Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-27 00:41:31
ID: 61097
DH relapsed on Wednesday night, and smoked crack. First time in 7 months. The person he was with has been the catalyst of SO many issues, and I KNEW what would happen if DH went with him anywhere. And I was right. Now DH is kicking himself, avoiding this guy, and I'm back to not trusting a word. I didn't want to go through this again :(
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-26 09:57:46
ID: 61092
My Ex has Cancer. He didn't know when or how to tell our kids. I feel horrible. He wasn't a good dad. But I always had hope he would be a better dad to them. Now he won't have the chance. We had a love/hate relationship. I feel horrible for my kids and his family. He's young but his odds are not good.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-25 22:19:30
ID: 61086
In response to a confession. Nah, my reading comp is fine. You said he apologized for lying about smoking. You also said you haven't spoken to him in SEVEN days. Both of your behaviors suck, but at least, according to your previous posts, he attempted to show remorse. You're allowed to be angry, but when do you stop torturing him just to get him back? Don't worry, this is the last I'll comment on your situation. You obviously don't want a resolution. You just want to be pissed. You do you.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-25 12:23:54
ID: 61082
In response to a confession. To me ‘give a shit’ means to talk it out. I never implied that he’s shown remorse, because he hasn’t. You see, that’s why I’m feeling this way. Don’t ASSume I’m pouting or that there’s even been a ‘his side.’ Your screw up is you seem to have no reading comprehension.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-25 07:20:47
ID: 61075
As a soon to be SAHM how long do you think it's OK to stay home before returning to work? I mean, I want to be employable. So like two years? Three? Five? What's really considered a long time to be out of the work force these days as I fully intend to return to my field.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-25 07:19:53
ID: 61079
In response to a confession. What does "give a shit" even mean to you? You make it sound like he's shown remorse, only you're too busy pouting to listen to his side. Everybody screws up sometimes. Yeah, he lied to you about smoking but the way you're acting, you'd think you discovered he had a second family with another woman.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-24 21:12:39
ID: 61078
i don't like my marriage but i only have myself to blame. looking back, all the signs and red flags were there, i was just too naive and all up in my feelings to take note. if i had the knowledge and wisdom i have now back then, i would've never gone past the 3rd date with him (that's when the signs began to show). DH isn't abusive or a bad person or anything, he's just not the kind of partner i've come to learn as i've gotten older that i need. he can't possibly become that person either. things aren't so bad where i need to divorce ASAP (i do love him) but i don't think i can stay forever either.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-24 01:54:12
ID: 61074
In response to a confession. I'm one of those OPs. I wish I could have found a happy medium. My first husband was at the other end of the spectrum, and like your DH. He himself made 130K and paid all the bills except health and life insurance, which was covered by my job. When we bought our house, it was 8 months before he'd pay for window coverings. Family gave us curtains and tension rods, and also whatever furniture they didn't need. It was literally more than 2 years before he'd spring for furniture. Christmas? I was lucky if he spent $100 on me. The worst was when he wouldn't give me the food money a day early, when a blizzard was coming. He insisted we'd be able to get the store in his truck. Well all the stores were closed except a small convenience store which was out of everything. We ate canned chili for 2 days in our big, unfurnished house. No more relationships for me after this one, as I apparently attract abusive losers.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-24 00:53:02
ID: 61073
It’s been seven days since I caught DH smoking. Seven days that we’ve said five or less words to each other per day. We come and go, don’t say where we’re going, and don’t share info with each other. He, as usual, has decided that if I don’t want to talk then he won’t talk. Our grandson is coming in tomorrow on military leave and wants to spend the night. My cousin is coming Friday to spend a few days, we’re watching our great grand baby for a few hours on Saturday, and my cousin wants to have a barbecue here Sunday and invite a few family members. What I want is to get in the car and drive. Or for him to actual give a shit.
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Posted by: anonymous
2019-07-22 23:10:05
ID: 61058
I really feel bad for you ladies with overspending DHs. I honestly am glad my DH is so frugal with our money. However, I wish he would spend money where we actually NEED to spend it. For instance: We lost power and had to use the janky old generator he bought used and it didn't work right. What I have been telling him is that we should just buy a new one that's good and be more prepared. And we never get to enjoy our money...he thinks vacations are a waste of time. I feel like I work hard and save like 40% of my salary in an emergency fund/401k. He has such a stick up his ass about money that it's infuriating sometimes.
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