Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-29 04:47:59
ID: 58803
I honestly don't know how to be happy and how to love myself. I have God in my life, but I still struggle a whole lot.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-29 04:47:35
ID: 58802
One of my best friends dated a girl I really liked first semester of college, and I tried my best to stop thinking about her. Now, he's gone this semester on medical leave for depression, and they're no longer together. I like her a lot again - she's beautiful and means a lot to me. My problem is not that I fell guilty for liking her and putting the moves on her, it's that I don't feel guilty. I hate myself because I know I should feel bad.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-29 04:45:17
ID: 58808
I am so extremely lonely. I used to talk and text with him numerous times a day, now nothing. I have my mom, sister, grown kids and friends, but it's not the same. Tomorrow marks 1 week since he said he was reevaluating our 10 month relationship. Will I ever get over this? I feel so lost, tired and heartbroken.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-29 02:57:03
ID: 58812
has anyone ever gotten a divorce mainly because their spouse snores? my DH's snoring is severely affecting my sleep. we can no longer share a bed. he knows he's a loud snorer and he's aware of the health issues that pertain to it but he still refuses to do anything about it. honestly, it's his lack of caring (for both my sleep and his health) that puts me off more than anything. i could see if he were making an effort to do something about it, but he's not. it's making me resent him which is affecting other areas of our marriage as well (mainly intimacy). I'm frustrated and at my wits end. i don't know what else to do besides never share a bed or hotel room with him ever again.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-28 03:55:53
ID: 58797
In response to a confession. Spectra, I thought you were leaving your dh, no? I could be thinking of another poster, or maybe you worked things out?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-27 23:46:08
ID: 58786
I live with my in laws and they’re having serious marriage problems. It makes being around them really uncomfortable. Mil is ignoring fil... he’s made several attempts to try to smooth things over and she won’t even acknowledge him. She’s making passive aggressive comments about him too. He’s spent the last 2 days painting a room for sil to move into and she says things like “it must be nice to play around the house all day...” she’s still salty she’s working 2 jobs, but in all honesty she chose to get that second job and she chooses not to quit even though she got a huge raise at her 1st job. I hope they can work it out... but she doesn’t seem very responsive to him anymore...I’m sad for them.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-27 05:40:29
ID: 58766
In response to a confession. I have someone like this in my life. It's been 30 years - and we're still friends. It all started when I was 21 and my dad died suddenly. It destroyed me. I wasn't up for the LDR anymore, started dating a guy in my city and got married. It was a terrible marriage, but when I left him and contacted the other guy, he told me he'd been looking for me for two years and gave up - he'd gotten married the MONTH before. Years later, THEY split, but now I was in a long term relationship and pregnant. Turns out my SO despised being a parent, so we split...and by now, other guy was remarried. I got married a few years ago. Sigh. We joke that we will find ourselves together again in our 80s.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-27 05:39:18
ID: 58763
In response to a confession. I've talked to loads patients over the years who quit with Wellbutrin. Just be mindful of it having a tendency to cause a cumulative allergic reaction; meaning that if you're allergic, you might not know for a week or two. If you have any hives, itching, trouble breathing, etc, call your doctor. It can also give you lots of energy and cause diarrhea, which is why people love it because it makes them lose weight. Good luck with the smoking! You can do it!
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-27 05:38:47
ID: 58767
It just hit my 47 year old self while driving. I've always looked for love and my worth from men. My dad left and cheated on my mom so I always felt bad, I jumped into a marriage right out of high school, and dated this guy for 10 months because I wanted to be loved by a man. Wow! I really have a lot of work to do on myself if I ever hope to be in a good relationship. I must love myself first!!!! And you know what? It seems I have always disliked myself even though people tell me I'm sweet, pretty, good heart etc...
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-01-27 05:37:57
ID: 58768
Saturday was always the day, I would feel my best because I was meeting with him. I'd look pretty, legs shaved and feel so good. Not anymore. Today is the 1st Saturday that I have to really examine myself and stop the vicious cycle. Man, this is going to be hard. Please pray I get through this if you are a praying person.
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