Posted by: anonymous
2018-09-29 04:00:58
ID: 57012
In response to a confession. OP, I said "currently separated" the first time I tried online dating also. I had been separated from my ex for a little while before the 2 year divorce process, but I felt I should be completely truthful. But then that seemed awkward, so I decided to say "divorced", and then just tell the guys I was interested in right away that I was actually separated, but going through the long divorce process. That seemed to satisfy them. Everyone I met was understanding of my situation. Good luck to you, this is a brutal process.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-09-29 00:35:45
ID: 57007
I joined Match and indicated I am Currently Separated. Which I am (divorce not final). I have gotten a few "you're still married!" emails from guys. For Pete's sake it's Match: the choices are single, Currently Separated, Divorced and Widowed. I was clear about it. God this process is going to blow.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-09-28 17:52:33
ID: 57005
She had asked for ONE weekend because it was her birthday, and he agreed to it. She left work early, who knows what she had to go thru to arrange that. Everything is too kid centric now. When I was a kid, I went along with the adults' plans.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-09-28 17:10:30
ID: 57002
In response to a confession. Oh, I dunno. Maybe someone who can’t carry on any kind of adult relationship themselves because they’re saddled with kids 24 days out of a month. This whole rhetoric strikes me as a bunch of misogynistic bullshit. How dare she inhibit HIM from having a girlfriend? How the hell is she supposed to enjoy any kind of adult fun? Oh no! She wants to reduce her parental responsibilities to only 20 days a month? The horror! She probably dealt with the kids the whole time they were together too. Look, I get how a girlfriend can feel slighted in this. It’s probably not the best situation, but to paint the mother as some kind of monster....especially not knowing what kind of husband/father the guy was like when they were together. Really? Most likely only a POS mistress would have any insight to this.
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Posted by: Stormyweather
2018-09-27 21:31:58
ID: 56994
In response to a confession. What kind of selfish cunt weaponizes the kids so he can't have any adult relationships?
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-09-27 20:06:57
ID: 56992
OMG! What kind of selfish prick wants to spend EVERY weekend with his kids?! I mean seriously, two whole days EVERY WEEK! Who does that?
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-09-27 00:23:29
ID: 56986
In response to a confession. I have been there, it only gets worse. Eventually she started calling when she was on the way to our house with the kid. She would say she was dropping him off in 10 minutes. We made plans and kid got dropped off at the last minute. One weekend after about 2 months of EVERY weekend, my then boyfriend had promised me a quiet weekend because it was my birthday. Just ONE weekend. I managed to leave work a little early, and walked in the front door with a bottle of wine. Kid is sitting there in the living room. I was furious. He had some excuse about how he tried to reach me to see if I minded, etc. I spent the weekend with friends, left him to deal with his kid on his own.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-09-26 05:04:05
ID: 56968
I ended it with this guy I've been seeing. He won't stand up to his ex when him and I have plans. She tells him what she's doing and that he has to take their 14 year old to his activities and that's that. I'm crushed. I love him, but I won't come 2nd and be with a wimp. He's really hurt and pissed that I'd throw our relationship away. This is 2 weekends in a row his ex has called the shots. And he feels guilty because it's his son. He was already supposed to talk to her about picking a Friday or Saturday so we can be together and he hasn't.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-09-25 21:16:21
ID: 56975
i can't think of a single way in which marriage has benefited me. time to figure out an exit strategy.
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Posted by: anonymous
2018-09-25 08:04:01
ID: 56966
In response to a confession. I get that this is ridiculous to apologize for a text. At the same time, I'm married to a great guy, and I can see this happening, on rare occasions - for example, if the phone is pinging or even vibrating several times in the night, everyone (including myself, at myself) is annoyed. Everyone can be pissy at times - and this OP wrote very evocatively, to me, in the following post, which I assume is also hers, "he is in one of those moods where I can't do anything right" - I get those sad feelings sometimes - where I feel less than, not enough, a failure, b/c of DH's rudeness to me. Its unusual that I feel that way, and also, in our family, if it happens, it usually only lasts a few minutes and we apologize and/or hug or something. I'm probably guilty of acting a bit like this on occasion, too. Now, if this is the way it is, for months, that's different. We had a period like that maybe 10 years ago, and talked about divorce at that time. But we got through it and treat each other nicely
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