, etc). Everyone tells her that is abusive, she says she is leaving once X happens. Then X happens, and she doesn't leave, usually saying everything is fine now. And then it starts all over again. I don't want to exaggerate, but I believe we are coming up on a decade worth of these posts. I really hope she gets out soon. If she doesn't leave now, when things are bad, she will likely stay for another cycle, and he is going to get another chance to really hurt her.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-05-06 22:16:32
ID: 64136
MIL is known for getting me and my child bad gifts on purpose (all kids get electronics and toys, my DD gets dollar store socks). She's a Narcissist, but not just because of the bad gifts. She treats DD and I different because we're not blood. For Christmas she got me a Victorias Secret gift card, this is after I had already told her they don't carry my size, I'm too big to fit their biggest size. Plus I told her I don't like anything else they gave to offer (perfumes etc.). Her bday was a few days ago. She told DH she wanted a candle. I got her a fancy looking tomato scented one (I buy everyone's gifts cuz DH doesn't like to). She sounded real disappointed when she called to thank him for it. "uhm, uh, thanks? Did you know it was tomato scented?" lol
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