Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-07 04:31:10
ID: 66316
So irritating living with a man who doesn't know how to fix anything! Everything is rushed and rigged! God forbid I try and help or hire someone. Today's f up? Putting the h and c on the wrong bathroom faucets. I try to remove them to put them on right and he gets upset because the plumbing is "fragile." Everything in this dump is fragile, broken or dirty. He has a deal with the landlord that our rent is dirt cheap, but we have to fix everything. I can't wait til my ex husband refinances our home and gives me my share. I'm going to get my own place.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-05 14:04:20
ID: 66322
In response to a confession. I felt this so bad. I miss “him” so much it hurts.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-04 08:28:53
ID: 66314
Life has been really hard without you. I’m lonely, I’m tired, and I want to go home.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-03 00:45:37
ID: 66300
My son just came in and said, "Mom, I smell something burning." I told him, no honey, I'm just preheating the oven, but I went in to check, and I'm glad I did! There was randomly a wooden cutting board stashed inside my oven. WTF? I just baked banana bread last night. I know I did NOT stick a GD wooden cutting board in there BECAUSE I AM NOT STUPID. Watch this- when I tell my DH what happened and remind him that 20 minutes ago i actually told him "I'm going to go ahead and preheat the oven for dinner," he's going to 1. say I didn't tell him, BECAUSE HE WASN'T LISTENING and 2. act like I'm making a big deal out of nothing. I'm glad I didn't end up having to try and read the directions on my fire extinguisher while flames shot out of my oven. W the actual F????? WHO PUTS A WOODEN CUTTING BOARD IN THE OVEN? WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE? BTW cutting board is black and warped, ruined
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-03 00:36:15
ID: 66297
Holidays without my family are so freaking great. I will probably keep up this small, cozy, stay at home vibe going because it just causes so much anxiety for me to have to drive halfway across the state to spend the day with people who don't want to talk to me anyway. It's much nicer spending the day chilling out with the pets and DH and doing what I like doing.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-02 16:44:27
ID: 66291
I can't break up with people. I'm literally incapable of it. I had selective mutism as a child, which is where in certain situations, you become literally unable to speak. Elements of it I still have problems with, but my doctor told me it's not really diagnosed in adults. And twice I've stayed in relationships YEARS longer than I wanted to because I was unable to say even something really simple like, "I'm sorry, but I want to break up." There are other situations where I lose the ability to speak too, if I'm extremely angry or upset. So in short, apparently I'm just completely incapable of having adult relationships. I'm getting CBT for this issue but so far it's not doing anything. Maybe I have to take the Chandler Bing route and write my breakups on a note. Someone did break up with me on Facebook after six years when I was in my 20s, but I feel a bit too old to be doing that now.
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Posted by: anonymous
2021-01-01 00:36:46
ID: 66266
I can't understand why I hate people so much. I think maybe my depression is just making me only see the bad in people lately. Also, I feel like I can't enjoy anything so I get jealous of anyone who's having fun. Anhedonia is a real thing and it's a bitch. One of my goals for the new year is to lighten up on myself a bit so I can be a better friend to people.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-12-30 16:20:43
ID: 66251
I've decided to finally tell my DH on sunday that I want a divorce. He will be mostly blindsided by this. We've only been married 4 years, and I do love him, but this marriage isn't good for either of us. I'm both scared and excited. I don't fear for my safety but I'm not looking forward to all the backlash I'll get from him, friends, and family. Nor am I looking forward to the process if he decides to be contentious. I am excited about both of us being free and happy once all of it is over though.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-12-29 02:07:23
ID: 66245
A few months ago I got a phone call in the middle of the night from a strange number. I ignored it. Next morning had an email from my profile on a professional website that I had a lead. It was the same number - and they left a nasty msg. I traced the # to a woman in a town that DH had worked in for several months earlier this year, in another state. I asked him who this was and he said she was part of a group of ppl he and his coworkers befriended and hung out with. Not unusual at all. He said that was inappropriate of her, called her and cut off the friendship. He got drunk w/friends yesterday and fell asleep w/his phone unlocked. I looked. He has her programmed under a guy's name. She texted him all day "Call me if you love me!" "You're away from your wife today, I need to hear your voice!" and "Are you fucking another woman?!" (Besides me, I guess?) and he called her 17 times. His deceit is unfathomable. Looks like 2021 will be starting with a divorce. I'm broken.
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Posted by: anonymous
2020-12-28 17:56:24
ID: 66204
I've been dating since I was 15. I'm now 45. I've been married once and in a very long term relationship after that marriage ended. Now, I'm single once again and loving it. And I'm bewildered as to WHY I thought I needed to be in a relationship to be happy. I spent so much time dating, thinking about men, being in relationships with men, ending relationships with men, starting new relationships, trying to 'work on' relationships. I think now I just want to be on my own, permanently. The idea of dating seems repellant. Maybe in the future I'll just have something casual with someone but I never NEVER want to live with another human ever again!
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