Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-02 00:17:56
ID: 62808
I swear to GOD my DH needs to just default to me for shopping in general. It takes me 15 minutes to suss out the same stuff it takes him a whole day of dinking around figuring out. He just gets so overwhelmed and doesn't know where to start. Frustrating AF.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-01-01 19:31:42
ID: 62804
In response to a confession. That's sad. Wasting your life away because you're too lazy to do something about it. Start slowly saving money so you can eventually move on with your life and find happiness. Life's too short to waste it with a shitty partner when there's so much better out there.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-31 03:13:25
ID: 62797
if we weren't married, i would've ended things with DH a long time ago. as it stands now, i don't have the money, energy, resources, or mental fortitude to go through a nasty divorce. hopefully someday i will.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-29 00:09:01
ID: 62770
In response to a confession. I've learned over the years that my DH likes "stocking stuffer" type gifts that are things he likes over a big gift. So this year I bought him a copy of "Mike Mulligan and his Steamshovel" because he never read it as a kid and he watches YouTube videos of guys restoring those old type machines. I also got him some pocket tees and some beef jerky and Peeps and he is a totally happy camper.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-28 05:28:53
ID: 62760
Most random Christmas success- I was looking at one of those FB adds "50 Things On Amazon That Make Great Gifts" or something like that and ended up buying something for my husband. It's a milk frother, and I got it for $13. It's like a tiny, battery powered immersion blender. He loves it! I really not sure what made me think he would, but he does! I could see this thing being handy for a lot of things, like making salad dressing. If I ever go keto again, it would be good for making bulletproof coffee, lol. I did good!
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-27 06:21:29
ID: 62749
Unwanted IL family descending on my house in a few days. Planning activities falls on me. Why, after planning, chasing people for RSVPs, making reservations, and sending out links for events and sending reminders...does 35 yo BIL need us to buy the tickets for him? He has a job in IT, doesn’t need help. Every one of those damn ILs is just a loser and a leech. How about just fuck off?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-27 04:42:43
ID: 62748
I would be totally ok with my DH getting his sexual needs met elsewhere. My libido is nonexistent due to depression and hormonal issues (which I'm working on). i used to just do it for him but i can't anymore. he doesn't deserve to be in a sexless marriage but i know he'd be offended if i even hinted at that so we both sit here and suffer.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-24 23:28:24
ID: 62725
H has been working on a project out of state for a couple months, and is home for a few days for the holidays. Not one word about the Christmas decorations or tree. Not a word about the artwork I finally got around to hanging up (said he "didn't notice," not sure how when it's RIGHT THERE). Nothing about how I cleaned out and organized the basement. Didn't ask about the new temp job I started this month, or how things were progressing with my application for a huge job. He did, however, point out how he put new TP in the bathroom, brought paper towels up from the pantry for me, took out the trash and fixed something out back (that I couldn't do myself). Tired of men who want thanks for doing basic things, when they don't notice when we do extra. Is it too late to ask for a new spouse for Christmas?
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-24 02:09:52
ID: 62678
I only had my State job for 2 weeks before I had to get my appendix taken out. I go back to work Monday and I'm nervous as heck. I'm starting all over. They've been really understanding. I even had 151 hours of time from my old state job, so I'm getting paid to be off. What a blessing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-12-23 08:16:20
ID: 62713
I'm trying so hard to pretend I'm okay. When DH has to leave for months on end for work, I'm supposed to just suck it up and act happy because we chose this life and blah blah blah. But it's really freaking hard, emotionally. Taking care of bills, the house, the kid, working, and whatever is thrown my way is easy. I break down several times a day (alone) because I miss him. I miss his smell, how in the middle of the night he'll roll over and spoon me really tight, the sound of his loud car coming down the street.... 7 more weeks :(
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